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    Hello and welcome to a PTPioneer ultimate review of the ISSA certified personal trainer program review!

    After reading this ISSA review for the CPT program, you will surely know if this is the proper certification to suit your future in the fitness industry.

    Throughout this article, I will be going through:

    The Essential Personal Training Information Coverage of the ISSA CPT cert
    The Certification Exam and Recertification Information
    Comparisons With Other Top Organizations

    Let’s dive in and look at the ISSA CPT in detail, starting with discussing the organization.


    Quick Breakdown: ISSA CPT Certification

    9.4out of 10

    Exercise Science Foundations10
    Behavioral Coaching9
    Client Health Screening9
    Movement Screening8
    Resistance Training10
    Special Population Training10
    Aerobic Fitness Training10
    • ISSA is considered to be a top tier organization in fitness
    • Many specializations are offered to aid in furthering a trainer’s knowledge and skills
    • International recognition and use
    • The business aspect is expanded on, where many certs do not 
    • Retesting criteria is the most relaxed in the industry
    • No direct NCCA accreditation
    • The exam is potentially too easy
    ISSA CPT General Information

    ISSA CPT General Information

    • Exam cost: $69 per month for 12 months
    • Study material cost: $69 – $119 per month for 12 months
    • Prerequisites: 18 years of age, CPR/AED cert/ high school diploma
    • Exam passing score: 70%
    • Exam pass rate: 90% (ISSA), 65 – 70% (NCCPT)
    • Average completion time: 3 – 6 months

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      ISSA CPT Review in Video Form

      ISSA Personal Trainer Certification Review [2021] - Pros/Cons, Cost and Overall Value 🤔

      What is ISSA?

      ISSA Review – General Information on the Personal Trainer Certification

      ISSA, or the International Sports Science Association, has been in the fitness realm since 1988. They are led by some of the top fitness experts and exercise scientists. 

      ISSA has around 400,000 students and trainers spread around 174 countries. They are seen as a leader in fitness education, even without the gold standard NCCA accreditation exam process in their CPT program. 

      ISSA has students that range from physicians to chiropractors, physical therapists to health care workers, and anything in the health world, honestly. 

      When you sign up for the ISSA CPT certification, you have the option to take the NCCA accredited exam or a non-NCCA accredited exam.

      The non-NCCA exam is still technically accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, however DEAC accreditation does not carry the same weight as NCCA accreditation.

      The overall material on each exam is roughly the same, and studying for either exam should prepare you for both.

      The main difference between the NCCA accredited and DEAC accredited ISSA exams is that the NCCA accredited exam is proctored. This means you either take the exam at an in-person testing site, or you take it through a remote, live-proctored system from home.

      Given that NCCA accreditation is the gold standard in the fitness industry, I personally recommend taking the NCCA version of the ISSA exam – especially since you’ve already paid for the base study package.

      With all of that said, let’s next dive into the specifics of the CPT certification from ISSA.

      ISSA CPT General Information

      The CPT certification is ISSA’s most popular cert.

      As mentioned, the ISSA CPT package includes an NCCA accredited version of the exam as well as a non-accredited version.

      The CPT certification programs will teach a student to assess someone’s fitness level and goals to customize effective results-driven exercise programs that are individualized to fit clients.

      Future fitness professionals will also be able to understand essential components of anatomy, exercise technique, human movement, and basic safety and emergency procedures for exercise professionals. 

      Certified professionals that go through ISSA will be able to educate clients when it comes to nutrition, diet trends, and supplementation. 

      Another expectation for exercise professionals with ISSA will be to apply knowledge and skills to effective program design using the principles of fitness.

      CPTs will use knowledge of human motivation and psychology to enhance the behavior change for clients and help create long-lasting change. 

      With the business aspects of this certification, ISSA CPTs will craft a well-run and connected business in fitness with email and marketing skills. This is a tad unique in the fitness world, as other certification organizations lack much mention of these aspects.

      ISSA offers excellence in convenience, practical knowledge, lifelong support, opportunities, and continuing education.

      To get certification through ISSA, a student is required to be 18 years old, have CPR/AED certification, and have earned their high school diploma. These are the typical requirements for personal training in the industry. 

      The age requirement for certification relates mostly to the age requirement for ISSA personal trainer insurance.

