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Running Start

Your Secrets to a Personal Trainer Career,
Ahead of the Pack. Now a 100% free course!

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Results That Speak
For Themselves

The data doesn’t lie. Our Running Start test group had significant increases in client satisfaction and job satisfaction versus the control group over a 3 month period.

Increase in Client Satisfaction

Increase in Job Satisfaction

Learn From The Best

This course and its materials were created by industry-leading personal Trainer, Tyler Read and his team.

Years of Combined Experience
Clients Trained
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Key Features

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Dozens of white label documents that you can use with your clients as if they’re your own (workout templates, client tracking, liability waivers etc

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Ultimate resource lists from my 10+ years as a trainer (continuing education providers, peer-reviewed journals, exercise libraries, motivational messages + much more)

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Chapter quizzes and assignments to make sure you take away the most important points

What Our Students Say

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Running Start gave me the confidence and tools to allow me to perform at a high level with my clients, right from the start. 

Jeff Bilgere Customer 1

Jeff Bilgere

San Diego, CA

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Thanks to Running Start, my book of clients has grown significantly faster than my  peers and has even allowed me to start increasing my rates.

Customer Katie McCormick

Katie McCormick

Boulder, CO

Running Start New 6

This course helped me navigate the whole process and  land my dream job. where I continue to use the tools and templates provided on a daily basis.

Dane Richterman customer 3

Dane Richterman

Jacksonville, FL

What You Will Get From This Course

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1. Choosing the right certification for you and studying for it

2. How to turn your book knowledge into practical experience

Running Start New 10
Running Start New 11

3. Bulletproof way of getting hired at the gym you want to work at

4. Preparing for and crushing your first personal training session

Running Start New 12
Running Start New 13

5. The Bible on client relationships and retaining clients

6. Common beginner pitfalls to avoid and essential tips to thrive as a trainer

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7. How to find your PT niche to work with your preferred client type for a more satisfying and lucrative career

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