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    Hey everybody and welcome to most in depth Precision Nutrition certification review online. Here’s what I’ll be going over:

    PN pros and cons
    PN’s Procoach software
    History of PN
    Study materials + cost
    Much more

    By the end, you will be able to determine if Precision Nutrition is the right certification for you.

    Also, make sure to check out my article on the best nutrition certifications.

    I highly recommend that you Take the quiz to get an estimate on which nutrition certification is the best fit for you overall. This is just an estimation.

    Check out my free nutrition certification study guides here.

    Check out Precision Nutrition afterward if you feel the certification is right for you. But warning, they only have openings twice a year (Unless purchased through ISSA…Don’t worry ill tell you all about this down below)

    Precision Nutrition Coach Review

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      Benefits of the Precision Nutrition Cert

      Going back to the phrase “gains are made in the kitchen”, let’s break down the fundamental principles behind this. The common consensus is that your diet contributes to at least 70% of all training outcomes.

      One of the biggest pitfalls in the health, fitness and self-improvement journey is eating right. And one of the pitfalls in eating right is understanding what eating right is.

      From an aesthetic perspective, your clients will only see a difference with the right nutrition in place, regardless of the quality of training you provide.

      Therein lies the true value of a PN coaching certification. Not only are you equipped to provide your clients with meaningful outcomes, but you’re also improving your own credibility in the process.

      Precision Nutrition Pros and Cons


      • Equips you with the science of nutrition and the value it adds to your CPT credentials.
      • Learn how to correctly advise clients on dietary matters, the most important aspect of health and fitness goals.
      • Become certified through one of the most reputable nutrition certs in the industry
      • Join a network of professionals and share knowledge and resources on the science of nutrition
      • Learn how to tailor nutrition plans based on client goals, age and gender.
      • Upgrade your knowledge base with the Precision Nutrition Level 2 master class.
      • Utilize state-of-the-art technology to boost your coaching productivity
      • Promote your business as a preferred PN partner, connecting you to thousands of potential client conversions.
      • Can be purchased through ISSA for amazing bundle deals with their CPT cert as well as access to ISSA support resources.
      • Purchasing through ISSA provides instant, round the clock enrollment access.


      • Precision Nutrition only offers nutrition certifications. No exercise courses on offer if purchased directly.
      • Courses are only available twice a year with a limited sign-up window if purchased directly from PN
      • Better deals from other established institutions.

      So What is Precision Nutrition?

      What is Precision Nutrition
      Some before and after images of precision nutrition clients

      Precision nutrition is a science-based approach to nutritional coaching. The learning structure delivers essential concepts and fast in an easy to digest manner.

      PN draws from Ph.D. level research and methodologies. This ensures a university-level learning outcome at a fraction of the cost.

      To put this in perspective, the same level of learning outcomes from a university based nutrition degree would run you up in the tens of thousands, while jumping in with PN will barely cost you $100.

      When you consider that PN science has been called on by elite professional sporting organizations such as the NFL, it’s almost a no-brainer.

      Furthermore, PN is delivered completely online. That eliminates the hassle of making it to lectures or study sessions.

      It’s also all at your own pace. You decide how and when you work through the course material and set your own deadlines!

      Aside from the outcome of equipping yourself with added credentials, PN nutrition also gives you access to premium management software.

      ProCoach Software

      ProCoach software

      ProCoach is a coach to client management application. It is designed for and integrated into the Precision Nutrition methodology and coaching network.

      It functions by managing all your clients with a user-friendly UI for ease of tracking. All this is then automated for convenience and efficiency.

      This automation function allows you to tremendously boost productivity. You can effectively increase the quality of coaching you provide as well as the number of clients you assist.

      ProCoach essentially allows you to coach while you sleep, giving you a global reach where international clients are concerned. The kicker is, it’s only going to set you back


      History of PN Coaching

      History of PN Coaching

      Founded in 2003 by Dr. John Berardi and Phil Caravaggio, Precision Nutrition was inspired by two fundamental aspects of health and fitness. Authentic improvement is the client’s quality of life and the empowerment of fitness professionals.

      With John’s rich academic background in fitness and nutrition and Phil’s expertise in tech and software engineering, the two set out on a journey of journeys. Creating a one of its kind online platform that delivered research and results based nutritional advice.