      Now that we have a basic idea of what is offered with the CPT certification let’s look at what ISSA includes in the packages they sell.

      ISSA CPT Packages and Costs

      Issa Information

      ISSA offers three different packages for their CPT program, and they sell their programs with monthly payment plans.

      Each of the programs adds something of value as the tiers go up.

      Let’s look at all of the included materials in these packages.

      Start Training CPT Package – $69 per month for 12 months

      This is the entry-level package for the CPT studying, and it is a solid deal for personal training but still adds up to a hefty price of $828 before tax in the 12 months. There are sometimes other deals to bring this down a hair.

      Materials included in this program are: 

      • ISSA Trainer Online Study Materials
      • Dedicated Student Success Coach
      • 4-Week Fast Track Program
      • Job Guarantee
      • Free CPR and AED Certification Course
      • ISSA Community Membership
      • Passing Protection With A Free Retest
      • Online Bootcamp and Study Group

      Kickstarter CPT Package – $79 per month for 12 months

      This is the second-tier option for the CPT program and a valuable one. The main addition here will be the nutritionist certification. 

      All in all, this program package will cost a price of $948, with some occasional deals going on.

      The materials included within this program are:

      • Online Study Materials
      • Dedicated Student Success Coach
      • 4-Week Fast Track Program
      • Job Guarantee
      • Free CPR and AED Certification Course
      • ISSA Community Membership
      • Passing Protection With A Free Retest
      • Online Bootcamp and Study Group
      • Get 5 Clients in 5 Weeks
      • Free Nutritionist Course

      Top Trainer CPT Package – $119 per month for 12 months

      This is the last tier option for the CPT program, and it comes with the primary in-person experience as the selling point. It can be precious to have in-the-gym expertise and will likely lead to a more successful trainer in the future. 

      This package for ISSA certification costs a total of $1428, which is high but comes out to a tad less than in-gym experience from other certification organizations. 

      The materials included in this program are:

      • Online Study Materials
      • Dedicated Student Success Coach
      • 4-Week Fast Track Program
      • Job Guarantee
      • Free CPR and AED Certification Course
      • ISSA Community Membership
      • Passing Protection With A Free Retest
      • Online Bootcamp and Study Group
      • Get 5 Clients in 5 Weeks
      • Free Nutritionist Course
      • In-Gym training Experience

      These are the three main packages that ISSA offers for CPT programs. They are a good value in the industry, but the main pay-by-month model suggests that it’s cheaper than the competition when it is not cheaper than the deals we see from other organizations. 

      So, is ISSA CPT worth it?

      ISSA has some expensive options when you consider their preferred payment model, but at the end of the day, their study packages provide amazing value to the customer.

      ISSA offers three main packages for their CPT program, and they offer some big packages, including multiple certifications. 

      Since they offer the ISSA certification exam and the NCCA exam, they offer certification with two certification organizations. This is very beneficial.

      The packages include all primary study materials in all organizations’ programs for certified personal trainers. They contain an out-of-the-ordinary promise that trainers will get five clients in 5 weeks and other guarantees. Usually, these are more common in programs costing $2,000 or more in the big organizations.

      All in all, the ISSA CPT is a great value and maybe one of the best options for future trainers to start with. This is especially true when you consider their amount of specializations.

      If you wish to attain multiple certifications and specializations, you should look into their Master and Elite Training Programs. The deals with these packages are astronomical.

      ISSA Review – General Information on the Personal Trainer Certification

      ISSA Master Trainer and Elite Trainer

      This article is mainly focused on the CPT cert you will get from ISSA, but I think it’s pretty important to touch on the Master and Elite certification packages on offer.

      These are the next tier in credentials when it comes to ISSA, offering diverse career opportunities and a guaranteed income boost.

      Exclusive PTP Offers

      Gold Standard Cert
      Save 25%
      Most Popular Cert
      3 Certs for 1
      A Good Option
      50% off
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      For the Elite Trainer package, you will get a 3 in 1 certification. The standard being CPT and Nutritionist, followed by anyone of the following:

      The Master Trainer Package kicks it up a notch and offers 4 extra specializations out of the ones mentioned above!

      The amount of knowledge you will have gathered through this is immense, and will definitely put you in the top tier of trainers when it comes to your career options.

      According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as referenced by ISSA, the median income per year for PTs was $39,210, based on 2017 figures, with the top 10 percent earning bracket sitting at over $74,520 per year.

