FREE CSCS Practice Exam & CSCS Study Guide For 2021
CSCS Practice Exam

Hey ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my free CSCS study hub for the NSCA CSCS test. On this page, you will find a free CSCS practice exam (and answer key), A full CSCS study guide, and a helpful CSCS flashcard bundle to assist you with your studying. Make sure to bookmark/star this page for future reference.

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    Your Guide for NASM

    If you are still unsure about which strength and conditioning certification to choose, I highly recommend that you Take the quiz to get an estimate on which strength and conditioning certification is the best fit for you overall.

    This CSCS Study guide covers all 24 chapters of the essentials of strength training and conditioning fourth edition by Gregory Haff and Travis Triplett. In my CSCS study guide below, you will find 24 separate links that will take you to each individual chapters study guide.

    Top 10 Tips To Pass The CSCS Exam (Video)

    Top 10 Tips To Pass The CSCS Exam (Podcast)

    FREE CSCS Study guide: 4th edition 2021

    CSCS Study guide

    FREE CSCS Practice exam for 2021

    CSCS Practice exam

    The CSCS practice test is really broken up into two separate practice tests.

    The first CSCS practice test is the Scientific foundations Exam. The scientific foundations exam Consists of questions from the first two domains (out of six total) from the CSCS textbook.

    • Domain 1: exercise science (74% of the questions)
    • Domain 2: nutrition (26% of the questions)

    The second CSCS Practice test is the practical/applied exam. The practical and applied test consists of questions from the four remaining domains of study.

    • Domain 3: Exercise technique (35% of the questions)
    • Domain 4: Program design (35% of the questions)
    • Domain 5: Organization and administration (12% of the questions)
    • Domain 6: Testing and evaluation (18% of the questions)

    CSCS Scientific Foundations Practice Test

    1 / 30

    With consistent aerobic training, what are the possible adaptations?

    2 / 30

    What is affected by the size principle?

    3 / 30

    On which plane of the anatomy does the human body perform a vertical jump?

    4 / 30

    A glass of skim milk, a whole wheat tuna sandwich, and a green salad with a vinegar dressing are consumed. What is the source of omega-3 fatty acids in this meal?

    5 / 30

    Which electrical occurrences are undetectable during a normal electrocardiogram (ECG)?

    6 / 30

    While skating, which of these hip movements depends on the gluteus maximus for a hockey athlete?

    7 / 30

    What is the name given to the intensity or relative intensity of an exercise that promotes a build-up of resting concentrations of blood lactate levels?

    8 / 30

    What is the daily recommended protein intake per kg of body mass for a rowing athlete?