NASM CPT Study Guide - NASM Textbook on table with notes for studying the NASM personal trainer curriculum

Welcome to the PT Pioneer Free NASM Study Guide. This guide helps speed up your progress towards completion of NASM’s famed Certified Personal Trainer program.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine covers a massive number of subjects across each section including strength training, endurance training, risk factors, and others such as injury prevention and developing the motivation in clients to achieve their fitness goals.

With that said, I recommend taking a peek at my list of top secrets to passing the NASM exam below.

Secrets to Passing the NASM Exam

Secret #1:

Get your free copy of the NASM CPT exam cheat sheet and our study plan. It helps immensely in your ability to study for the NASM exam.

Secret #2:

My PTP students report cutting their NASM study time and effort in half with Trainer Academy. 

Benefit from the Exam Pass Guarantee and Retake Fee Guarantee. Plus, take advantage of my current discount code PTPJULY for 35% off the MVP Program (Ends July 19th, 2024). 

Try it out for free here to see if it’s right for you, or read my detailed review for further insights.

Secret #3:

The PT Pioneer NASM Study Guide will take numerous sessions to complete. I don’t expect you to knock it out in one shot. With that said be sure to bookmark this page to ensure you can find it for your next NASM Study Session.

NASM CPT Study Series

NASM study guide

FREE NASM CPT Study Guide: 7th and 6th Edition 2024

There are two current valid versions of the NASM study guides. The newest update to the product is the NASM 7th Edition standards and focuses on the principles covered within.

You are using this if you are logged on to the NASM study portal. The overall breakdown includes images and videos in their delivery system that allow you to set shorter study goals. The 6th edition, while dated, is still valid for use with the exam and test prep.

The 6th Edition will have separate text accompanying this dated study material.

We have a separate NASM prep guide for each, so make sure to choose the one that coincides with your book.

NASM 7th Edition CPT Study Guide

NASM 6th Edition CPT Study Guide

Using the PTPioneer NASM Study Guide

The PTPioneer NASM study guide and all of our other PTPioneer free certification study guides will cover each of the chapters within the textbook and be kept up-to-date with the most recent editions of the text.

The most recent version of the NASM is the 7th edition study portal, which is highlighted in the NASM online study portal but can still be purchased physically.

For NASM certified personal trainer certification and a few of the other bigger names in fitness, we offer the most recent materials and the past version of the text when it is still a valid study resource recognized by the organization.

The ideal study method for these study guides would be going in order, chapter by chapter, in the textbook and then following up by reading the study materials on this page.

If you are more crammed for time, the PTP materials highlight the most important material, but not to the level of premium study materials, like Trainer Academy’s NASM CPT packages.

If you want to help organize the reading of these chapters, look into our study plan, which serves as a basic calendar to follow and help learners organize their study time in stages that work well for people with all levels of attention.

Next, look at some basic study material tips for other materials you may seek.

Other NASM Study Tips

NASM study tips

The NASM study guide on this page complements the full sixth or seventh-edition textbook from NASM. It is not meant to be studied by itself without the primary textbook or NASM training courses. I provide specific references to tables/pages of the textbook throughout the guide to point you in the right direction for studying. I do have additional NASM questions on PT Pioneer you can use as well to improve your NASM exam pass rate.

To download the tips from the video above in PDF form, click here.

If you are still unsure whether or not NASM is the right certification for you, I recommend Taking the quiz to find which certification best fits your training style.

FREE NASM CPT Study Guide [year] - Studying Made Simple 3
FREE NASM CPT Study Guide [year] - Studying Made Simple 4

Another NASM Study Guide

The NASM study guide that I have on this page is a great place to start while studying for the National Academy of sports medicine exam.

That being said, this study guide does not pinpoint exactly what you must study to pass the NASM exam. It basically goes over everything but generally is slightly disorganized compared to other high-grade study guides.

If you want a study guide that outlines exactly what is needed to pass the exam, I suggest checking out the Trainer Academy study guide.

Check out my review on Trainer Academy right here.

More NASM Practice Tests

The NASM practice test on this page only includes 50 questions and answers.