      Check out my article here that goes much more in-depth into the master trainer and elite trainer programs.

      Next, let’s look a the study materials and content coverage for a more in-depth view of ISSA.

      ISSA CPT Study Materials and Content Coverage

      This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ISSA-Cost-1.png

      The main textbook is “Fitness: The Complete Guide.” The text material is broken down into six sections and 31 chapters total. 

      ISSA Review ([year]) - ISSA Cost vs Value, Is ISSA worth it? 4

      There is a new edition of the text coming very soon, and I will update this article as soon as it is available and I have reviewed it.

      Here are the sections and chapters that make up the textbook.

      Section 1: Anatomy and Physiology

      • Chapter 1: Metabolism
      • Chapter 2: Basic Anatomy and Physiology
      • Chapter 3: Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Physiology

      Section 2: Kinesiology and Biomechanics

      • Chapter 4: Kinesiology of Exercise
      • Chapter 5: Biomechanics of Exercise
      • Chapter 6: Musculoskeletal Deviations
      • Chapter 7: Muscle Mechanics

      Section 3: Health and Physical Fitness 

      • Chapter 8: Strength
      • Chapter 9: Cardiovascular Training 
      • Chapter 10: Flexibility Training
      • Chapter 11: Body Composition

      Section 4: Program Development

      • Chapter 12: Drawing-In Phase
      • Chapter 13: Basic Assessment of Fitness Participants
      • Chapter 14: Training Principles
      • Chapter 15: Periodization
      • Chapter 16: Determining Training Loads

      Section 5: Nutrition

      • Chapter 17: The Big Picture
      • Chapter 18: Nutritional Physiology
      • Chapter 19: Nutritional Science
      • Chapter 20: Nutritional Coaching

      Section 6: Fitness for All

      • Chapter 21: Exercise and Older Adults
      • Chapter 22: Exercise and Adaptive Fitness
      • Chapter 23: Exercise and Our Youth 
      • Chapter 24: Exercise and Hypertension
      • Chapter 25: Exercise and Diabetes
      • Chapter 26: Exercise and Arthritis
      • Chapter 27: Exercise and Coronary Heart Disease
      • Chapter 28: Exercise and Pregnancy
      • Chapter 29: Exercise and Asthma
      • Chapter 30: Sports Medicine in the Trenches
      • Chapter 31: Basic First Aid

      As you may see from this layout above, the ISSA textbook is large and varied. It has more chapters than any other fitness text, which speaks to the quality of ISSA and a little bit to the disorganization.

      Let’s dive into the main domains of study for CPT programs and look at how ISSA handles these domains.

      Exercise Science Foundations

      As you can see from the layout, the exercise science covered by ISSA is found throughout sections 1 and 2.

      These chapters cover the primary information regarding Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, and Biomechanics. There are also some great details regarding smaller important subjects like metabolism, deviations of the body, and muscle mechanics.

      ISSA begins its textbook by laying down the foundations of exercise science as most other certifications do. 

      ISSA is basically giving the learner a college course on these topics, as the topics are covered thoroughly, and they hold a lot of value later in the textbook.

      The first chapter covers metabolism, both energy and food. This sets the stage for future trainers to know how to train and the importance of acute variables for program design.

      They also cover the essential introduction to personal training as a whole in this first chapter.

      ISSA Review ([year]) - ISSA Cost vs Value, Is ISSA worth it? 5

      The depth with which this first chapter covers metabolism shows how thorough they will cover almost all subjects in the text.

      I would say that ISSA covers all of the required subjects for exercise science without going too far beyond what is expected.

      As I said, they cover all of the essentials for exercise science fundamentals, and many trainers do not understand the reason behind knowing as much as a class in college.

      You may be thinking, “why do I need this amount of information to be a personal trainer?”

      Well, knowing all of this is excellent as you will be able to guide more detailed programs and also explain to your clients all of the rationales behind your decisions.

      This will make your personal training clientele benefit and see you as a knowledgable individual in the fitness realm.

      With ISSA’s exercise science content coverage, you will be able to explain in-depth when it comes to exact muscles, bones, and joints. 

      ISSA Review ([year]) - ISSA Cost vs Value, Is ISSA worth it? 6

      You will also receive an overview of the cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory, and digestive systems.

