Personal Training Contracts – General Information

If you have moved from a commercial gym to a locally owned studio where you need to sell your training, and possibly make your contracts, this is the perfect article for you.

By the end, you will know everything you need to know to draw up an impressive contract!

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Personal Training Contracts

It is especially helpful if you have started working entirely for yourself and need to draw up binding contracts with your new clients. It is essential that you have a contract with every one of your clients.

These contracts summarize what your clients will be paying for your services, when the service began and other details of the services that you provide for them.

The most important reason to have a contract is for legal purposes in case that a client of yours decides to come after you for one reason or another (mostly for injuries that make occur). You should also check out my article on why you need liability insurance!

These contracts are not 100% foolproof, and since injuries are something that is very common with exercise, I cannot guarantee that this contract will protect you. Within the contract, you need be clear that you are not at fault for any injury that may happen.

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And since I am not a lawyer, in my article I am going to be referencing other websites that can help you write up your training contracts. This article is more about why you need a contract and what a typical personal training contract will cover.

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Everything that should be covered in your personal training contract

It Should Contain General Terms

The general terms section is the most essential section, and all it does is acknowledges that the client is purchasing personal training. It also summarizes the overall services that you will be provided as a personal trainer in exchange for your client’s money.

It Should Include the Packages and Payments for Your Services

In this section, you will be clarifying how many sessions your client purchases and the agreed-upon pricing for each of these sessions. It also discusses how long each personal training session will be and how long the courses are valid for.

This section should also explain what type of personal training exercises you will be doing. This should include any stress tests, postural assessments, strength testing, flexibility testing or any other exercise strategies you may want to employ.

It discusses when payments must be made, and what happens if the client does not show up or is late.

It should include a termination agreement

This part of the contract discusses what happens for the client to cancel services with you and for the contract to end. Both the client and the trainer are capable of breaking the contract at any point in time. This section discusses refund policies.

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You should include a disclosure for injuries

This is probably the most critical section of the contract because you will use this section in the instance that you get sued for any injuries that may happen during your training sessions.

This section lets the client know that they need to make you aware of any previous disabilities, diseases or severe injuries that they have had in the past that may require corrective exercise treatment.

Every trainer needs to know whether their client has had any major health problems such as a stroke or heart attack. This knowledge can lead to very different exercise routines.

This section of the contract should remove liability in case your client does not inform you of any previous problem of theirs. This is very important to have in your contracts!

You should contain a full release of liability

Similar to the section above this removes any liability from any injury that may happen during or as a result of your training sessions. Like I mentioned before, exercise and injuries go hand-in-hand.

Medical bills from exercise base injuries can run hundreds of thousands of dollars and can quickly ruin your business if you are found entirely at fault. This is why it is essential to purchase personal training insurance.

Check out my full article to learn all about personal training insurance in what you need it if you are running your own business!

Conclusion on personal training contracts

So naturally, I did not show you exactly how to write up a full contract because I’m not a lawyer and this is something that you need to take seriously. These are just all of the sections that you should have when you get a contract written up for you.

One of your primary expenses, if you are starting your own business, is to hire a real lawyer to write one up for you based on your specific needs and business model. Here is a link to a general contract that some people have used.

I cannot thoroughly recommend that you use this because it might not be fully individualized for your business and a potential client might be able to find loopholes. But it is something that you can check out.

Let me know what you think about my personal training contracts article! Do you guys have any experience writing up your contracts? Leave me a comment down below and let me know your experience!

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2 thoughts on “Personal Training Contracts – General Information”

  1. Can you please send me a copy of the contract you use in a word, pdf or text document please. And leave all of your details ofcourse so i can use that to create my own? Thanks in advance. I have very succesfull since 2010 but recently had a client that wanted a refund for not getting her results/goals. To avoid stuff like that in the future i should work with something contractual for them to sign. Thanks again. (instagram:allbear)

    1. That’s a good idea I will try to get a few different contracts up for personal training that can be downloaded straight off this webpage. Is important to create personal training contracts with every single client you have in case they try to come after you for the same thing that this client did to you.

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