If you want to get a full grasp of all of the possible questions that can be asked on the exam, I suggest picking up additional practice tests as well. These are incredibly important because they let you know if you are fully prepared to take the final exam.

They also include answer explanations, which is great for learning the details of each item.

I know tons of students I have failed to ask me why. The biggest reason is that they did not take enough practice exams to gauge whether they were prepared.

I suggest the Trainer Academy practice tests as they let you know which chapters/domains you are doing well or badly in, and they have over 800 questions in total.

If you have test anxiety, then taking plenty of practice exams, even thousands of questions, will increase your percentage chance of passing.

NASM Additional Study Materials

Using smart flashcards or spaced repetition flashcards to practice for the NASM exam is one of the biggest tips and study strategies I have for my students that are studying for NASM.

Spaced repetition flashcards are flashcards that use an algorithm to show you the most important cards.

That system works like this: The intelligent flashcards learn which cards are difficult for you and which cards are hard for you to memorize. It will then repeatedly show you the difficult cards until they become easier and easier. On the other hand, easy cards will be shown less and less because you already have them memorized.

Flashcards are great for learning the very difficult to remember topics about the body, such as blood components and function, glycolysis, energy systems, and more.

I found them very helpful when memorizing muscles in the body, such as those in the arms, hands, chest, legs, shoulders, hips, and feet. These are important knowledge points when working with resistance training skills and weights.

It was a big challenge for me learning each muscle’s position and their movements.

This is a huge time saver overall and will dramatically decrease the overall study time for the NASM exam.

NASM Memorization Mnemonics

Fun, interesting, and memorable mnemonics are among the other great NASM study tips I have for my students.

Memorizing difficult topics, such as the overhead squat assessment, can be extremely tiresome and difficult.

Creating interesting and fun mnemonics is the best way to memorize these difficult concepts. It is especially very helpful for the underactive and overactive muscles of the postural assessments, such as the gluteus medius or latissimus dorsi.

Mnemonics help learn topics such as the heart, supplements, planes of motion, and OPT integrated training program components.

If you will create these mnemonics yourselves, try to make them as weird as you possibly can. The weirder, the better!

If you want a NASM pass guarantee, check out the team over at Trainer Academy.

They offer study material such as a fantastic study guide, five full practice tests, spaced repetition flashcards study, study mnemonics, muscle coloring books, study blueprints, and study cheat sheets. This makes your life way easier and is a big step towards passing the NASM exam.

NASM CPT Cheat Sheet

Another helpful study device would be a cheat sheet containing all the most vital information to help with the exam.

Cheat sheets are great for learning the cutoff numbers for heart rate, blood pressure, body composition, and other physical fitness metrics.

This has all the information on one page to help with practice tests and other study times. This is best with things like formulas, mnemonics, etc.

Check out our free NASM CPT Cheat Sheet by clicking the below button!

FREE NASM CPT 7th Edition Study Guide 2024

We have put together a free study guide to accompany the latest edition of the NASM materials and follow along with their own textbook.

Check out our study guide starting with chapter one by clicking the button right below.

NASM Study Guide - 7th Edition Chapter 1

FREE NASM CPT Study Guide (older edition)

We also have the older study guide to accompany the previous version of the NASM program materials.

If you’d like to check that out, click the link right below!

NASM Study Guide 2023 - Chapter 1

NASM Study Guide FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best way to study for the NASM CPT exam?

The best way to study for the NASM exam is to use a structured NASM study guide with spaced-repetition flashcards, notes from the curriculum, practice exams, and more.

Does NASM have a study guide?

NASM has a learning management system and university and various study resources included depending on the package you purchase.

Is the NASM CPT test hard?

The NASM exam is considered fairly difficult, with a pass rate between 60 and 70 percent.

Can you self study for NASM?

Yes, it is possible to self study for NASM. I recommend a third-party study guide with structured study plans, spaced repetition flashcards, and practice exams.

What are the NASM requirements?

You need to be 18 years of age and have a CPR and AED certification and a high school diploma to sit for the NASM exam.

Is NASM good for working at a gym?

