FREE ACE Practice Test, Study Guide, & Cheat Sheet (2021)

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    FREE ACE Study guide + ACE Practice test + Flashcards

    Hey everyone and welcome to my ACE CPT study hub. This page includes a FREE ACE study guide (for the 5th Ed and new 6th edition textbook), ACE practice test (and answer key!), ACE CPT flashcards and a must-watch video that talks about the top 10 secrets to passing the ACE CPT. I recommend that you bookmark this page.

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      My Bitmoji counterpart will be walking you through the ACE CPT study guide to make sure that you are on track for passing the ACE exam. Say hello to Tyler-Moji.
      Your Guide for NASM

      ACE CPT Study Material Intro

      I guarantee that you will be spending a lot of time on this page as you prepare for the American Council on Exercise test. If you have not done so yet, sign up for the ACE CPT here and save $100 off your purchase.

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      This ACE study guide, practice test in flashcards cover the most recent American Council on Exercise personal trainer manual, fifth edition and is updated for 2021.

      On top of covering each chapter of the textbook in my study guide, I also have individual ACE quizzes as well as ACE flashcards for each chapter! I also have an extensive NASM study guide/practice test as well! Let’s get started, shall we?

      Top 10 secrets for passing the ACE CPT Exam

      Download the ACE tips in PDF form here

      FREE ACE Study Guide: 6th Edition 2021

      ACE study guide

      FREE ACE Study Guide: 5th Edition

      FREE ACE Practice Test: 5th edition 2021

      ACE practice test

      This ACE fitness practice test is broken down in the exact same way as the real exam. Here is how the ACE practice exam is broken down:

      1. Domain I: Interviews and Assessments – 23% of the test
      2. Domain II: Program design and implementation – 31% of the test
      3. Domain III: Program modification and progression – 26% of the test
      4. Domain IV: Professional conduct, safety, and risk management – 20% of the test

      ACE CPT Practice Exam

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      When answering the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q), your client answers "yes" to a bone or joint problem that could be made worse by a change in physical activity. What is the next step in his fitness program?

      2 / 50

      What blood pressure measurement is considered to be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease?

      3 / 50

      Tight hip adductors and weak gluteus medius muscles can lead to which compensation?

      4 / 50

      Which of the following assesses body fat percentage by measuring the amount of water a person displaces when completely submerged?

      5 / 50

      Which man has a waist to hip ratio that puts him at risk for obesity-related disease?

      6 / 50

      Jose is 18 years old. What is his estimated maximum heart rate?

      7 / 50

      Which of the following factors influence a client's resting heart rate?

      8 / 50

      You have performed the Thomas test with Susan and have observed that her lower thigh does not touch the table and her knee does not flex to 80 degrees. What muscles do you suspect to be tight?

      9 / 50

      Your client, Ben, comes to you with a goal of "being more flexible for his golf and tennis game". You help Randy define his goals in more specific and measurable terms so that his progress can be evaluated. Helping him set these effective goals are commonly said to be:

      10 / 50

      Which of the following functional fitness tests is not contraindicated for individuals who suffer from low-back pain, have had recent back surgery, and/or are in the midst of an acute low-back flare-up?

      11 / 50

      Which of the following is not a part of muscular endurance testing?

      12 / 50

      You are watching your client's heart rate during moderate aerobic exercise and notice that her heart rate is not increasing. Which antihypertensive medication could be preventing your client's heart rate to rise even though she is exercising?

      13 / 50

      What is an example of the "tell, show, do" technique used in the early stages of training?

      14 / 50

      What is the main muscle group involved in the extension portion of a leg extension exercise?

      15 / 50

      Your client tells you that he wants to get into better shape because his wife loves to play tennis and he wants to be able to play with her. Which principle of behavior change is this an example of?

      16 / 50

      Which phase of cardiorespiratory training challenges the phosphagen system and is typically only entered into for clients with sport specific training goals?

      17 / 50

      Muscular Power takes what two performance factors into account?

      18 / 50

      Which of the following is an example of a concentric contraction?

      19 / 50

      Achieving efficient movement through opposing and contralateral pulls at joints refers to which movement principle?

      20 / 50

      When referring to the body's "core" muscles, which of the following is not a part of this group?

      21 / 50

      During the first two weeks of an exercise program, strength gains are typically a result of what adaptation?