      Nutritional guidelines will be briefly covered, and trainers will be able to give sufficient knowledge to assist clients without providing information that breaks the guidelines set by most personal training certs.

      You will be more likely to retain clients and impress new potential clients if you have a firm exercise science foundation of knowledge.

      Knowing how to explain all of your reasoning and any issues with a specific body area will allow you to stand above many personal trainers on the market.

      I would give this section an overall 10/10 for a rating. It stands up to the top certifications in the entire fitness world.

      Behavioral Coaching

      This skill is essential for personal trainers who want to retain clients and see the most effective results. You need to be able to design programs around effective and safe goals that enhance clients’ desires.

      Behavioral coaching is covered to a degree in their study materials and is likely enough to get by for future ISSA-certified personal trainers.

      Coaching could be covered a little more thoroughly, and it would be nicer if ISSA went out of its way and designed its own model to follow. 

      This information starts in section four of the textbook, Program Development. But truthfully, the domain is limited almost entirely to one chapter, chapter 12.

      ISSA not having a state-of-the-art model, like ACE, means that it does not teach behavior change as effectively. If it did, we would be giving it a 10 out of 10.

      Still, you will find all the needed materials to coach clients well, like motivational interviewing and goal setting. They are just presented more relaxed and may lack more real-world examples that could push this domain forward and make it perfect.

      The ISSA starts talking briefly and introducing these behavior change concepts but instead merges them into the screening and assessment protocols. These can go hand-in-hand, but it would be nice to see some introduction to models of psychological change. 

      The psychological models could also receive more focus. Oftentimes we see organizations choose one to feature as their core model, but this is not true with ISSA.

      Altogether, as a personal trainer, you should be able to utilize active listening, create empathy, and develop rapport with clients.

      ISSA has some changes to make regarding behavior change, and I expect future iterations to cover this more thoroughly. I would give the domain a 9 out of 10.

      Client Health Screening and Movement Screening

      This domain is found in chapter 13, which includes basic assessments for fitness participants.

      I would say that the screening and assessment information ISSA has feels very dated and has some focuses that are not familiar to other popular certifications.

      The entire chapter starts by discussing GXT, or graded exercise testing, which feels a bit unnecessary for personal trainers, and it is a bit too long of a focus.

      They do go into detail when it comes to assessments that look at how hard your client is training. This uses concepts like the Karvonen formula, RPE scales, and MET equivalents. 

      A focus for ISSA assessment lies with body composition testing. They do a good job showing off all the methods to test clients’ body composition and relate them to programming.

      ISSA gives the most popular tests for assessing areas like muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and general endurance. 

      These tests are helpful when it comes to designing programs and giving a good idea of where a client stands. They are lacking some of the movement assessments we typically think of. 

      ISSA handles some of these issues in their online study portal offerings, but it is not focused on in their main text, which I find odd.

      Overall, I would give ISSA a 9 out of 10 for their client health screening portion. It is a nearly perfect offering, but it focuses too much on the GXT information.

      And for the movement screening portion, I would only give them an 8 out of 10, as it is one of the weaker aspects of the certification.

      Resistance Training

      Resistance Training is covered as well as most of the top fitness organizations. This domain can be found in a few different areas, so the main negative I see is that there is no dedicated section to resistance training.

      The focus on resistance training happens in chapters 8, 13, 14, 15, and 16. This is done in various ways, and it would be nice if they combined them.

      ISSA puts a significant focus on the periodization of resistance training programs and determining the most appropriate training loads. 

      I believe they do this better than many of the other top organizations. They have one chapter dedicated to periodization techniques, whereas many certs just briefly mention how periodization works. 

      The training principles receive a good amount of focus and feature all of the typical ones we see with CPT certifications. 

      The acute variables and training loads have their own chapter, and this allows for programs to be individualized and based on the type of resistance training goal that a client would like to work with. 

      ISSA also offers many online materials outside of the text focusing on resistance training through their study portal.

      Personal trainers will not have a problem working with resistance training and properly implementing these techniques into their program design.

      I would give this domain a total score of 10 out of 10.

      Aerobic Fitness Training

      The other main form of program design required for fitness certifications is aerobic training.

      Only one chapter goes over this information, but it is brought up in a few other ones as a sidenote for program design.

      Cardiovascular training in this textbook covers the primary modalities for cardio exercise and all of the other expected training variables.

