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    Hey everybody and welcome to my personal training certification study hub. I suggest you star/bookmark this page for future reference. Don’t forget to use the navigation and search bar at the top to move around and find what you need. Or use these links to access the other hubs for PT Info, PT Certs, and PT Tips.

    Below I have links to all of the study hubs for the NASM, ACE, ISSA, NSCA CSCS, NSCA CPT and ACSM personal training certifications. I guess you can call this a study hub of all of the study hubs. Choose your certification below and get after it!

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      Personal Trainer Certification Study

      Nutrition Certification Study

      Strength And Conditioning Certification Study

      Corrective Exercise Certification Study

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      12 thoughts on “FREE Personal Trainer Study Guides and Personal Trainer Practice Tests”

      1. Stephanie Thompson

        Been a training over 20yrs, and now need to take it to the next level..I only did a six weeks course 20yrs ago..as I was on the job learning.will this poses a problem?

        1. Hey Stephanie,
          these personal training study materials are definitely can help you learn all the information you need to learn. Depending on which personal training certification you are studying for, you should take between 10 to 20 weeks of study time before taking the exam. Good luck!

        2. Hey there. I’m going to be using alot of your study materials to prepare myself for the exam. Is there any actual classroom setting locations though I can go to around the West Palm Beach, FL area?

          1. Hey Megan,
            I am not quite sure if they have classroom type settings in your area of Florida. You might want to contact your certification organization to see if they have any in person meetups as they may be available.

      2. Hi i have been in the heath and beauty industry for 17 years now with lots of licensing and certifications and i am currently working towards my master’s in acupuncture
        I was wondering with all the education i already have is there any well reputable certification for personal training that can just be done by exam? Im a licensed massage therapist, esthetician, yoga instructor, and licensed to educate in my state for skin and massage

        1. Hey Joshua, sure, you can definitely purchase the exam only for a lot of these personal training organizations. I definitely recommend study before you take the exam though as some of them are very difficult to pass.

      3. Hello ! i did Bachelors in physiotherapy now i want to start my career in fitness and personal training . kindly please guide me which course is best for me

        1. I would definitely check out my article on the top 5 personal training certifications to see which one is right for you. All of the certifications will set you on the right path. Good luck with your personal training career.

      4. What’s your take on NESTA certification? They’ve got a good deal running right now and they are NCCA accredited.
        Thanks for letting me know!

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