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NASM study contents: Choose your study method below.

Or you can just remember that PTPioneer simply stands for “Personal Training Pioneer” or maybe “Pass Test” Pioneer because I help people pass their NASM CPT exams and other personal training tests haha. I know, I know, the second one is cheesy! but hey, if it helps you remember, I guess it works.

This study guide covers the most recent volume of the textbook: NASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training 6th Edition.

This page contains links a study guide for each chapter in the NASM textbook, a NASM practice test as well as a full NASM flashcards bundle.

On top of this, each individual chapter has it’s own NASM practice quiz and its own NASM flashcard study bundle for that particular chapter. I also have a full ACE CPT study guide/practice test. Let’s get studying! 🤓

FREE NASM study guide: 6th Edition 2019

FREE NASM Practice Test: 6th Edition 2019

I Recommend taking the NASM practice test below at the beginning in order to gauge your current level of knowledge. I also recommend taking the NASM practice exam after going through the whole study guide above.

This test contains exactly 60 questions (half of the full NASM exam). This test is also formatted the same way as the real test, with the questions (and their relative % on the test) coming from the following sections.

  • Domain 1: Basic and applied sciences in nutritional concepts (17%)
  • Domain 2: Assessment (18%)
  • Domain 3: Program design (21%)
  • Domain 4: Exercise technique and training instruction (22%)
  • Domain 5: Client relations in behavioral coaching (12%)
  • Domain 6: Professional development and responsibility (10%)

NASM Flashcards for 6th Edition Textbook

The NASM flashcards below contains 130 flashcards from all 20 chapters of the free NASM study guide above. You can either study them right off the bat or come back to them after you have finished all 20 chapters of the study guide. If you would like to study flashcards for a particular chapter, go to that particular chapters study guide (links above) and you will find flashcards at the bottom of each chapter.

NASM study tips!

The NASM study guide on this page is meant to complement the full sixth edition textbook from NASM. It is not meant to be studied by itself without the primary textbook and I provide specific references to tables/specific pages of the textbook throughout the guide to point you in the right direction for studying.

How I recommend you use these NASM study materials:

  1. The first thing I recommend you do is to take the practice test on this page. By going through the NASM test questions, you will get a good starting point as to where you are with the knowledge you currently have.
  2. The next thing I recommend you do is to go through each chapter of the NASM CPT study guide as you follow along with the primary textbook.
  3. Take the quizzes at the end of each chapter as well as using the flashcards for each individual chapter as well.
  4. After you have finished the free study guide, come back to this page and study the full NASM flash card bundle and take the test again to see how you improve.
  5. If you want a pass guarantee, check out my premium NASM study materials. The premium materials include a NASM CPT exam study guide, full practice tests, and flashcards. It will cut your study time by more than half and you can also download the NASM study guide PDF.
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