NASM is a great certification is you want to workout your clients at a gym. Most gyms accept the NASM certification, as it truly is a symbol for qualified trainers.

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119 thoughts on “FREE NASM CPT Study Guide 2024 – Studying Made Simple”

  1. This is an incredible resource for anyone preparing for the NASM CPT exam! The detail and organization of the study guide is top-notch and I can already see an improvement in my understanding of the material. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with the community!

  2. hey man, i was looking at thew flashcard for the 7th edition of NASM just last night. i checked today and can’t find them anywhere now!!

    • Hey Jenny, you can find our flashcards right on the navigating portion of the hub. It should be just before the first big heading in the article.

  3. Looking to take the NASM CPT exam online Friday or Saturday this week. I graduated w/ B.S in Kinesiology last August so when I have to recertify in 2 years, can I submit my transcript to waive the credits? as well as planning on doing the the lifetime recertification.

    • Hey Yafet, I don’t think you will be able to submit your transcript from your college to get continuing education credits.

  4. Hey Tyler! Super excited to use your study tools but I was just curious if it was a good idea to use all your resources after going through all the NASM guided study chapters and practice quizzes? I just purchased it and am getting started today. Thanks!

    • Hey Kalil, you should definitely utilize the NASM materials and then look at my study materials to help focus some of your studies. I hope the practice quizzes and guided study helps you out.

  5. Hi Tyler!
    NASM offers a nutrition certification course. Would you recommend adding that to the Personal Training Certification? Is it worth it even thought it’s not an accredited program/course?


    • It’s definitely a good certification. I always recommend people come by and nutrition certification with a personal training certification. Your clients will get so much more out of the knowledge that you hold if you combine both nutrition and training to meet their individual needs.

  6. Are the audio files in the NASM PT training from your site? I bought the best package but can’t find them.

    • I know that NASM and ACE are pretty well recognized in Canada. The best thing you should do is contact local gymnasiums to see which certifications they accept and which ones they prefer as well.

  7. Hey tyler, I was watching your 10 secrets video and the #5 study secret threw me off a little. When you said “know the postural imbalances for the overhead squat assessment”. I tried searching for it in the book and online but had no luck finding it. Could you please tell me the answer to what the postural imbalance is for the overhead squat assessment?
    Thank you and keep up the great content!

    • Try searching overhead squat assessment overactive and underactive muscles and he will find a chart listing all of the things to look out for when assessing a client. This is very important because the National Academy of sports medicine will likely put around 10 questions on this on your final exam.

  8. Hi tyler thanks so much for the useful info.
    I kust cant make the decision yet
    I’m an clinical pharmacist with nutrition and obesity diploma .. i want to continue my career as a nutritionist not as w trainer .. so what certificate do you advise me with? Thank youu 😊😊😊😊

    • Hey there, if you were looking to become a nutritionist, I suggest checking out my article on the top nutrition certifications instead of personal training certifications. Some of the CPT certifications talk relatively in-depth about nutrition oh, but they are not a dedicated textbook or course on the subject.

  9. Hi Tyler,

    I am just getting started my training, would you recommend NASM or ISSA for training and certifications.


    • Hey Jonathan,
      I definitely recommend both the National Academy of sports medicine as well as the international sports Sciences Association for personal training. I suggest you ask your local gymnasium or Sports Studio which certification they prefer.

  10. Hi Tyler,

    Do you think it’s reasonable to be prepared to pass the NASM CPT exam by purchasing the textbook from NASM and the Study Guide System from Training Academy?


    • Absolutely. The textbook is very in-depth but is overwhelming at the same time. The study materials from Trainer Academy will definitely help you focus on the most important parts for passing the exam from the National Academy of sports medicine. You should do just fine and if not they include an exam pass guarantee with their most prestigious package.

  11. Hi Tyler,
    I am I’m looking to narrow down which certification I should go with. I want to be a Health/Nutrition Coach, but do not wish to be a personal trainer. My ultimate goal is to start helping my own customers to lose weight through a healthy diet. Below are some questions:

    1) When I become a Nutrition Coach, can I give nutritional advice for losing weight, eating balanced/healthy food?
    2) Which certificate will work if I would like to work from home and provide nutrition coaching face-to-face, including even virtually by phone or video.
    3) I live in Seattle, WA. Am I allowed to be a Nutrition Coach with one of those certificates?

    Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    • Hey Malika,
      These are all fantastic questions. It’s great to hear that you want to become a health coach and nutrition coach not just a personal trainer. Although this was not the best post to comment on the is it has to do with studying for the general personal training certification from the National Academy of sports medicine. That being said, you can definitely give advice on losing weight and eating balanced diet with these nutrition certifications that I talk about on my website. Not one of them in particular is focused on virtual training or virtual nutrition. That being said, if you get any one of the health coach or nutrition certifications that I talk about, you will be able to get clients both in person as well as online to help grow your nutrition and health coach business. I will be releasing a whole bunch of new articles on how to gain clients both in person and online to help people succeed once they have become personal trainers, nutrition coaches or health coaches. So stay tuned!

  12. Hey,
    I graduated this last May with my Bachelor in Kinesiology fitness and decided to take the CPT and AFAA group fitness exams. Well it came down to the last possible day for me to schedule my exams (I had to schedule both on the same day one right after another) and I had not brushed up on any material at all and pretty much had 5 days to cram in everything (not the best idea). I found your video on secrets to passing the CPT and literally went through your whole study guide and made god knows how many notecards and today I passed both of my exams!!! Your site totally saved my butt! Thank you for putting this together!

    • Hey Leah,
      that is super awesome! I’m so glad that you passed the exam for the National Academy of sports medicine. It is definitely a difficult test to pass in with only five days of cramming is even more impressive kudos to you! I would definitely recommend brushing up on the material is typically when I cram for an exam, I forget the information a couple weeks later haha. Good luck on your journey becoming a top-tier personal trainer. You got this!

    • Hey Cindi,
      Sometimes this problem happens and what I recommend that you do is to clear your cookies in your browser in order to access my website. Then will be able to access the study had for the National Academy of sports medicine again. Good luck.

  13. Hi There!
    I am interested to certify as group instructor particularly for the Golden Zumba.I am not in ideal physical shape and have weak knees.What is your thought on the situation.. please.

    • I’m not entirely sure what the difference between normal Zumba and golden Zumba are. Maybe you can elaborate a little bit more. If you have weak knees you should definitely get certified as a trainer first. The national Academy of sports medicine is a great certification for people to have muscular imbalances or pain problems such as pain in the knee or week knees. After that, I suggest picking up a group exercise certification as well. This is especially true if group exercises your passion such as teaching Zumba classes.

  14. Hey all the GREAT Tips..have one question/request:
    I have the 2018 version of the NASM course and do not see the OPT training Module chart (chaper 14) you show in your video where all levels are on one page/chart (mine is broken down on more than 1 and appears a little different) unless I missed it. Are you able to e-mail that to me? Thanks..have my exam 08.28 so am doing the “Cram” method 🙂

    • Hey Dale, Which version of the textbook do you have for the National Academy of sports medicine? It should be the same. Send me your email through the contact form and I’ll try to get to the bottom of this for you. Good luck with all the studying and you are going to do fantastic on the NASM test!

    • If you cannot access the practice test answers, I would suggest trying out a different browser. I just tried it on two different browsers of mine and I was able to access the test answer key

  15. Hi Tyler, you totally rock by doing this for beginning PT’s. I was curious if you go over other certifications within the NASM study program?

    • Hey Dolly,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. When you reference other certifications by the National Academy of sports medicine, do you mean certifications like their corrective exercise specialist certification or performance enhancement specialist certification? I have reviews on both of those certifications but as of this moment I do not have any free study materials for either.

  16. Hi Tyler! I am so thankful to find you online! I am a teacher at a private school, and I read and took notes over the entire NASM textbook over the summer. I didn’t have much time to prep for the test, and I crammed (uh oh). I pass all three practice tests provided by NASM (73, 83, 82), but I made a 66 on the real test. I knew I wasn’t entirely prepared, but I though I could swing it. Since I already have so much time and energy invested in NASM, I need to go that route. School is starting soon, and my time is limited. My budget is limited too. I really appreciate your youtube “10 Secrets”, and I will use your study tips. Any other advice for me?