      Today, PN stands tall, having weathered the storm of diet fads and the numerous book deals they spawned. Providing a platform that tailors nutrition based on the individual, and equipping passionate professionals with the toolkit to do this.

      Study Materials: Why PN Has A Great System

      precision nutrition study materials

      We’ve briefly covered what makes PN coaching a great cert, especially when compared to a run-of-the-mill university degree.

      First off, when it comes to study material, PN offers an all-inclusive package. This means all your learning resources are included in your course fee.

      Not only that, but the actual course material is condensed into a single textbook and workbook. The majority of the study resources are online and visual.

      This means you’re saving on money, space and time, all while learning through an engaging, effective study portal.

      Precision Nutrition Textbook

      The textbook is comprehensive and easy to grasp. It is also fully supported by integrated online learning tools.

      This 600 page book has what you need when it comes to key nutritional and coaching concepts. As complex as effective nutrition is, the Precision Nutrition textbook condenses them into easy to understand ideas.

      Study and become nutrition certified while at home. Online certification sales:

      Right now you can save on the on the NASM CNC certification!
      Here is the link to the NASM CNC sale

      Get the ISSA CPT and get their Nutrition Cert FREE. The CPT and Nutrtition combo will greatly increase you earnings and marketability.
      Here is the link to the ISSA CPT/Nutrition deal

      ACE nutrition certification sale

      The first half of the PN textbook introduces you to the science of nutrition, revealing the facts and research behind the concepts. The second half leads you on how to practically apply these principles and concepts.

      There are over 40 coaching tools available, tried and tested on PN’s clients with great results of course. And the best part is, all physical material is shipped for free, no matter where you are in the world!

      PN + ISSA CPT combo

      Picking up the Precision Nutrition certification through the ISSA website also lets you combine PN with the ISSA personal trainer certification.

      Sometimes, you can find this combination for $999 which is the same price as the nutrition certification alone from the PN site. This is a hard deal to pass up if they currently have it running.

      That’s another reason why I recommend going through ISSA.

      After all, exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand. Your clients will thank you for this.

      Check out my free nutrition certification study guides here.

      The Precision nutrition Test

      The Precision nutrition Test

      Unlike many hands-on, practical oriented courses in the realm of fitness, PN coaching Level 1 is delivered completely online and remotely. The process and outcomes of the course are done at your own pace.

      Regarding the test structure, Precision nutrition spaces out its testing structure over a series of tests which add up to a final score. This system consists of 18 10 question tests, creating a total of 180 questions.

      These tests are based on your current course topic and give you the best edge in utilizing fresh knowledge. Your final grade is based on how well you do with all 180 questions.

      Tracking Your Progress with 5 Simple Steps

      precision nutrition 5 Simple Steps

      The PN coaching certification learning structure is a simple 5 step process. This helps you track, manage and stay accountable for all your learning outcomes.

      These steps are:

      1. Read the chapter and mark that it’s been completed.
      2. Watch/listen the related video or audio lecture.
      3. Use your textbook to complete the prescribed prep questions.
      4. Review the chapter FAQs.
      5. Take the chapter’s final exam.

      The Passing Grade

      In order to pass PN Coaching Level 1, you need to score at least 135 out of the 180 questions (75%). All questions are therefore evenly weighted, making much easier to track your study objectives and learning outcomes.

      After receiving a passing grade, you are awarded the official PN Coaching Level 1 certificate. Well Done!

      But What Happens If I Fail?

      Failure is sometimes part of the learning process. With Precision Nutrition, failing your Level 1 cert allows you to give it a maximum of 5 more tries.

      You can also take advantage of onboard assistance every step of the way to help you meet your outcomes.

      The PN community helps all its members correct, grow and thrive through organic collaboration and knowledge sharing.

      Mission Accomplished, You Are Now a Certified PN Coach. What’s Next?

      Now that you’ve gone through all that and nailed your passing grade, what’s next?

      Well, first thing’s first, you’ll immediately receive your shiny new Precision Nutrition Level 1 certificate.

      With an acclaimed credential in delivering science based nutrition coach, what awaits you?

      Precision Nutrition not only provides you with the credentials to grow your business and add value, but it also provides a platform to promote your business and services.

