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Welcome to another PTPioneer article serving you on your quest to become an ISSA-certified personal trainer!

This portion of the ISSA CPT Exam Prep Study Hub is the flashcard page, one of the most effective study methods.

Here’s what I’ll break down for you:

  • The domains of study
  • Chapter-by-chapter flashcards
  • Additional flashcard study tips

Secrets to Passing the ISSA Exam

Secret #1:

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Trust me, you will be very frustrated if you lose this specific ISSA exam study material.

Alright, let’s dive into the best ISSA exam prep, the ISSA CPT exam study guide!

ISSA CPT Study Series

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900+ ISSA CPT Flashcards

Chapter 1: Health, Fitness, and Personal Training

Chapter 2: Psychology of Behavior Change

Chapter 3: Movement Systems Deck 1

Chapter 3: Movement Systems Deck 2

Chapter 4: Supporting Systems Deck 1

Chapter 4: Supporting Systems Deck 2

Chapter 5: Concepts of Biomechanics Deck 1

Chapter 5: Concepts of Biomechanics Deck 2

Chapter 6: Energy and Metabolism

Chapter 7: Client Assessments

Chapter 8: Elements of Fitness

Chapter 9: Principles of Program Design

Chapter 10: Concepts of Flexibility Training

Chapter 11: Concepts of Cardiovascular Exercise

Chapter 12: Concepts of Resistance Training

Chapter 13: Exercise Selections and Technique

Chapter 14: Nutrition Foundations Deck 1

Chapter 14: Nutrition Foundations Deck 2

Chapter 15: Supplementation

Chapter 16: Chronic Conditions Deck 1

Chapter 16: Chronic Conditions Deck 2

Chapter 17: Lifespan Populations

Chapter 18: Business and Marketing

Chapter 19: Safety and Emergency Situations

Why Flashcard Studying?

Learning big sets of terms and breezing through new topics can be made hassle-free when you use flashcards.

In my perspective, for the best learning experience, I recommend programs that utilize spaced repetition learning, which is a method of reviewing material at periodic intervals.

More specifically, the intervals are spaced closely in the beginning (i.e., two hours; five hours; a full day). As the material is reviewed, the intervals become longer (six days, a full week, two or two or more weeks).

Unlike ISSA and most other top-notch fitness programs like NASM, ACSM, and NSCA, they do not offer spaced-repetition flashcards.

But Trainer Academy employs spaced-repetition learning, which is one of the main reasons their program ensures you will pass the certification exam.

And if you fail, you’ll get your money back.

Flashcard studying is best done daily for a set amount of time, like 15 – 30 minutes.

And with flashcards, it’s easier to mark down the questions you struggle with so that you can go back and study them until you master them.

Finally, this page was purposely created to break down the flashcards in a per-chapter format. I highly recommend using the flashcard study method only after reading the respective chapter in the study guide or the textbook.

Now let’s jump ahead to the domains of study on the ISSA CPT exam.

Domains of Study

The domains of study on the ISSA CPT exam are as follows:

  • Domain I: Basic and Applied Sciences
  • Domain II: Program Design
  • Domain III: Client Intake and Ongoing Evaluation
  • Domain IV: Exercise Selection and Technique
  • Domain V: Nutrition
  • Domain VI: Professional Practice

Across all of these domains, the following topics get covered heavily:

  • Metabolism, anabolism, catabolism, basal metabolic rate, and types of fuel and energy pathways
  • ATP, glycolysis, and muscle actions
  • Endurance exercise
  • Resistance exercise
  • Special populations training

Based on my experience with all different fitness certifications, it is useful to know the domains of study and their associated chapters while studying for the exam.

If you are struggling with one of the chapters, the domain quizzes make it hassle-free to study the chapters for the chapters in that specific domain.

In all, since some of the chapters contain harder materials and topics. These ISSA exam flashcards are made to help direct your focus.

Additional Flashcard Study Tips

As one of the most effective study methods, the ISSA flashcards create lasting study habits that will help keep any learned information fresh in your mind more than any practice test ever would.

Don’t get me wrong; this does not mean you should skip the ISSA personal trainer certification practice exam, but implement the flashcards appropriately into your studies.

The flashcards pair well with the ISSA study guide and the ISSA practice exam.

And all you need is 10 minutes daily.

Flashcards make up an essential part of your ISSA exam prep and present a word (or words) that provoke thought of the answer or even associated topics to reach the correct answer or definition.

There’s no doubt that the PTPioneer chapter flashcards are equipped with the most important information that can be studied in this quick and easy flashcard format.

Furthermore, even research has repeatedly proven that the benefits of flashcard studying are enhanced when you physically write or type the cards yourself.

So note this, especially for the material you struggle with most.

To conclude, these flashcards provide coverage of the most common topics of the ISSA CPT, like exercise testing, BMI, body composition, kinesiology, sports medicine, general exercise science, fitness testing, strength training, planes of motion of the human body, and much more!

The chapters are in the order above, so make sure you are studying your correct chapter.

I hope these ISSA flashcards help you on your mission to pass your final exam!

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