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Welcome to my ACE Study Plan page, the first of the materials for studying for the ACE CPT program.

Check out this amazing free study plan preview, which includes 4 timeframes to choose from to help all types of learners organize their study efforts.

FREE ACE Study Plan, Study Calendar + Blueprint [year] 1

Get your copy of the ACE CPT study plan, and I will also include a Cheat Sheet for the ACE materials for free in the same email. These help immensely in studying for the exam.

Here, I’ll help you decide on a proper plan and timeframe for your studies in the ACE CPT program according to your learning style by highlighting the following aspects:

The ACE study materials and their average ACE prep time
Downloadable PDF documents for visual help with planning your ACE study calendar
The next steps for studying for the ACE certification exam

In addition, Trainer Academy has premium ACE CPT study materials which have been proven to reduce study time by 50% and have an exam pass guarantee.

Read my full review of them here and save $100 on their MVP study system with the code: PTPSUB.

So how long does it take for the ACE exam prep materials to sink in?

How long to study for the ACE exam until I’ve mastered all of it, or at least most?

Hold your horses, and let’s explore these ACE studies schedules that I recommend for you to master the ACE exam content!

ACE CPT Study Series

FREE ACE Study Plan, Study Calendar + Blueprint [year] 2

How Long Does it Take to Study for the ACE Exam?

The ACE exam provides a good challenge for learners without another fitness certification or a history of college classes in exercise science.

But, if someone already has a certification or degree, their study time is bound to be half the time to learn compared to someone without experience.

Due to the materials covered within the ACE textbook, as an inexperienced exercise science learner, you can expect to take around 6 months of study time, with some variance depending on how much you study each week and how much reviewing is done.

You could vary this and say the average learner (without prior exercise knowledge) will complete the studying for the ACE CPT in 4 – 8 months.

Then, if you already have a solid base of exercise science knowledge, you should expect to complete the studying for the final ACE exam in 3 months or less.

You want to take your time overall, so you make sure you do not need a retake on this CPT exam.

With all that said, let’s look a little more at the specifics of my highly regarded PTP ACE Study Plan.

Downloadable ACE Study Plan

PTPioneer provides ACE exam schedules that you can download for yourself to have and follow through with.

When you click the button above, you will have the option to enter your email and receive the downloadable PDF ACE study plan immediately in a safe and secure method. This is the optimal way to deliver materials to the readers on PTPioneer.

In addition to that PDF study plan download, I will add the cheat sheet in the same email as another high-quality PDF download.

My ACE study blueprint/plan will assist with organization and framing for your studies, so you can successfully either follow the set study plan or craft your own personalized plan for studying in your own time.

Within the study plan document and within this study hub article, you will see the primary timeframes looked at for studying will be four weeks, three months, six months, and one year.

These four main study plan timefraõ5mes you see to choose from will make it easier to visualize and plan while creating habits for a better future studying for other materials, like your likely fitness specializations.

The one-month plan, also called the 4-week plan, is more for someone who may already be a personal trainer with another organization or another fitness cert of some kind. This may also be someone who needs to cram for the materials offered in the ACE program.

The next shortest study plan timeframe would be a 3-month or 12-week study plan. This is slowly decreasing based on how much time you have to study and how much you can study.

The 3-month plan is the optimal choice if you are the average reader here on PTPioneer as it is the most commonly used study timeframe. If you can easily invest 5 – 8 hours each and every week, then this is probably the option for you.

The 6-month plan is going to be optimal for someone who can’t dedicate the 5 – 8 hours each and every week, and have to stick to around an hour every day or less.

The 6-month study plan is still beneficial for those studying to be an ACE-certified personal trainer.

And if you space your personal training studies out too much, things can be tougher to grasp and may not be as fresh when it comes time for the ACE test, which will affect your overall ACE score.

Lastly, in terms of timeframe length, we have the 1-year plan, or the 12-month plan.

This is designed for the busiest of folks, or perhaps a learner who desires to take their time and learn from PTPioneer prior to investing in the costly ACE study programs. It is a good start for anyone just entering the field or just wanting to learn more about personal training.

Each of these plans will have its own use and type of reader, and I make sure to utilize these study plans for the other primary fitness organization certifications, like the ISSA, NASM, NSCA, and ACSM.

To help ease your amount of searching and clicking, make a bookmark out of some of these study pages for easier access, especially pages like the tests and quizzes, study home page, study guide, and flashcards.

Now let me share some study tips on how to maximize your efficiency.

Study Tips to Maximize Efficiency

Efficiency is key for your well-being, career, and studies.

A major part of truly mastering a subject matter when studying is the creation of habits and being consistent. These are going to happen when you follow a plan and follow it through over the long term.

It is often said that it only takes 3 weeks to create a habit that you will stick to.

It could be a good idea to set aside 3 – 4 days where you are making sure to study at the same time. This will help create a solid study habit and plan that you almost do automatically.

Studying the study guide or flashcards seems most well-suited for quick bursts throughout the day, if you choose to split it up into something like 10 minute bursts.

All of the timeframes in the ACE study plan download on this page can be optimally used to focus on the creation of habits and consistency with short study sessions, and this will work to increase your chances of passing the ACE CPT exam on your first attempt.

Implementing the ACE Study Plan Into Your Studies

With the PDF download featured in this article, the hours per week for every learner is going to vary, just as the schedule for completing materials will.

That is why there is a lot of importance in finding the appropriate study plan for your schedule, and implementing these successfully into your study habit.

And although PTPioneer’s free study guide and materials are great, studying from the internet or social media is not always best.

And while it’s true that paid study systems, such as Trainer Academy, will provide you with more intensive practice questions and practice exams, the best way to ensure you’ll pass your final exam is simply to prepare.

After reading through the study plan and the timeframes recommended by PTPioneer, visit the study guide page for a detailed summary of the 18 chapters of the textbook.

How long is the ACE textbook anyway?

Too long, which is why I created this study hub!

Good luck with your studies and I hope that you are able to download and utilize the amazing free study plan on this page.

Tyler Read

Tyler Read, BSc, CPT. Tyler holds a B.S. in Kinesiology from Sonoma State University and is a certified personal trainer (CPT) with NASM (National Academy of sports medicine), and has over 15 years of experience working as a personal trainer. He is a published author of running start, and a frequent contributing author on Healthline and Eat this, not that.

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