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NASM Nutrition Certification Review 2021 - NASM CNC Review

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    NASM Nutrition Certification Review [year] - NASM CNC Review 4

    As with any personal trainer worth their salt, I’m sure you know that the key to results is nutrition. A good exercise program is essential, but it’s simply a stimulus, the real gains depend on your client’s nutrition.

    Most trainers out there will have a catalog of exercise-based certificates under their belts, but if we’re being honest, it’s not how you work out, it’s what you put in. that’s why being familiar and certified in nutrition is essential, and you can do that with the NASM Nutrition Certificate.

    Make sure to take the quiz to see which nutrition certification is right for you if you happen yet. Also, don’t miss my article on the top six nutrition certifications compared to one another.

    If at the end of this review, you decide that the NASM CNC is the right certification for you, make sure to check them out here.

    Also, don’t forget to check out the Trainer Academy premium NASM CNC study materials. They provide an exam pass guarantee and have helped hundreds of my students passed the exam. I also have a free NASM CNC study guide here on my site.

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      NASM Nutrition Certification Review (Video)

      NASM Nutrition Certification Review (Podcast)

      The Official NASM CNC video

      The Advantages of a NASM Nutrition Certification.

      Clients come to you for results, and these results are often from an aesthetic perspective. This means your core business model as a trainer is to transform physical appearance.

      Whether this transformation results in fat loss, muscle gain, or both, the answer is always going to be nutrition. So it’s an absolute no-brainer that equipping yourself with the knowledge of nutrition and how to deliver it is necessary.

      This is where the NASM Nutrition Certification comes in. with the reputation and heritage of NASM behind it, you can rest assured that you’re truly upping your game as a next-level PT.

      NASM’s Nutrition Certification isn’t accredited, so while the cert does grant you the right credentials for your work with clients, it doesn’t make you a qualified dietitian.

      Let’s break it down a bit…

      NASM Nutrition Certification Pros and Cons.

      NASM Nutrition Certification Review [year] - NASM CNC Review 5


      • Delivered through NASM, with a +30 year legacy behind it. You can bet this is one of the best nutrition certs you can go for.
      • Interactive and engaging learning. Makes the process as enjoyable as it is educational.
      • Always at the cutting edge of the latest research and findings in nutrition as a component to coaching.
      • Lean not just the fundamentals of nutrition, but also psychology. Combine the knowledge of what to eat with the appropriate behavioral changes.
      • An awesome way to complement NASM’s other robust offerings
      • No entry requirements. Open to anyone with a thirst for knowledge.
      • Offers college CEU credits


      • Non-accredited. Despite NASM’s stellar reputation, this cert is not a formal qualification.
      • Needs to be retaken every two years.

      More About the NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

      NASM Nutrition Certification Review [year] - NASM CNC Review 6

      With a dedicated team of over 20 seasoned experts, NASM Nutrition Cert is a complete breakdown of how nutrition works. The science of biochemistry combined with the practice of behavioral change psychology are delivered through an immersive learning interface.

      Despite not being accredited, NASM offers degree-level insight and the tools to practically apply it.

      “Cost is king” as they say and whilst NASM Nutrition Certification is at the cutting edge, it has a very attractive price point. This gives you tremendous value, offering an opportunity for you to stand out among your peers in the game.

      In order to maximize convenience, the cert is delivered remotely and online. This learning system has been designed to fully engage you with a multimedia-rich set of learning tools and practices.

      The remote learning system allows you to function according to your learning style. This ultimately leads to more favorable outcomes.

      A NASM cert is pretty much a badge of credibility in the fitness industry, so when considering nutrition, this is a great choice for most.

      But why NASM? What’s so great about them?

      The Story of NASM

      NASM Nutrition Certification Review [year] - NASM CNC Review 7

      3 decades ago, NASM was born. The goal was to deliver actionable, facts-based research, allowing you to push your clients and your career to the next level.

      NASM currently offers a personal training cert with 4 learning packages as well as several specializations including the NASM Nutrition Certification.

      The secret lies in NASM’s proprietary Optimum Performance Training or OPT framework. This framework presents a model that delves into the true science of performance and progressive training.

      This system is the reason why NASM certified coaches deliver the best results and client outcomes. The proof is in the pudding, and with over 190,000 trainers certified in the last decade, it’s only getting better!

      The versatile array of packages and programs leads the industry. This gives access to all ages and training preferences.

      NASM has a far-reaching presence. It is a part of Ascended Learning as well as AFAA and Prime Global in the UK.

      This among numerous other reasons is why I can count on and recommend NASM to anyone interested in stepping into the PT space.

      Study Mode: Learn With The Best System.

      NASM Nutrition Certification Review [year] - NASM CNC Review 8

      NASM is a leader in technology-based learning. It is, after all, a part of Ascended learning. That’s why NASM Nutrition Certification study material is completely online.

      You can access it from your browser and through multiple devices allowing you to keep up-to-date with your learning objectives while on the go or at home.

      Your progress is saved as you go through your course, also giving you access to a number of downloadable resources.

      Not only is this a convenient and efficient system, it is also one of the most immersive learning experiences. With high production value video tutorials and an engaging user interface, NASM learning is known for its quality.

      Let’s face it, the world is now digital. Lugging around a heavy textbook is so 2007, and NASM is always ahead of the curve.

      NASM CNC Study Material Break-Down.