      The Precision Nutrition Coaching Network

      Once you’ve been certified, PN will contact you for your business details. After this, you will be added to their database of accredited nutrition coaches, exposing you to PN’s ever-growing client base.

      You’ll also join a sprawling community of like-minded fitness pro all under the banner of Precision Nutrition. You will be able to network with over 30,000 fitness professionals from yoga instructors to Olympic coaches, learning from the best, collaborating and growing your reputation.

      This PN network hub also offers daily support and guidance to help you during and after the certification course.

      How Much Does Precision Nutrition Cost?

      The PN Level 1 certification is actually pretty cost-effective. The general public fee will set you back $119 USD/month for 12 months. However, if you join the presale list (while it is still available), you’ll get the package for as low as $99/month or a one-time fee of $999; that’s as much as 30% in savings.

      The price point for precision nutrition is honestly not the best out there.

      For example, you can get the ISSA nutritionist certification for $799 and get their general personal training certification completely for free. So whether or not you are looking to become a personal trainer, at least you’ll have the option in the future if you decide to change your mind.

      Furthermore, the ISSA curriculum is offered year-round instead of only twice a year.

      precision nutrition cost

      Just to put in perspective the value of PN’s pricing, consider this.

      The knowledge and credentials you’re gaining are of the same standard as an undergrad program in the same field. When you consider that an undergrad degree will take you 3-4 years and cost approximately $40,000.00, you’re kidding yourself not to see the value in PN.

      PN’s pricing is one of the most competitive, even beating out some of the most reputable PT certs out there. Certs such as NASM CNC do still offer a greater value. In any case, it’s pretty ironic if you consider how key nutritional science is compared to exercise science when it comes to client outcomes.

      Going back to the college comparison, aside from all the time and money (and that dreaded student debt…yikes!), let’s consider all the other extras that come with studying at a university/college vs online.


      • Housing costs.
        • Transport and logistics
        • Hyper competitive learning atmosphere
        • Rigid learning structure
      • An innumerable amount of mandatory, but often useless study material
        • Strict and often unfair entry requirements with an uncertain success rate

      Precision Nutrition

      • No additional logistics (housing and transport). Lean where you want or where you live.
        • Fits your learning environment around your lifestyle.
        • Learn at your own pace, in your own time.
        • Minimal study material at no additional cost
        • No entry barrier. Whether you’re an established professional or just seeking personal knowledge.

      It’s clear to see that a PN coaching certification is the way to go compared to a college program. Not only is it more cost-efficient, but it’s also far more convenient.

      But how does PN Coaching compare to the other nutrition certs out there? Let’s have a look at NASM CNC.

      PN vs NASM CNC vs ISSA Nutritionist value comparison.

      When it comes to cutting edge exercise and nutrition science learning, NASM is one of your best bets. With a proven heritage of producing some of the best professionals and businesses in the industry, let’s see how PN Coaching holds up.

      The first thing you’ll notice is the different pricing structures. While NASM CNC is a standard one time payment, PN offers a standard once-off or a monthly payment.

      NASM CNC

      • Once-off payment
        • Standard $899 fee (unless specified for a promo run)

      Check out the NASM CNC here

      Precision Nutrition

      • Once off and monthly fee structure.
        • Once off fee of $799.00 presale.
        • Monthly fee of $99.00 general and $79.00 on presale.

      ISSA Nutritionist certification

      • One time payment
        • Most of the time for $799 (With their great personal training certification for free)

      This means that value depends on when you enroll and what structure you chose. When it comes to PN, it’s presale one time payment is the cheapest of any option, but the inconvenience on having such a limited window might make it less worth it, depending on your schedule.

      Overall, NASM offers a better value in general, with its standard one-time fee edging out PN’s monthly options and costing only slightly more than the one-time presale. This is excluding any special discount promos that may be running.

      Precision Nutrition Review Conclusion: Is PN Coaching Level 1 Worth It?

      If you have not done so yet, Take the quiz to get a better overall idea of which nutrition certification is the best match for you.

      Also, make sure to check out my article on the top nutrition certs for fitness professionals!

