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Credentials for Tyler Read B.S.

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

NASM certified personal trainer

NASM PES (performance exercise specialist) certified personal trainer

NASM CES (corrective exercise specialist) certified personal trainer

ACE certified personal trainer

CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) certified personal trainer

Ten years working as a personal trainer

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Me and my new llama buddy (her name is chewy cause she loves chewing grass haha) in the hills of Machu Pichu

Hello, visitors to PT Pioneer!

If you have reached this page, I am guessing that you would like to learn a little bit about who I am and why I started this website! My name is Tyler Read, and I am a 32-year-old guy living in my Hometown Santa Cruz California.

No matter how far I move away, I always end up coming back to this beautiful, sunny beach town. I live one block away from the beach! Even in early March, it is still sunny on most days 🙂

Ever since I was a little kid, I was always interested in sports and fitness. I played every single sport growing up. I started lifting weights in high school because I wanted to get bigger and stronger for lacrosse. I was amazed at how hard work, knowledge, and dedication can change the entire way you look and feel.

Before I started college, I knew that I wanted to get into exercise science so that I can help other people look and feel the way that I do from exercising. Some other interests of mine include traveling, going on adventures, cooking, spending time with my cat (her name is Gatita), playing disc golf, studying Spanish and working on this website!

Here I am repelling down a 200-foot waterfall in Costa Rica. As you can tell by my facial expression, I am horrified of heights!

Why I started this site about getting started as a trainer

I have been working as a personal trainer for the last ten years since I graduated from Sonoma State University. I graduated with a kinesiology degree with an emphasis on pre-physical therapy. After graduating, I started checking out the different personal training certifications that were on the market.

I knew that I wanted to work as a personal trainer and thought it was a good idea to get certified in addition to my degree. I quickly became confused about which certification to choose from because there were so many available.

I started going around to different gyms and asking the employers what the best certification was. I found that no particular certification dominated the market. Multiple different certifications are legitimate. I started doing research and all of them.

One of the most common questions I get asked from random people in the gym is, how do you get started as a personal trainer?

I decided to make a website that educates people about personal training! That is why I started PT Pioneer. On this website, I will talk about everything you need to know about personal training. I will talk about training tips, different certifications, continuing education, working with clients, different exercises and how to advance yourself within the industry.

I do reviews of most of the certifications that are on the market today. I have together this information by either going through the certification myself, doing in-depth online research or talking with friends/acquaintances that are certified.

I believe that this website will serve as a launching point for a lot of people getting into personal training.

I hope this helps a lot of people! If you ever need to contact me, you can use the contact page that connects to my email! Enjoy Personal Trainer Pioneer!


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