    • Hey Kristi,
      I’m sorry to hear that you did not pass the real exam from the National Academy of sports medicine. Especially after you passed their practice tests with decent scores. Definitely using my 10 secrets in the video will help and if you have the money to swing it I definitely recommend picking up one of the packages from Trainer Academy. They have excellent study materials and help you pinpoint exactly what you need to study in order to pass the exam.

  17. Hi Tyler,
    I am at the very beginning stage of preparing myself for the NASM-CPT exam. I have not purchased anything yet (I do not have the NASM Textbook, flashcards…etc.) On the NASM website there are several program options to choose from: Self Study through All- Inclusive. I have no idea which one to choose?? I obviously want the best package to help me pass, but is it necessary to get the All Inclusive? It seems as though I can find study guides and great material online like your information?? Can I just pay for the NASM Exam? What are your recommendations?

    • Hey Christina,
      Yes the different packages can be confusing for sure. You definitely at least need to get the textbook so I usually recommend the self-study plan because it comes with the PDF version of the NASM textbook. You can definitely pick up fantastic study guides that are not through the National Academy of sports medicine. I recommend to my students Trainer Academy as they have great study materials. The NASM materials are very broad in what they recommend that you study. This results in a high failure rate for the exam. If I were you, I would choose the self-study option and pick up a good study guide elsewhere to help you focus on what’s really important for passing the test.

  18. Greeting Tyler,
    I am studying for the NASM CPT test. My question is can I Pass the test just by using your free studying guide, flash cards and practice tests?

    • Hey Terrence,
      My free study guide, practice test and flashcards for the NASM certification or a great place to start no doubt. And you can totally get by with these study materials in addition to studying out of the textbook. I do recommend that you read the whole textbook though which can be quite overwhelming for some people. The best suggestion I have is to pick up some study materials from Trainer Academy as they will greatly reduce your overall study time by pointing out exactly what you need to study to pass the NASM test. I hope this helped and you can check them out here.

  19. Hey Tyler I wanted to know if study your nasm study guide and dedicated my time to it. Will I pass the real exam will it ask me the same question that I’m studying for.

    • Hey Jonathan,
      My study guide has helped plenty of students with the NASM test questions. That being said, The national Academy of sports medicine is constantly changing their exam questions. They never stay the same otherwise people would be able to get a hold of a copy and everyone would pass the exam with no problem. If you want to have an exam pass guarantee, I suggest checking out Trainer Academy and their study materials over there. They have a great team.

    • Hey Ari,
      You can definitely pass the NASM test with the self-study as well as my study materials. Is not guaranteed, but plenty of people have done it. If you are looking for some sort of pass guarantee, I suggest checking out the trainer Academy study materials. I hope this helps and good luck with all the studying!

    • Hello Pricha,
      The 20% discount code cannot be used for the exam only purchase. It can only be used for a purchase that includes their study materials, at the minimum the NASM self-study package that includes the exam, textbook as well as some other minor study materials.

  20. I would like to see what is out there to be able to instruct children, 5-12 years of age. I would like to help a non-profit organization that has a Before and After School program, and I would volunteer my time to do this, but I would also like to be legit to cover my “you know what.” There used to be a pound instructor, but she moved away. Any suggestions, ideas, please. I am a bit elderly and just want to give to the community. Appreciate it.

    • Hey Michaela,
      I do believe that the national Academy of sports medicine is a great test to take for this age range. In fact, NASM also has a youth specialization training certification that you contact on after you get certified through their general CPT. This is the route I would go if I were you. But it all starts by getting certified through their general certification. After that, you can branch off and get specialized however you would like to. I hope this helped!