      Study and become nutrition certified while at home. Online certification sales:

      Right now you can save on the on the NASM CNC certification!
      Here is the link to the NASM CNC sale

      Get the ISSA CPT and get their Nutrition Cert FREE. The CPT and Nutrtition combo will greatly increase you earnings and marketability.
      Here is the link to the ISSA CPT/Nutrition deal

      ACE nutrition certification sale
      Precision Nutrition Coach Review [year] - Is PN Level 1 worth it? 4

      The Precision Certification is a great certification. But, there are better options out there for the money. Overall, I think the ISSA nutritionist certification is a much better deal. You are using quite a similar curriculum, is offered year-round (for a somewhat cheaper price), and comes with their excellent personal training certification all in one.

      Precision Nutrition has established itself as a go-to platform for specialized and scientifically-tailored nutritional advice. They cater not only to delivering world-class certifications but also directly impact those seeking guidance such as clients and athletes.

      Founded in 2003, PN has steadily gained a reputation as one of the go-to nutrition certs. Precision Nutrition is endorsed by:

      • ACE.
        • NASM.
        • ACSM.
        • PTA Global.
        • And various other institutions.

      The entry criteria are wide open, offering a wealth of resources to anyone from beginner to seasoned pro. This allows not only professional nutritionists elevate their value, but gives everyday people a chance to learn something meaningful and significant.

      It’s worth checking out the PN Coaching website for a better idea of what they have to offer.

      With PN Coaching, learning happens when you want and how you want at the click of a button. You’re also connected to a network of like-minded nutrition enthusiasts and professionals.

      Over 30,000 active professionals in the health and fitness industry share knowledge and resources. This platform adds to the potential reach and value of your trainer rep.

      By surrounding yourself with the best, you become the best as the saying goes.

      The awesome value doesn’t stop there, that’s because Precision Nutrition is not just a learning institute. It is designed from the ground up to be a modern platform that not only equips nutrition coaches, it also actively promotes them and arms them with a toolkit of state-of-the-art resources.

      This aims to improve the value of a trainer and his business in terms of reputation, revenue and precision nutrition coach salary. It also improves the quality and availability of advanced nutritional advice clients can expect.

      The ProCoach app is an example of the state-of-the-art resources PN has in offer. The automated coaching platform allows you to manage all your clients through an easy to grasp user experience.

      The fully automated ProCoach app literally allows you to work while you sleep!

      The learning experience itself is what you definitely get a handle on. I can say that PN offers a rewarding enough learning experience.

      You get to study on your terms, set your own deadlines and hold yourself accountable for your own outcomes. PN Coaching Level 1 allows you to learn completely online, letting you to relax while you hone in on your nutrition coaching skills.

      With all this being said, PN Coaching Level 1 does only offer a relatively basic grasp of nutritional concepts. This isn’t bad in itself, but you are limited by level 1.

      The course is structured to give an easy to digest (no pun intended) resource base for nutrition coaching. To truly add value to your business, the Level 2 Masterclass is a better option. That or the numerous other certs on offer.

      Because of this fact, the total cost doesn’t really stand to the more established courses such as the NASM CNC program.

      This may be because Precision Nutrition was never designed to be a learning institute. From its foundation the goal was to create a platform or rather a hub for continuous and constantly advancing engagement between nutrition coaches and their consumer base.

      This is why the true value of a PN Coaching cert can only be experience with the Precision Nutrition community as opposed to striking it out on your own.

      This might feel like an unwanted constraint to some just looking to add another cert to their belt. Others, however, see it as an opportunity for supported growth.

      However you look at it, PN is a total package, so when looking into it, I do suggest keeping that in mind. Buying into PN works out best if you make use of the full suite of tools and services, not just the certification.

      Precision Nutrition is a self enriching ecosystem of people on the leading edge of health and fitness, whether you’re there to deliver it or there to use it. The drawback is you lose value on your investment with PN if you go independent and lose freedom by choosing to rely on their system and tools to maximize your business outcomes.

      Final Words

      While PN Level 1 is a great gateway to nutrition coaching, its limits and dependence on an internal ecosystem of tools and community to make it work for you are restrictive.

      This isn’t such a bad thing considering how well-organized the Precision Nutrition infrastructure is. You’re working with some of the best professionals and loyal clients. You also get access to a killer app!

      What’s more, PN has a flexible course structure and is a fantastic value if you manage to get on the presale list. The study material is so easy to use and is included as part of the cost.

