FREE NASM Study Guide + NASM Practice Test + Flashcards for 2019

Hey everybody and welcome to my free NASM practice tests, NASM study guides and NASM flashcards. I even have a video special that talks about the top 10 secrets to passing the NASM CPT. Before we start, I recommend that you bookmark/star this page in your browser so you have easy access to it. If you have not signed up for NASM CPT, sign up here to save 20% with my personal code PTP20.

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NASM study contents: Choose your study method below.

Or you can just remember that PTPioneer simply stands for “Personal Training Pioneer” or maybe “Pass Test” Pioneer because I help people pass their NASM CPT exams and other personal training tests haha. I know, I know, the second one is cheesy! but hey, if it helps you remember, I guess it works.

This study guide covers the most recent volume of the textbook: NASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training 6th Edition.

This page contains links a study guide for each chapter in the NASM textbook, a NASM practice test as well as a full NASM flashcards bundle.

On top of this, each individual chapter has it’s own NASM practice quiz and its own NASM flashcard study bundle for that particular chapter. I also have a full ACE CPT study guide/practice test. Let’s get studying! 🤓

Top 10 secrets for passing the NASM CPT Exam

FREE NASM study guide: 6th Edition 2019

FREE NASM Practice Test: 6th Edition 2019

I Recommend taking the NASM practice test below at the beginning in order to gauge your current level of knowledge. I also recommend taking the NASM practice exam after going through the whole study guide above.

This test contains exactly 60 questions (half of the full NASM exam). This test is also formatted the same way as the real test, with the questions (and their relative % on the test) coming from the following sections.

  • Domain 1: Basic and applied sciences in nutritional concepts (17%)
  • Domain 2: Assessment (18%)
  • Domain 3: Program design (21%)
  • Domain 4: Exercise technique and training instruction (22%)
  • Domain 5: Client relations in behavioral coaching (12%)
  • Domain 6: Professional development and responsibility (10%)

NASM Flashcards for 6th Edition Textbook

The NASM flashcards below contains 130 flashcards from all 20 chapters of the free NASM study guide above. You can either study them right off the bat or come back to them after you have finished all 20 chapters of the study guide. If you would like to study flashcards for a particular chapter, go to that particular chapters study guide (links above) and you will find flashcards at the bottom of each chapter.

NASM study tips!

The NASM study guide on this page is meant to complement the full sixth edition textbook from NASM. It is not meant to be studied by itself without the primary textbook and I provide specific references to tables/specific pages of the textbook throughout the guide to point you in the right direction for studying.

How I recommend you use these NASM study materials:

  • The first thing I recommend you do is to take the practice test on this page. By going through the NASM test questions, you will get a good starting point as to where you are with the knowledge you currently have.
  • The next thing I recommend you do is to go through each chapter of the NASM CPT study guide as you follow along with the primary textbook.
  • Take the quizzes at the end of each chapter as well as using the flashcards for each individual chapter as well.
  • After you have finished the free study guide, come back to this page and study the full NASM flash card bundle and take the test again to see how you improve.
  • If you want a pass guarantee, check out my NASM Prime study system. The Prime materials include a NASM CPT exam study guide, full practice tests (and quizzes), and my SRS (spaced repetition study) flashcard system. It will cut your study time by more than half and you can also download the NASM Prime study guide as a PDF.

  • Kat says:

    Can I just say how awesome you are for doing this!!!!!!

  • Stephanie says:

    Would this be beneficial for someone going through ISSA for their certification just for additional knowledge? Or do you need to be going through NASM to be able to utilize this?

    • Tyler Read says:

      The information on this page is just for following along and studying for the NASM exam. Although some information crosses over, I would not use this as your primary source for studying for ISSA.

  • Natalie says:

    Any links to discounts for ISSA

    • Tyler Read says:

      Hey Natalie, are you looking for a free study guide for the ISSA certification? Or are you just looking for links to purchase the certification itself? I will be working on study guides for ISSA coming right up!

  • Art says:

    Do you have an opinion on the PTA Global PT Certification and course?

    • Tyler Read says:

      Hey Art,

      No, I do not know too much about them. They look good with the NCCA credentials thats where any cert should start. I will have to look more into it.

  • Reena says:

    I am a dietician by profession I have done Bsc In Computer science, dietetics in health and Nitrition , certification in Food and Nutrition and am interested in sports Nutrition course .
    Can u please suggest me a good course from above give course

  • Bev says:

    Hi, Tyler- I just took the NASM/AFAA GFI-C exam on Wednesday. I studied all of the materials, I have been teaching group fitness for a while but had to recertify. I aced the chapter exams and the practice exam. When I went in to take the exam, the wording and questions were extremely different, and I did not pass. I called AFAA when I got home to ask why the huge difference, and they said that one organization writes the book, chapter quizzes, and practice test, and another totally different entity writes the GFI exam. I am confused and don’t know how they get away with this. Ideas???

