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Professions Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Author, Personal Trainer Career Coach Expertise Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Personal Trainer Certifications


Certified Personal Trainer - NASM CPT (Cert ID:1220865777) Author of “Running Start: Your Secrets to a Personal Trainer Career Ahead of the Pack" Contributing Fitness Author at Healthline.com Contributing Fitness Author at EatThis.com


Tyler Read holds a B.S. in Kinesiology from Sonoma State University and is a certified personal trainer (CPT) with NASM (National Academy of sports medicine). Tyler has been training clients as a certified personal trainer both online and in-person for over 15 years. Tyler gained experience as a certified personal trainer at both local and commercial gyms including “Custom Built Personal Training” and “In-Shape”. After gaining sufficient experience, Tyler Read started his own successful private personal training business, which he still operates today, training a wide variety of different clients both in-person and online. Tyler decided he wanted to help other aspiring fitness enthusiasts make a career out of their passion of health and fitness so he found Personal Trainer Pioneer, a website dedicated to educating people on how to become industry-leading personal trainers.

“Tyler brings his combined 15 years experience on top of hours of his own research to determine the best personal training certifications for all fitness career goals.”

From Tyler’s more than 15 years of experience in the personal training industry, performing countless hours of research, testing, surveying, and creating a strong team of personal trainers and nutrition coaches to assist, Tyler Read created PTPioneer.com, the #1 resource for becoming a personal trainer including finding the best personal trainer certifications and providing free study materials to helps applicants pass their certification exams. Tyler continues to work to improve the resources of PTPioneer to assure it’s visitors are always getting the best and most up to date information to help them succeed as certified personal trainers. Tyler also continues to provide personal training to clients online and in-person as well as share his wisdom about personal training, fitness, nutrition, health, and entrepreneurship throughout many other prominent publications. Tyler Read is a regular contributing author at Healthline,  Eat This Not That, and Good Men Project.


Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Sonoma State University NASM/AFAA CPR/AED Certified Powered by ASTI

ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist Review (2024) Update

ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist Certification - bodybuilding coach pressing overhead under coach supervision

The ISSA Bodybuilding Certification is a high-level program aimed at personal trainers coaching clients who want to maximize muscle growth and improve their overall aesthetics. The course can also be used for anyone looking to compete on a bodybuilding stage for the first time. I’ve been a personal trainer and coach for over 12 years … Read more

Single Leg Squat Assessment NASM Guidelines for 2024

single leg squat assessment - client performing a single leg squat assessment in a fitness setting under trainer supervision

The NASM single-leg squat assessment is a transitional movement assessment which looks at neuromuscular control, dynamic flexibility, balance, and core strength. By seeing if the knee turns inward during the squat (knee valgus), you can determine if a person has decreased hip abduction, hip external rotation strength, and limited ankle dorsiflexion.  I’ve worked as a … Read more

Upper Crossed Syndrome NASM Breakdown

Upper Crossed Syndrome - fitness client with rounded shoulders and forward head demonstrating poor posture from upper crossed syndrome

Upper crossed syndrome (UCS) is a postural issue where clients may have a forward head, overextended cervical spine, with rounded shoulders. NASM states that people with upper crossed syndrome may also have thoracic spine kyphosis, raised shoulder or scapular winging. Over time this dysfunction can lead to joint issues and muscle imbalances, so it’s important … Read more

LPHC NASM Breakdown (2024) – Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Complex Anatomy

Lumbo Pelvic Hip Complex - image of fitness client with a focus on the lumbo pelvic hip complex

The LPHC, or the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex, is a group of muscles and connective tissues located in the back of the hip joint. These muscles play a crucial role in maintaining stability, balance, balance, and proper movement patterns in the lower body. Understanding and properly training the LPHC can help prevent injuries and improve overall athletic … Read more

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