      When faced up with more established certifications in this category, the Precision Nutrition Level 1 doesn’t offer anything spectacular. As we said, the concepts and ideas offered by PN Level 1 are cutting edge but simplified, making it a good entry, but not the best establishment.

      This certification is a great option for someone who like the idea of joining a network of professionals with an existing platform rather than just gaining a cert and striking it out on their own.

      Why not take this quiz and see if PN Nutrition Coaching Level 1 is for you.

      While you’re at it, I recommend checking out my certification comparison section as well as other reviews! Make sure to check out PN’s website for full details and a comparison of other available options.

      Drop a comment and let me know what you think.

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      45 thoughts on “Precision Nutrition Coach Review 2021 – Is PN Level 1 worth it?”

      1. NASM CNC does come now in monthly increments of pay system.

        ISSA is the same course as PN Level 1 so would it make more sense to take ISSA and be accredited or go with PN? The teaching style/learning style is the only deciding factor for me as PN has John Berardi directly and he is very good at what he does, while ISSA is accredited but only has the textbook and not necessarily the same videos.

        I’m trying to decide between ISSA, NASM, PN, AFPA and possinly NESTA, but nesta seems like it’s too lightweight.

        For continuing education add-ons…NASM also has the Weight Loss Management Specialist…would that be a good add-on for CNC or would something else from ISSA or AFPA be more worthwhile after CNC. The gyms in my area are a joke so I plan to specialize in nutrition/Coaching mostly.

        1. I am in the process of making the same decision. I am deciding between ISSA and NASM. Which one did you pick and why?

          1. Hello, I have done both personally. If you think that the precision level one is right for you, but you don’t want to wait for an opening, I would definitely choose ISSA. You also get a free personal training certification as well for the same price as the NASM CNC alone. That being said, the CNC is also a fantastic certification and you will definitely learn a lot from this one as well. I hope this helped.

            1. Hey Tyler, Thanks for the informative info. But when I click the ISSA link, it shows that the combo for nutrition and training is now $999? Can you confirm the 799 price still includes the personal training certification? I can’t seem to find that info.

              1. Hey Kimberly,
                Currently they do have the nutritionist certification as well as their personal training certification for $799 on the top drop-down bar on their website. That thus the deal that’s going on the second but you can also find their elite trainer certification as well that cost currently $996. These deals change week to week so it’s hard to make my site static enough and up-to-date with the deals but I try my best. Here is the link to the ISSA Elite certification page. https://www.ptpioneer.com/recommends/issa-elite-trainer/

      2. Lauren Smithson

        What is the salary for a PN nutrition coach? Is it based off the amount of clients you have? Do they help you get clients? Could you work with PN full time or would the hours vary? Thanks!

        1. Hey Lauren,
          Although precision nutrition has advice on how to obtain new clients and how to be successful on the business side of things, it is really up to the nutrition coach to go out there and get their own clients in the end. I hope this helps answer your question.

      3. I’m actually looking to do training in nutrition so I can write and edit on these topics and be more knowledgeable in the subject matter – I’m not necessarily looking to be coach. Thoughts on what will give me a sound foundation?

        1. Hey Hilary,
          The precision new certification is a fantastic certification just to gain general knowledge. And in the future if you want to start coaching as well you can totally get into that also. To be honest though, the information you get from the international sports sciences Association nutritionist certification is the same as you will get from here. Also they have it available year round and for a cheaper price. Just my two cents.

          1. Hello Tyler! I’m in the same mindset as Hilary here, I am looking to further my knowledge but not quite commit to a bachelor’s degree. I thrive on learning more about a plant-based diet but am keen to learn about all things food – of course. The reasoning is to benefit my own health, my family’s health, and to share on my blog to help my followers with actual real science backed knowledge.
            Would your answer remain the same as above with Hilary in your recommendation?

              1. ISSA Is a fantastic certification as well. In fact they use the textbook that was created by the owner of precision nutrition. So overall, there information is very similar to one another.

            1. hello Lacey,
              yes I still have the same recommendation for you as well. Which nutrition certification are you leaning towards? Also, I am also currently on a plant-based diet and then feeling fantastic.