      They do an excellent job discussing all of the current technologies for finding the proper cardiovascular exercise for your clients.

      And like we mentioned in the screening and assessment section, the ISSA covers the main cardio assessments that can be used to build an adequately-crafted program.

      Aerobic fitness could get a bit more discussion, such as the types of training that are more popular now, like HIIT and other training styles. Future iterations of the text will likely perfect this section.

      All in all, I would still give the ISSA a 10 out of 10 for their aerobic fitness training. They stand at the top along with the likes of NASM when it comes to aerobic fitness.

      Special Population Training

      Section 6, Fitness for All, is one of the most extensive special populations sections I have seen in CPT certifications.

      There are nine total chapters regarding different special populations. Inside each chapter, we see the guideline changes for exercise programs and very insightful descriptions of the issues that arise when someone has one of the mentioned issues. 

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      ISSA handles special population training exceptionally well and up there with all other top certifications.

      They also have online study portal information for these topics. It is conducive to having the contraindications listed in each special populations chapter.

      You will be able to build programs for nearly every client you run into with the information provided in this text.

      I would rate the study materials as a 10 out of 10 for special population information.

      Next, let’s look at a small part of all great personal training certifications, nutrition.

      ISSA Nutrition

      ISSA devotes a larger percentage of its text to nutrition than many CPT.

      They have three chapters devoted to the psychology of nutrition and the coaching of nutrition.

      It is impressive and beneficial for clients when a personal trainer knows the fundamental nutrition information that is covered throughout this text and study materials.

      The overall consensus for nutrition assistance with clients is still going to be general advice and information regarding food items/choices.

      Nonetheless, the CPT certification from ISSA will cover all of the basic scientific information regarding macronutrients, micronutrients, and more.

      It is a good segue into their ISSA Nutritionist certification, which is often bundled together with other certifications, like this CPT.

      So, Is ISSA Certification Worth It?

      Overall, the CPT content coverage is excellent, and you will have no problem with personal training, handling clients, designing programs, and more when you study these materials in the certification.

      Now, let’s look into the certification exam details to determine what you need to pass this program.

      ISSA CPT Certification Exam

      ISSA Materials 1

      The ISSA CPT program has the take-home ISSA CPT exam, and they also waive the fee for the NCCPT exam. 

      This means you can pass your ISSA exam and then pass the NCCPT exam for a small proctoring fee, which gives you the advantage of having an NCCA accredited exam done.

      The ISSA exam is accredited with the DEAC, which is less valuable in the industry, and appears more like a second-tier accreditation.

      It is great that they offer their easier ISSA CPT exam along with the option to take the NCCA-accredited exam.

      Let’s look at both these exams, as they are included with your purchase of any packages. 

      The ISSA exam is the one that everyone will take, as it does not require the proctoring fee of the NCCA accredited exam.

      This ISSA exam contains 200 multiple choice questions, and it is unproctored and self-paced. You can take this in the comfort of your own home and at the pace, you wish to take it at. 

      You also will receive a free retake on this exam if you fail, but only one. It is doubtful you will fail the ISSA exam, as it has a 90% pass rate, significantly higher than any other certification in fitness.

      Then you have the option of paying the proctoring fee for the NCCA exam and receiving this NCCA accreditation. Employers will prefer this accreditation, as this is the gold standard of fitness and the exam truly tests you on the material without having your book next to you.

      The accredited exam will be 140 multiple-choice questions, and it will be proctored by a professional. I would highly suggest going through with this exam, as it will show employers you actually learned during your certification studies. 

      The pass rate for the accredited exam hovers between 65 and 70%.

      Now, let’s look at what it takes to recertify with ISSA.

      ISSA Re-certification

      All CPT programs will require you to recertify by attaining continuing education units. These are essentially hours you receive for staying up to date in the fitness world. 

      All certifications handle this similarly. With ISSA, you will need to complete the process every two years.

      You can get your hours for recertification by attending workshops or getting specializations from ISSA or other companies. 

      For ISSA, you will need the industry standard 20 hours worth of credits within the two years. 

      ISSA does have one of the cheapest recertification fees in the industry. How much is ISSA certification renewal?

      This comes in at only $75 for ISSA certification renewal.

