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Hey everybody and welcome to my study portal for the ISSA personal training certification exam.

In this study portal, you will find a full ISSA study guide that goes over all 31 units in the textbook, am ISSA practice exam as well as ISSA flashcards. I highly suggest that you bookmark/star this page right now for future reference. Trust me, you will be very frustrated if you lose this study portal.

If you have not signed up for the ISSA certification yet, you can get it here for a great price. Sometimes they have an awesome deal where you get their Nutritionist certification for free or their elite trainer package (three certifications in one) for a ridiculously discounted price.

If you have not yet chosen the certification, make sure to take the quiz to see which one is the best fit for you.

The menu at the top of this page will answer any question related to personal training that you have. If you have any questions regarding ISSA, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment here (I’ll respond within 24 hours). Also, visit the home page for the most recent and popular articles.

My Bitmoji counterpart will be walking you through the ISSA study guide to make sure that you are on track for passing the ISSA exam. Say hello to Tyler-Moji.
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ISSA Study Contents: Choose your method to study for the ISSA exam below.

ISSA Trainer Certification Study Guide for 2019

ISSA Study Guide

This study guide answers the exact questions from the official ISSA study guide (their study guide does not answer the questions) that comes with the textbook. You can either start studying now before you purchase ISSA, or use it to double-check your own answers as you answer them yourself.

  1. ISSA Unit 1 – Metabolism
  2. ISSA Unit 2 – Basic anatomy and physiology
  3. ISSA Unit 3 – Musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology
  4. ISSA Unit 4 – Kinesiology of exercise
  5. ISSA Unit 5 – Biomechanics of exercise
  6. ISSA Unit 6 – Musculoskeletal deviations
  7. ISSA Unit 7 – Muscle mechanics
  8. ISSA Unit 8 – Strength
  9. ISSA Unit 9 – Cardiovascular training
  10. ISSA Unit 10 – Flexibility training
  11. ISSA Unit 11 – Body composition
  12. ISSA Unit 12 – Drawing-In phase
  13. ISSA Unit 13 – Basic assessment of fitness participants
  14. ISSA Unit 14 – Training principles
  15. ISSA Unit 15 – Periodization
  16. ISSA Unit 16 – Determining training loads
  17. ISSA Unit 17 – The big picture of Nutrition
  18. ISSA Unit 18 – Nutritional psychology
  19. ISSA Unit 19 – Nutritional science
  20. ISSA Unit 20 – Nutritional coaching
  21. ISSA Unit 21 – Exercise and older adults
  22. ISSA Unit 22 – Exercise and adaptive fitness
  23. ISSA Unit 23 – Exercise and our youth
  24. ISSA Unit 24 – Exercise and hypertension
  25. ISSA Unit 25 – Exercise and diabetes
  26. ISSA Unit 26 – Exercise and arthritis
  27. ISSA Unit 27 – Exercise and coronary heart disease
  28. ISSA Unit 28 – Exercise and pregnancy
  29. ISSA Unit 29 – Exercise and asthma
  30. ISSA Unit 30 – Sports medicine in the trenches
  31. ISSA Unit 31 – Basic first aid

Issa Practice Test

Issa Practice Test

Practice test coming soon!...

ISSA Flashcards (100 cards in the deck)

ISSA flashcards

ISSA Study Tips

ISSA Study Tips

This ISSA study portal is not meant to completely replace studying from the ISSA textbook. It is meant to supplement studying from it.

If you are still not sure if ISSA is the correct personal training certification view, I highly suggest that you Take the quiz In order to find out if it is.

Use Intelligent ISSA flashcards

Sure, the flashcards I provide on this ISSA study portal of mine are a great place to start. But to be honest, there are not that many flashcards it covers and it does not utilize spaced repetition flashcards learning.

Spaced repetition flashcards learning is basically a system for flashcards in which the more difficult flashcards show up more often and the easier flashcards show up with less frequency. Is basically an algorithm that learns which cards are easy for you, and which cards are hard based on how you rate your self as you are studying them.

This type of flashcards learning is great for hundreds of definitions in the ISSA textbook. Not only will it save you hours of studying time, but it will actually help you memorize these definitions and concepts long after you study for and take the test.

Create Mnemonics to memorize specific topics

Using Mnemonics Is one of the other tips I have for studying for the ISSA exam. I suggest creating some extremely weird and unique situations/stories for particular concepts in the textbook. Find the concepts that you are having trouble memorizing and create your own Mnemonic to help ingrain it in your memory.

The biggest tips I have for Mnemonics is to make them as weird as you possibly can. I like to include animals, aliens, superheroes, etc. Trust me, people that use Mnemonics are much more likely to memorize a certain topic than those who are simply trying to memorize concepts directly out of the textbook.

These two study tips are not only great for studying for in passing the ISSA exam, but they also will stick with you long afterward which is very important when you are working with clients for years down the road. Cementing this information from the textbook in your head is the best way to be Become an elite trainer as well as maintain that status for years to come.

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