      4. HI Tyler,

        I have certs of personal trainer and basic human nutrition. Although my clients are mainly asian, yet, I would like expend my business online and be an online coach, is PN will a good choice or you prefer NASM/ISSA? I have basic knowledge of Nutrition and experience of being a personal trainer, but I don’t have any online coaching experience and I would like to know more about sport nutrition. Which one you suggest I should go for?

        Thank you so much for answering my questions!

      5. I’m also looking into a nutrition certificate and wondering if anyone can give me a comparison between the PN1 and AFPA Holistic Nutrition cert. Thanks

        1. Hey Tyler, I m from India and my question is which one is should go for? NASM CNC Or Ace nutrition specialist. I m INFS certified nutrition expert but want to explore more and knee to expand my knowledge in this field. Also my question is how holistic nutrition certifications are different from NASM & ACE nutrition programs. Could you please help me to decide? I know ace nutrition requires one of the certs which are accredited which I don’t have and nasm doesn’t require this. Also nasm cost in India is 2times more than the cost in UK. So please help me with a good suggestion.

          1. This is a great question and is very specific depending on which country you are in. I will definitely contact the National Academy of sports medicine and the American Council on exercise to ask this specific question. I’m sorry I could not be of more help. Good luck with your nutrition coaching career.

      6. Hi Tyler,
        You mentioned you get an actual “Cetification” through ISSA, are you considered accreditied if you complete the PN program. I read something, it may have even been on your review of PT programs which was very helpful that mentioned you needed to be a Registered Dietitian to provide nutrition advice and that laws may vary by state.

        Appreciate all the great info!

        1. Hello Rodney,
          yes to answer your first question, you do get a certification through ISSA. Precision nutrition and the international sports sciences Association to have a connection with one another.I believe that if you get ISSA certified, you only need to pay a small fee in order to have access to take the exam in be certified by PN as well. On to your next question. You cannot diagnose and prescribe a diet to people that medical conditions with any of these certifications. But in terms of giving nutrition advice for general health benefits such as losing weight, gaining muscle etc. that is what these certifications are meant for and is completely within the law.

      7. I already completed Health Coaching Certification through IIN—
        I’m interested in furthering my nutrition knowledge and coaching skills. PN comes up a lot in the discussion forums I’m in. Curious about your thoughts on which direction to go in.

        1. Hey Rachael,
          Precision nutrition is definitely a great certification. I only have two gripes about it overall. The first one is that the only open enrollment twice a year and the price. That’s why I typically recommend the nutrition certification from the international sports sciences Association because they use the same textbook that was written by the owner of precision nutrition. A lot of the curriculum is the same. You can also pick it up for about half the price in some occasions.

      8. Hello thanks for the post
        I am just new to the fitness industry I started gym just for building muscle and weight loss I go this ad from PN and I applied for it to gain basic knowledge after reading your article I am having doubts about the program please advise me for a program which is good for me as a beginner. Also can coach others in future.

        1. The certification from Precision Nutrition is definitely a legitimate nutrition certification. The only reason I say to go or let’s say ISSA instead of Precision Nutrition is because the price difference is pretty significant and the study materials and information you gain from it or relatively the same.

      9. Dear Tyler,

        I find your reviews very helpful. However, I still have a dilemma.
        I would like to switch my career in health, wellness nutrition and fitness way too (no experience/background on this -BCs psychology, masters HR management)

        I would appreciate your help in a sense of giving me your opinion about some courses out there that can be completed (I have no formal nutrition education?

        I am considering

        NASM (NASM CMC)
        Precision Nutrition

        and any thoughts you have about this when taking in consideration my goals (below).

        Maybe this will help if I write my goal with it because those distinction between being a personal trainer (in the gym) and a health coach are not clear to me.

        Goal: To be able to write meal plans, advice regarding nutrition and physical activity, well being and to be able to provide exercise plans too. (but NOT particularly to be a personal trainer like those in the gyms, more like to work on my own, like a consultant on healthy lifestyle, nutrition and to be able to give some fitness advice).

        Thank you!

        1. Hello, new land I will definitely help you out with this decision. Overall I think that the NASM nutrition certification is the one to go with right now because it is the most current and new certification in the industry. Also, the Precision Nutrition certification is only offering enrollment twice a year which can be difficult. In regards to the difference between personal training and health coaching, personal training just deals with the physical aspect of exercising whereas Health coaching takes on a more broad approach. Includes exercise, nutrition as well as habit formation advise.