      Most of the time, you can go for a fitness specialization like nutrition or some other niche area of health that ISSA offers. It will account for most of your ISSA continuing education credits, or CEUs / CECs.

      Now, let’s look at how I came to my conclusions with the ISSA personal trainer certification review methodology.

      PTPioneer Review Methodology

      This PTpioneer ISSA CPT review is based on our expert opinion and these criteria:

      • Gathered opinions of successful personal trainers within the fitness industry
      • Comparisons between other top personal training certifications to verify quality and pricing
      • The usual information coming from new trainers that have passed the ISSA certification exam
      • Many other CPT certs and entry-level fitness programs

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


      In conclusion, the ISSA CPT is a valuable certification in fitness. It would be my first choice for many new personal trainers.

      The organization has more specializations than most top fitness organizations, which can be a good selling point for trainers who wish to work with niche population groups. 

      You will receive excellent skills and knowledge in exercise science, resistance training, and special population training if you go with this ISSA CPT certification.

      Make sure to check out PTPioneer for more articles on certification reviews, free study guides, and more. We have other ISSA certification reviews like the ISSA Nutrition Certification Review

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            1. Hello,
              All I know is that ISSA is a valid certification in the United States and Canada. Other countries I cannot say for sure. You will need to check with your local employer to see which personal training certifications they accept.

      1. Hello Tyler!

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        Hi Tyler,
        Everything you are stating about this certification I wholeheartedly agree with. I was informed of me passing the ISSA Personal Trainer Certification on the 14th of this month. I have test anxiety really bad and that was one of the main reason why I chose this certification. However, I have my Bachelors in Health and Wellness and was able to use what I have learned to assist me with the exam. I also took what I have learned while going through the exam to test myself. Each chapter I would quiz myself before taking the quiz and reading the materials to see how much I had retained. I did that for every chapter which helped me to see where my areas of weakness were. The case studies by far were a challenge, but again it tested my knowledge to the utmost. Again, the information here is on point, thanks!

        1. Hey Cholottie,

          I’m glad that you liked my review and agreed with a lot of my points. A lot of people have test anxiety and it is one of the reasons I recommend ISSA. I’m glad that you are able to get through it and are now a certified trainer so that you can begin your career helping others! Thank you for the genuine feedback and I wish you all luck!

        1. Hey Kevin,

          Yeah I think it can be worth it for some people that like to have a better explanation of the material. What type of learner are you? Do you do good studying right out of the ISSA textbook? If not, this can be a big help overall.

      3. Hi dude iam kesav from India i am looking for a job as a personal trainer at canada if i do issa means do i get a good opportunity over Canada can i apply for Canadans gyms directly from India then who will take care of my visa please reply me dude

        1. I always recommend people to contact the gyms that they are applying for in order to see which certifications they accept before they get certified. That being said, ISSA is a fantastic certification that is accepted by almost every fitness facility I have contacted in the United States. I am fairly sure that Canada has the same view but you should always double check by contacting potential employers.

      4. Jesus Alvarado

        Hi Tyler super glad I found this review of yours, was skeptical about the ISSA and wanted to find more info so I wouldn’t be wasting my money. your article hit the right points with me and I appreciate all the hard work you put into writing thank you so much and look forward to visiting your page more often.

        1. Hey Jesus,
          I am glad that you find what you are looking for in terms of the information on ISSA. Good luck with all your studying for your personal training certification and if you have any other questions, you know where to find me.

        1. Hey Volker, I see what you were talking about but actually they currently are not accredited by the NCCA. I don’t know why they have this page on my website because I know for a fact that they are not. However, they are working towards getting a version that is accredited by the NCCA. This would mean that the student would need to go into a test-taking facility in order to pass the exam and hold the NCCA accredited version of the ISSA exam.

      5. I couldn’t get a job. I don’t think the Issa is really credible in my areas or with the gyms I’m around. I wouldn’t recommend it.

        1. Hello Matthew,
          you should always check with the gymnasium that you would like to apply for before getting any personal training certification. That being said, ISSA should be accepted worldwide as it is a very legitimate and accredited certification.

      6. Hi Tyler, I agree with everything you said on this post! And I really enjoy reading them too. I also read on another PT post that you said all certifying test should be monitored and proctored. Do you think the way ISSA has their test formatted is reason enough to believe that this certifying body is one of the best even though the test is not proctored? Thank you!