    • Tyler Read says:

      Sorry to hear that you did not pass the NASM/AFAA GFI exam. Sometimes the study materials provided by the certifying agencies do not line up very well with the exam. That is the way it goes with a lot of different personal training certifications. That’s why here, on my website we build our study materials based on the experiences my students see on the exam. Unfortunately, as of right now I do not have a free or premium study guide for the GFI test. I will be looking into building study materials for that in the future. The biggest recommendation is to try to remember is much as you can the type of questions that they asked you on the exam and go over those parts in the textbook with as much detail. I am not familiar with the other study materials provided by other test prep companies so I can’t give you any advice on where to go for that.

  • Victoria says:

    Hello Tyler,
    I am scheduled to take the NCCA CPT test for extra credentials. I have my CPT certifications with ISSA but think this test may have different material on it. I have my old ISSA books, but some vernacular in this practice test of yours is different or in addition to the older materials I have. Do you have any study suggestions for the NCCA test? I have been looking for a study guide or materials, but haven’t found any.
    Thank you, Victoria

    • Tyler Read says:

      Hello Victoria,
      I’m not exactly sure what you mean by the NCCA CPT exam. The NCCA is an accrediting agency for a lot of the different personal training certifications to make sure that they are legit. Do you mean the NCCPT? All certifications are different from one another especially in the programming department. They are more or less the same in the exercise science sections. Let me know exactly which personal training certification you’re talking about. For now, I only have study materials for ACE and NASM, but I am going to be working on ISSA, ACSM and NSCA in the coming months.

  • burnie says:

    hey Tyler just a question I am more of a flash card study person is it possible to pass with just studying the flash cards and reading the text book

    • Tyler Read says:

      Hey Burnie,
      You can absolutely pass the NASM exam with just using flashcards and the textbook. My premium flashcards study system has over 1100 flashcards and uses space repetition studying so that you save time and only focus on the more difficult cards until you have mastered them. This study system has helped me learn tons of different things such as Spanish, personal training certifications and much more. On top of this, I highly recommend the study guide as it will tell you exactly what to study from the textbook and my practice test will make sure you have all the information you need to feel confident in passing the real exam. I hope this helped and good luck with studying!

  • mari pratt says:

    where can i find that OPT phase training model that you had on your video?

  • kathlee says:

    Dear Tyler,

    I have read most of your material and am interested in how you can aid one in the course material and passing the exam. I am still uncertain which class to take. I am 57, extremely fit, win races, and am going to alongside a Physician who will be doing public speaking on fitness and anti-aging. Your explanation of how to find the areas to study out of NASM seems good, but time consuming out of a 700 page textbook.

    When studying for my Florida Licensed Exam I did best with repetition and flashcards.

    Like most people I’d like to take the course in a reasonable amount of time and then do well on the exam. I currently don’t work and have the time along with being quite anxious to start a career.

    Grateful for your reply,

    Kathleen Dean

    • Tyler Read says:

      Hello Kathleen,
      I agree that the 700 page NASM textbook is extremely difficult to sift through as it has a ton of information overall. My recommendation would to pick up my premium NASM study guide. This study guide points out exactly what you need to study in each chapter through specific assignment questions that you should go through an answer.

      It also has the answers to these assignment questions that some people use as a cream guide or to double check that their answers are correct. In terms of the flashcards, the premium package also comes with spaced repetition flashcards 1100 of them. I totally agree, this is one of the better ways to study for repetitive information that you need to memorize is to use flashcards especially in this space repetition format that I use.

      Before you take the test, I suggest using some of the NASM practice tests that come with the package. There are five of them and you can take them as many times as you would like until you feel confident enough that you will pass the real exam. I hope this was extremely helpful and good luck with all the studying. You will do fantastic on the NASM exam, I know it!

  • Kenny says:

    Dear Tyler,

    I am looking at the ACE and NASM website and came across your site. I am not looking to get paid for being a Personal Trainer, I am just looking to help myself and family members out with weight issues and past bone/fx issues. I don’t plan on having any “real” clients. Which of the two programs would you prefer

    • Tyler Read says:

      Hello Kenny,
      Both ACE and NASM have great programs. Both of the personal training tests have about the same pass rate so in terms of difficulty they are about the same. If you just planning on working with family members and friends that are trying to fix weight issues or muscular imbalances, I would go with NASM. I hope this helps and good luck with all the studying.

  • Carly says:

    Hey Tyler,

    Love the study material! I’m noticing that the exam questions you have here are quite a bit more difficult than what’s on the NASM online practice exams. Did these questions come from the 2019 exam?

    • Tyler Read says:

      Hey Carly,
      I chose a mix between medium difficulty and difficult questions because depending on which version of the exam you get, you can see a lot of these on them. The NASM test is graded on the scaled system. This means that some tests are easy, some tests are very difficult and some are in between. It’s a better idea to prepare yourself for the more difficult questions just in case you get that version of the exam. Good luck with all the studying!