      10. Hi Tyler,
        First of all thanks a lot for all your reviews which helped me narrowing my research on the nutrition certification I was looking for.
        My background is that I have 2 uni Master’s degree in Physical therapy and in Motor Sciences (Phys. Ed.) and I’ve been working for more than 10 years now as a physical therapist in a professional soccer club in Europe as well as a physical therapist and personal trainer in my own practice.
        To help me with this practice, I would like to develop my business with the nutrition certification and get new clients. I would be between NASM and PN. From what I read from your posts, NASM would focus more on the theoretical aspect of nutrition and goes deeper than PN but on the other side, it doesn’t help you much with the business part and it would probably be quite hard to develop that part on my own. On the other hand, PN is a bit more basic knowledge (at least for the level 1) but focuses more on the business aspect of the client relation which would make it easier for me in the beginning but I’m scared to be stuck in the PN system.
        Could you tell me your thoughts about this dilemma and give me a direction which for you would make more sense?
        Thanks for all your answers,

        1. Hey there,
          both certifications or excellent if you are looking for a very well-recognized nutrition certification. Honestly, they have a lot of information that is the same so I would not worry about going for one over the other. Both in terms of getting hired as well as the pure informational value that you received from either one. If you want to take your nutrition game to the next level, Precision Nutrition has more than one level. But he National Academy of sports medicine has the cheaper overall certification in if you are only looking to get the first base level of nutrition which is sufficient for most people in health and wellness, this is the option I would go. Good luck with your nutrition coaching career.

      11. Hi Tyler,
        hope you are well !
        Loved your response on each and every query 🙂

        After reading all the comments I do see an inclination from you towards NASM over PN. Any specific reason for the inclination, apart from the fact that PN opens enrollments just twice a year?

        My main agenda is to gain good knowledge about nutrition science and come out as a more confident nutritionist along with a good online coaching business.

        The content of both PN 1 and NASM is almost the same right? I’d be happy if you threw some light on this.
        And does PN 2 have any competitors?

        My inclination has been towards PN for the following reasons –
        -they have a PN2 cert for more scope in the nutrition industry
        -software that they provide for management
        -platform to grow business
        -a strong nit community of professionals
        – and I’ve assumed that all of these certificates more or less provide for the same content.

        Please guide me through this since id be starting with the course immediately after your response.

        Thank you !

        1. Absolutely, those are fantastic points you made on Precision Nutrition. It’s a fantastic certification I cannot argue that. I usually base my recommendations on a price per value type of idea. The Precision Nutrition is $1,000 whereas the National Academy of sports medicine can be purchased often around the 600 to $700 range. But I do agree, you get a lot of information on growing your business from Precision Nutrition that you don’t get from NASM. I think both are fantastic and if you have the money you can definitely go with Precision Nutrition and you will not be disappointed.

      12. Hi Tyler. Thank you for all the information. I am still confused though between NASM and ISSA. I am a RN and a Lifestyle Coach by the National Diabetes Prevention Program CDC. I am looking to Coach and help people on the Nutrition portion and include some Physical Training so that it is nutrition and exercise resulting in weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

        1. Both of them have fantastic nutrition certification programs. It sounds like you already have a good amount of information about that though. Either nutrition coach program will work just fine. Also, the Precision Nutrition coach certification is also fantastic.

      13. Hi Tyler,
        I am currently a fitness coach with certified licenses with Tacfit with coaching experience for more than 5 years.

        1. My major wish is that I can assimilate my fitness experience and nutritional part together to benefit the trainee under me.
        2. Weight loss will be one of the major consideration.
        3. I also look forward to the masterclasses if available unlike PN only offered part 1.
        4. The cost can be below 1000 will be ideal
        5. Community coach is not my concern
        6. Online teaching at my own pace is very important as I am a working professional during the daytime.

        Question is whether PN, ISSA and NASM offer a better outlook?

        Thank and warmest regards


        1. Hey Peter, if your goal is around $1,000 I would check out Precision Nutrition because you are also planning to work online that seems. They have a great software program that is weaved into their system which helps work with people online.