        1. Hey Jeffery,
          I have slowly been changing my mind over this fact for the last few years or so. Although it does make sense for an exam to be monitored or proctored, I do believe that ISSA is one of the better personal training certifications out there. Although is not monitored, they do require you to pass different phases of their final exam such as essay questions and mock personal training client program designs. I think this is how all personal training certifications should test. A really shows that you know the knowledge by passing these written portions as opposed to only multiple-choice. This is why I think that although is not monitored in a test taking facility, it really tests your knowledge that you need in order to become a good trainer.

      7. Awesome review. Now that they have an Associates and the a newly added Bachelor’s of Exercise degree programs, I am more inclined to sign up.

        1. Hey Ebony,
          I definitely agree, It is a fantastic program to join in the international sports and science Association is growing rapidly with the amount of amazing certifications they are coming out with. Good luck with all the studying

      8. I am considering getting my CPT from Issa…Your website is so helpful. Do you know anything about the new test coming out in October 2019? What kind of changes have they made?

        1. Hey Lori,
          Yes, I have heard some things through the grapevine in terms of the changes to the exam for the international sports sciences Association. They are getting rid of the essays, case studies, true false and matching questions as well. It will purely be 200 multiple-choice questions from what I’ve been hearing. They are not very open to divulging all of the details as of yet. I think in the future there will be an option to have an all online exam as well as a proctored exam as well. If you were to purchase right now, you would take the 200 question multiple-choice exam instead of the old version.

      9. Hi, I can’t find any mention of the DEAC tie with Issa. They talk about the NBFE on the website that I’ve read elsewhere that that organism wasn’t recognized by IHRSA. I am very confused. Wherever I look NCCA seems the way to go. What about Europe and Italy. I would like ultimately to work there as a trainer. Thank you.

        1. Hey Alice, giving recommendations for certifications outside of the United States can be tricky. Every single country usually has different requirements for their personal trainers. A lot of the times each country has their own set of certifications that are preferred. Actually, the majority of the times this is the case. Some gyms only accept NCCA certifications, but as time goes on this is decreasing. The majority of locations will accept your ISSA certification if you decide to go this path. But, I still recommend calling the places that you want to work at and asking which training certifications they prefer and which ones they accept to be 100% sure.

      10. Am I correct in thinking ISSA has changed the exam? What happens in the exam now? Essays, case studies still a part? Thanks!

        1. Hey Danielle,
          That is 100% correct. Instead of having essay questions, case studies, true and false questions as well as multiple choice. Now they just have a 200 question multiple-choice exam. They are making some big changes and I did feel like the essay questions and case studies were super helpful for thinking critically about program design. That is important for becoming a good personal trainer. I do understand the changeover to only multiple-choice because it makes the testing process much easier and all of the other big certifying agencies also only do multiple-choice exams.

      11. Amazing! Very well explained. Got answers to all the questions I had lingering in the back of my mind! I greatly appreciate your time and effort you invested to helping me and other. Tank you!

        1. Hey Marija,
          Glad to hear that I can help you answer some questions about the international sports Sciences Association. They are overall a fantastic personal training certification. GoodCaptain luck with all the studying!

      12. I’m a pediatric nurse practitioner and am looking into CPT with a child/youth focus to be able to better serve the growing number of obese patients I see. NASM has a youth sport training component but it seems small compared to the youth training program through ISSA. If I’m specifically working with kids and teens, discussing nutrition and exercise to help bring BMI to normal ranges, would the 3 for 1 training with ISSA (CPT, nutrition, youth) or the NASM CPT with their youth specialization be the best option for working with this population? I’ve read through your comparison posts for these but I’m still undecided. Thanks!

        1. Hello Genevieve,
          yes I think that the 3 for 1 that is provided by the international sports sciences Association would be a fantastic choice especially if you pick up the youth training program as your third option. That way you will have the personal training certification, the nutritionist certification and the youth training program which would be a very helpful combination for working with kids and teenagers. Good luck with all the studying

        1. Hello Michael, the information provided by the international sports sciences Association should work both on iPads as well as other tablet devices just fine. You should not be able to tell a difference between these two.

      13. They are accredited by the NCCA. I know it for a fact because I Took the proctored exam in June of 2019 and have the certificate proving it. I’m not sure where the discrepancy is.