  21. Hi!
    I have been reading the NASM CPT exam book for the past few months and finally scheduled my test date for 4 weeks from now. I am nervous and want to make sure I’m getting all the right information in my brain. You mentioned using Mnemonics for the overhead squat assessment and upper/lower crossed syndromes and Pronation disorder syndrome. Can you give me an example of how to do that with that information. Or how to think logically about what muscles are being weakened/overactive/shorted? Especially with the overhead squat assessment!
    My plan for the next 4 weeks is to take as many practice tests as possible and to look over the main concepts in the book. Any further suggestions?
    Thanks so much!

    • Hey Ashley,
      You can either create your own mnemonics by using certain programs such as Or you can purchase certain study materials that already have created mnemonics for the NASM program and in particular the overactive and underactive muscles for the fitness assessments such as the overhead squat assessment. I suggest checking out As they have some pretty helpful mnemonics as well as a study blueprint that includes a four week study plan with their materials. It is totally possible to be fully prepared in four weeks time so good luck with all the studying and I know that you are going to crush the test!

  22. Hi…. I took my NASM exam this past weekend and failed it. I thought I was very prepared but when I got there none of the questions where anything like the quizzes in the NASM study guide. I’m frustrated, upset, annoyed. Any suggestions?

    • Hello, I’m so sorry to hear that you failed the NASM exam. It is definitely a tough one. My study guide is a very broad study guide that kind of covers everything. That being said, it does not give you specific direction on what you need to pass the test. I suggest checking out Trainer Academy as they have more guided study plans and will give you a much better chance of passing the exam the second time around. Good luck!

    • Hi Shell, I understand where you are coming from. I failed my exam in February but I am about ready to retest soon, maybe in the next week. I kinda held back since then because of my school but I have been going hard in my studies. I have purchased the PocketPrep app from the AppStore, I would highly recommend it. I also purchased the ultimate pack for $29.99 which gives you an additional 800 questions and it explains all the questions and where to find them in the chapter. Best of luck, if theres anything else I can provide reach out to me. Thanks

      • Good luck to both you for the next time you take the NASM exam! Pocket prep has some good questions. I also recommend Trainer Academy as their practice test simulate the real time to test for two hours. They also let you take tests that are 120 questions whereas pocket prep gives you a maximum of 100 per session. Keep up the good studying for both of you guys and I’m sure you guys will ace it the next time around!

    • Hello Garland,
      I am currently not selling my study materials on my website. But Trainer Academy has even better study materials that also include a NASM study guide, NASM practice tests as well as NASM flashcards. They also have additional stuff like study blueprints, muscle coloring books, cool mnemonics, a NASM cheat sheet and even more. I suggest checking them out here

  23. Hello Tyler,
    To be clear, purchasing a CPT study package through Trainer Academy can completely replace the study materials/packages offered on NASM website? For a significantly cheaper price?

    • Hey Christina,
      The only study materials that you need from NASM in order to go through the trainer Academy program is the primary textbook. There study guide follows along with the textbook and just exactly what you need to study in order to pass the exam. The NASM study materials are a lot more broad and do not tell you what you need to study in order to pass the exam. They basically say study everything. This can be overwhelming for the majority of individuals and results in such a high failure rate on the exam. I hope this helps.

      • I wanted to leave a quick comment on this. I purchased the Trainer Academy MVP package and initially thought I could just study the information in the study guide, but 1. when I start studying the flash cards, I find questions that were not part of the study guide and 2. I just took the Domain 1 quiz (thru Trainer Academy) and several questions are not covered in the study guide. I got a 70 on Domain 1, which is better than I thought I would do so I’m happy, but moral of the story…I’m realizing I need to change how I’m studying. I agree the study guide gives you a lot of guided info that you wouldn’t otherwise know to focus on, but not all. I’m only saying this as there doesn’t seem to be much room for error on the actual test. Also, per Trainer Academy, chapter two is a big deal on the actual NASM test. I could be wrong but I thought somewhere on here you mentioned not to stress too much over chapter two. Again, I could be wrong, but just FYI.