      14. Charis Haschig

        I am an ACE CPT and Health Coach. I have been doing Personal Training for many years now but have also gone through many moves that have forced me to train and gain clients and new facilities every few years.
        I am looking in PN knowing I love their content but also I want to know that the investment will be worth it.
        Do you believe that PN is a good choice if I am looking to do online coaching/branch into more online content? Is it possible that there would be nutrition coaching jobs along with training jobs in a facility? I have yet to see many gyms/clubs really offer utilize mich in the area of nutritional coaching.
        I just want to invest in something that will help my in my career going forward.

        1. I think that Precision Nutrition is definitely a good option especially if you are trying to get into the online space. They do have special tools to help work with people online and I think that their software is very legitimate. Not say that you can’t do it with other nutrition certifications, you definitely can.

      15. Hi Tyler,

        Thank you for all the valuable information! I am still in dilemma though, what I am looking for is something more deep in the nutritional side, I have a BSc in Biological Sciences, A lot of the scientific information may be basic for someone like me which is okay but I am more interested in developing the business (coaching) aspect. I am attracted to the PN because of the platform and exposure however when it comes to price difference, is it really worth going for PN only to get access to the platform?
        My second question is about the international recognition of the certifications, which one has more weight internationally? I am from Oman and I need to be certified by an international recognized organization in order to register as a certified nutrition coach.
        My third question, I have come across ISSA certification in nutrition only for $799, (Master the science and psychology of nutrition coaching), Is this a deeper into nutrition course or does it cover same material covered in the Elite Trainer certification (the sports nutrition part)?

        Thank you so much

        1. Both certifications cover the same level of nutrition knowledge. I definitely agree, Precision Nutrition is expensive. That’s why I typically suggest people go with the international sports Sciences Association because you can get multiple certifications for around the same price. I hope this helps.

      16. Hi Tyler,
        I’m a CPT with a background in college sports and competitive bodybuilding looking to better understand the science of nutrition as well as other types of diet approaches (i.e. plant based) so I can work with a wider variety of clients. I’ve thoroughly read your reviews on the different nutrition certs and I’ve narrowed it down to PN and ISSA. While price isn’t an issue, the testing/requirements for recertifiction are sticking points. ISSA’s test is much longer but doesn’t require a retest after two years, just 2 CEU’s and a small fee. PN on the other hand, requires a retest. Since the material seems to be very similar, I’m just looking for the more time efficient one as well as avoiding what will become more of a hassle to maintain down the road (like having to refresh on all the course material for a retest every two years). I’d also be lying if adding some letters to my name didn’t seem more appealing haha.
        Thanks for all the info you put out, it’s been a huge help!

        1. Thanks for the in depth comment. Both nutrition certifications are excellent choices. If you want to pair the nutrition certification with something else like a personal training certification, strength and conditioning certification excetera, I would definitely go with the ISSA as you can basically get three certifications for the same price as Precision Nutrition. Besides that, both are are fantastic starting points for nutrition. Good luck with your nutrition career.

      17. Hi Tyler, I’m a newbie and want to take up a certification as I’m a Diabetic but I have been without medicine for 5 yrs due to diet control and managed to normalize my sugar level based on my research on no processed plant based food. I have had great body transformation and i want to educate the rest on how to improve but I need a cert to credit myself.So which one should I go for and also comparing PN and ISSA I know ISSA is the value for the buck but I keep focusing on the PN Procoach which looks like a fantastic app which ISSA doesnt have to help me kick start. So what would you suggest me to do.Thank You.

        1. The application is definitely one of the most attractive things about Precision Nutrition. Although the nutritionist certification does not come with a application, it is also a good option. Also, if you were looking to bundle it together with maybe a personal training certification or a strength-and-conditioning certification, ISSA would be the way to go.

      18. HI Tyler, I’m wondering between PN and ISSA , ISSA is the obvious choice in terms of package and price but PN has a great App Procoach. So does ISSA also have an app or I will be able to do fine without it and just get the ISSA cert. pls advice.Thanks.

        1. ISSA and Precision Nutrition have actually teamed up in a lot of ways. the issa nutritionist Is definitely a great deal if you are looking to bundle it with let’s a personal training certification or a group exercise certification. If you were just looking to get a nutrition certification though, Precision Nutrition is definitely one of the top choices. But you also can’t go wrong with a nutritionist certification

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