        1. Hello Megan. For a long time they were not accredited by the NCCA. At the moment I believe they have a nonaccredited version of the exam (the one that is purely taking online) and a fully NCCA accredited version of the certification you would need to take in a proctored exam facility.

      14. Hi Tyler, Thank you for your great information. I really appreciate it.
        For the ISSA final test, I’m wondering is it still open book, tested online with a unlimited time? And could I purchase exam separately? Sorry for so many questions, I didn’t find too much information on their webpage.

        1. Hey David,
          the exam to my knowledge is still open book and online. I know that they are looking to change that in the future and possibly have it be a proctored exam. But as of right now, I think it’s still the same. They have however switched to an all multiple choice exam instead of having the essay section Etc. I do believe that the exam is times now. I also do not think you can purchase the exam separately they only sell one package and it includes their study material and entrance to the exam.

        2. The exam cannot be purchases separately as you must complete all sections and quizzes in order to even take the exam. This is due to the type of accreditation they hold. Which is also why it is seen as a reputable certification. With that said there IS an essay type portion of the exam and another section on top of multiple choice.

      15. Amandeep bhandari

        Is this certification valid in india? And can we get the hard copy of the course here in india after buying the course?

        1. Hey there, you will definitely need to check with your local gymnasiums to see if they accept the international sports Sciences Association certification. Most of my information is targeted towards people in North America such as Canada and the United States.

      16. I know over time things change so it’s possible they have since this was written, but I had only six months to complete my ISSA certification. Also, in the exam area, you mention 200 multiple choice but that is only a portion of the exam. Otherwise the article is pretty great!

        1. Yes, they recently changed their exam structure to only 200 multiple choice questions instead of an essay and short questions. Thanks for pointing this out.

      17. Hi Tyler!

        Thanks in advance for all your fantastic work! Is helping me a lot!! 🙂
        I live in Europe and I heard that here, it is important to validate your studies with EREPS. I did your quiz and I want to start ISSA at the end of this month, do you think it is possible to validate these studies with EREPS?

        -Is there any discount code for ISSA? CPT comes with Sports Nutrition FOR 799$ and is a bit expensive for me. I want to just do the CPT. I read on your page that it can be found for $ 699 and if there is also a discount code that would be perfect.

        1. Thanks for the kind words about my website in terms of what you were talking about with the EREPS I’m not actually sure. You’ll have to check with them to see if it does validate or not. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

      18. Hello I’ve been studying to become a trainer but stuff happened and I had to change my career. Will I be able to cancel my account with ISSA even tho I still owe like 300$ ?
        Your respond will help me a lot
        Thank you.

        1. I am not quite sure. You will definitely need to contact ISSA to see if you can get any refund on your personal training certification that you purchased. Good luck in your new career change.

      19. Greetings,
        If i choose the issa p.t.master certification and make monthly.
        That being said if I cannot afford the monthly payments temporarily anymore.
        What options would they give me so I will not lose all that time studying money I put into it?
        Thank you for your time and consideration answering this question

        1. That’s a good question, you will definitely need to contact the international sports Sciences Association to see what you can work out with them. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

      20. Thank you for the tons of infos! Im very interested by this ISSA certification. But im not native english speaker, will be too chalenging you think ? Do you know a certification more easy for non native ? Thank you BR

        1. I think if you take your time and go through the necessary modules at your own pace you should have no problem getting the international sports Sciences Association certification.

      21. Monty Montgomery

        It appears that the ISSA now gives the option to test NCCA closed book/proctored for 4 of their specialties including Group Cert and CPT.

        1. This is true, overall they have five separate NCCA accredited certifications. They are a fantastic organization and I think they are definitely one to consider if you are starting your career as a personal trainer.

      22. Hi Tyler! Really great article and helpful advices. Thank you a ton!
        Can you please approx. share how long it takes to complete the Elite Trainer Program? Is it like taking first the PTC (3+months), afterwards the Sports Nutr(3+months) and the specilization of your choice (which I am not aware of how long it takes)?

        And I guess you receive the materials for the PTC then you have to complete the exam and only then you are starting with the second part – receiving Sports Nutrition materials , study -> exam etc.
        Or everything comes in a bulk and you can prioritize based on your availability?


        1. Hi Vasil. Glad you enjoyed the article. The elite trainer program actually consists of three separate certifications. The average time to study is 3 to 6 months per certification.

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