  24. Dear Tyler,

    I am currently studying for the NASM Exam. My test is scheduled for July 18 I signed up for the NASM selfstudy course which gives me the book and the on line modules. I am readying the book but i am finding it difficult to concentrate and retain the information. I was never a great test and note taker in school but I am more of a visual learner and audio learner. All i need is a little direction on where to put most of my energy in when studying. I want a good grade but my only goal as of now is to pass this test. I am willing to do what it takes as far as courses and learning the best way to retain the material and learn the concepts enough to pass the test. Please reach out to me i would greatly appreciate it sir!

    • I feel where you are coming from Jacob. If you are in audio learner or a visual learner, the team over at trainer I And he has some excellent study materials for you in order to prepare for the NASM exam. Just reading out of the book can be very overwhelming for the majority of people. Getting some direction will definitely give you the best chances of passing the exam. I hope this helps and good luck

  25. Is it mandatory to pay hundreds of dollars to take a course in order to sit for the exam? I’m having a hard time understanding why I can’t buy the materials off eBay for less than $5 and then take the exam without paying $600+ for a course unless it’s required to sit for the exam.

    • Hello Stephanie, The only thing you need in order to take the exam is the exam entrance fee. They actually offer the exam only option on their website but it is difficult to find because they would like you to purchase their more expensive options with more expensive study materials. What I would recommend is just get the textbook and a good study guide such as the one over at trainer Academy. I hope this helps.

  26. Hey Tyler,

    Love the study material! I’m noticing that the exam questions you have here are quite a bit more difficult than what’s on the NASM online practice exams. Did these questions come from the 2019 exam?

    • Hey Carly,
      I chose a mix between medium difficulty and difficult questions because depending on which version of the exam you get, you can see a lot of these on them. The NASM test is graded on the scaled system. This means that some tests are easy, some tests are very difficult and some are in between. It’s a better idea to prepare yourself for the more difficult questions just in case you get that version of the exam. Good luck with all the studying!

  27. Dear Tyler,

    I am looking at the ACE and NASM website and came across your site. I am not looking to get paid for being a Personal Trainer, I am just looking to help myself and family members out with weight issues and past bone/fx issues. I don’t plan on having any “real” clients. Which of the two programs would you prefer

    • Hello Kenny,
      Both ACE and NASM have great programs. Both of the personal training tests have about the same pass rate so in terms of difficulty they are about the same. If you just planning on working with family members and friends that are trying to fix weight issues or muscular imbalances, I would go with NASM. I hope this helps and good luck with all the studying.

  28. Dear Tyler,

    I have read most of your material and am interested in how you can aid one in the course material and passing the exam. I am still uncertain which class to take. I am 57, extremely fit, win races, and am going to alongside a Physician who will be doing public speaking on fitness and anti-aging. Your explanation of how to find the areas to study out of NASM seems good, but time consuming out of a 700 page textbook.

    When studying for my Florida Licensed Exam I did best with repetition and flashcards.

    Like most people I’d like to take the course in a reasonable amount of time and then do well on the exam. I currently don’t work and have the time along with being quite anxious to start a career.

    Grateful for your reply,

    Kathleen Dean

    • Hello Kathleen,
      I agree that the 700 page NASM textbook is extremely difficult to sift through as it has a ton of information overall. My recommendation would to pick up my premium NASM study guide. This study guide points out exactly what you need to study in each chapter through specific assignment questions that you should go through an answer.

      It also has the answers to these assignment questions that some people use as a cream guide or to double check that their answers are correct. In terms of the flashcards, the premium package also comes with spaced repetition flashcards 1100 of them. I totally agree, this is one of the better ways to study for repetitive information that you need to memorize is to use flashcards especially in this space repetition format that I use.

      Before you take the test, I suggest using some of the NASM practice tests that come with the package. There are five of them and you can take them as many times as you would like until you feel confident enough that you will pass the real exam. I hope this was extremely helpful and good luck with all the studying. You will do fantastic on the NASM exam, I know it!

      • Great site and info. My question is are there answers and explanations for the practice tests or is it like your example test? Thanks!

        • Hello Chris,
          Currently, I do not have the answer sheet posted on my website for the NASM practice test on this page. I have been getting a lot of requests and I will be working on that soon but I have just been totally swamped haha. I will try to get to it as soon as I can and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  29. hey Tyler just a question I am more of a flash card study person is it possible to pass with just studying the flash cards and reading the text book

    • Hey Burnie,
      You can absolutely pass the NASM exam with just using flashcards and the textbook. My premium flashcards study system has over 1100 flashcards and uses space repetition studying so that you save time and only focus on the more difficult cards until you have mastered them. This study system has helped me learn tons of different things such as Spanish, personal training certifications and much more. On top of this, I highly recommend the study guide as it will tell you exactly what to study from the textbook and my practice test will make sure you have all the information you need to feel confident in passing the real exam. I hope this helped and good luck with studying!

  30. Hello Tyler,
    I am scheduled to take the NCCA CPT test for extra credentials. I have my CPT certifications with ISSA but think this test may have different material on it. I have my old ISSA books, but some vernacular in this practice test of yours is different or in addition to the older materials I have. Do you have any study suggestions for the NCCA test? I have been looking for a study guide or materials, but haven’t found any.
    Thank you, Victoria

    • Hello Victoria,
      I’m not exactly sure what you mean by the NCCA CPT exam. The NCCA is an accrediting agency for a lot of the different personal training certifications to make sure that they are legit. Do you mean the NCCPT? All certifications are different from one another especially in the programming department. They are more or less the same in the exercise science sections. Let me know exactly which personal training certification you’re talking about. For now, I only have study materials for ACE and NASM, but I am going to be working on ISSA, ACSM and NSCA in the coming months.

  31. Hi, Tyler- I just took the NASM/AFAA GFI-C exam on Wednesday. I studied all of the materials, I have been teaching group fitness for a while but had to recertify. I aced the chapter exams and the practice exam. When I went in to take the exam, the wording and questions were extremely different, and I did not pass. I called AFAA when I got home to ask why the huge difference, and they said that one organization writes the book, chapter quizzes, and practice test, and another totally different entity writes the GFI exam. I am confused and don’t know how they get away with this. Ideas???

    • Sorry to hear that you did not pass the NASM/AFAA GFI exam. Sometimes the study materials provided by the certifying agencies do not line up very well with the exam. That is the way it goes with a lot of different personal training certifications. That’s why here, on my website we build our study materials based on the experiences my students see on the exam. Unfortunately, as of right now I do not have a free or premium study guide for the GFI test. I will be looking into building study materials for that in the future. The biggest recommendation is to try to remember is much as you can the type of questions that they asked you on the exam and go over those parts in the textbook with as much detail. I am not familiar with the other study materials provided by other test prep companies so I can’t give you any advice on where to go for that.

      • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought it was different! I passed, but didn’t do as well as I’d like. Now on to decide what certification to pursue next!

        • Hello Megan,
          congratulations on passing the NASM personal training exam. It is definitely a tough exam to pass but you got through it. In terms of your neck certification, try to find your Niche and the types of clients who like to train before going on and getting a specialization certification.

  32. I am a dietician by profession I have done Bsc In Computer science, dietetics in health and Nitrition , certification in Food and Nutrition and am interested in sports Nutrition course .
    Can u please suggest me a good course from above give course

    • Hey Natalie, are you looking for a free study guide for the ISSA certification? Or are you just looking for links to purchase the certification itself? I will be working on study guides for ISSA coming right up!

  33. Would this be beneficial for someone going through ISSA for their certification just for additional knowledge? Or do you need to be going through NASM to be able to utilize this?

    • The information on this page is just for following along and studying for the NASM exam. Although some information crosses over, I would not use this as your primary source for studying for ISSA.

      • Hey, Tyler what is your review and thought about K11 school of fitness science it is present in India it is most popular in India and it is right now it’s provided NASM certification also associate with reps India also can u pls tell something

        • Hey there, I have never heard of the school. Most of my material is geared towards people in North America and parts of Europe. I don’t know exactly what certifications are accepted in India or other parts of the world. Good luck with your personal training career.

      • This is definitely a good start to use while studying. You will be able to learn a lot of the concepts just by using my National Academy of sports medicine study guide and practice test. But, if you want more, I suggest using trainer Academy as they have a very high pass rate with their study system.