      NASM Nutrition Certification Review [year] - NASM CNC Review 9

      So you have a basic idea of how NASM is set up with its study material. All online, all interactive, and all multimedia.

      The study material functions as a digital textbook with navigation between chapters and a bookmark system that allows you to save progress and track objectives.

      Study and become nutrition certified while at home. Online certification sales:

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      ACE nutrition certification sale

      The NASM CNC study resources are a multimedia-rich experience. A combination of engaging video guides, captivating infographics, and an easy-to-follow layout makes it one of the most immersive learning experiences I know of!

      Each chapter is divided into lessons, allowing you to break down your objectives and outcomes into easy-to-reference chunks of knowledge.

      Your best bet is to go through your objective using the linear method. This way you complete all your learning objectives in order and maintain a handle on the knowledge you’re gaining.

      Having said this, you can still totally jump across chapters if you wish.

      You will have full access to all your study material as long as your course is active. So don’t fall behind on payments and make sure you enroll on time.

      Your Learning Objectives.

      NASM Nutrition Certification Review [year] - NASM CNC Review 10

      The following is a list of the knowledge outcomes you will aim to achieve through your course material, equipping you with actionable knowledge and the credentials to back it up

      • Outline the role and practice of a nutrition coach
      • Research and keep up-to-date with evidence based findings on nutrition
      • Identify key variables that influence dietary habits such as culture, demographics, socioeconomic factors, geography and climate.
      • Explain the foundations of how nutrition works on a biochemical level.
      • Explain the use, formulation, application and effect of various nutritional supplements
      • Empathize with your clients. Put yourself in the shoes of someone without the same experience and behavioral fortitude when it comes to what they eat.
      • Customize both your objectives and how you achieve your client outcomes
      • Conduct a comprehensive body and nutrition assessment system for your clients
      • Instruct your clients using only real, proven facts and a custom approach on how to navigate dietary pitfalls.
      • Explain the basis and science behind diet trends.
      • Develop a system that allows for custom, tailored programs for each unique client.

      The material can be accessed through most modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

      Make sure to check out my awesome CNC free study guide here.

      Getting It Done: The NASM CNC Test!

      NASM Nutrition Certification test aims to create the best nutrition coaches out there. There are 7 aspects to becoming an effective nutrition coach:

      1. Motivator.
      2. Communicator.
      3. Authenticator.
      4. Protector.
      5. Educator.
      6. Guide.
      7. Nutritional architect.

      In order to achieve this profile, NASM Nutrition Certification has streamlined the testing structure to allow a stable grasp of concepts while also maintaining an adequate degree of challenge as quality control.

      After each chapter’s lessons, you will have a chapter quiz to complete. This quiz can be taken as many times as you like.

      After completion of all course work (chapters and quizzes), you can take the unlimited attempt practice exam, allowing you to get a handle on the final exam format.

      Once all is said and done, it’s time for the final test.

      NASM Nutrition Final Exam.

      NASM Nutrition Certification Review [year] - NASM CNC Review 11

      The final exam is a culmination of all your learning objectives and their outcomes. In order to gain access to this final component, you need to have completed 100% of all coursework.

      By this point, you should be well enough equipped to tackle the last challenge. That challenge being 100 multiple choice questions, but way more challenging than they sound, so make sure you stay sharp!

      You have 90 minutes to complete the test, so make sure you pace yourself well.

      The passing grade is 70%, any lower is considered a fail. Fortunately, you have an assist in the form of 3 attempts which should provide enough of an opportunity if you’ve been paying attention.

      As an added benefit, NASM CNC awards you 1.9 CEUs

      Furthermore, as a registered student, you will have access to NASM’s helpline, available to take your call during regular office hours.

      You Are Now NASM Certified!

      Welcome to the club, so nice of you to join us, but what does it mean for you now that all the hard work is paid off?

      By now you well and truly know that NASM is at the top of the charts when it comes to international certs, but the benefits go further than just a bit of street cred. You are now equipped to help hundreds, if not thousands of people improve their quality of life.

      We all know that the modern diet is a scourge, unlike anything humanity, has faced. The effects of poor diet now influence the leading causes of death such as diabetes and heart disease. You are now a soldier in a war against the modern plague.

      This also sets you above your peers. Most fitness professionals load up on the exercise science certs, but way too often do they ignore the significance of knowledge on nutrition.

      Because exercise is just a catalyst to how your body utilizes nutrition, it is extremely important but, often overlooked. Now you can stand a cut above the rest!

      NASM CNCs belong to a network of industry professionals who often collaborate around research and trends. This will give you a boost in insight beyond what you’ve learned for your cert.

      What The NASM CNC Means For You.

      • You are now equipped with cutting edge evidence-based principles of nutrition
      • You have a firm grasp of the concepts of behavioral psychology as it concerns nutrition
      • You now have a NASM badge of honor, putting you ahead of the pack
      • You are now part of a global network of the top businesses and individuals in the fitness space

      So What’s the Damage? Cost Break Down.

      NASM Nutrition Certification Review [year] - NASM CNC Review 12

      Aside from any specials or promos that happen regularly, NASM CNC costs a standard $899 one-time payment.

      When you consider the quality of education and the authenticity of credentials, it’s an absolute steal. Its university-level course work at a fraction of the cost.

      The best way to determine the value of the NASM CNC is to compare it to other certifications in the same category.

      One of the most reputable alternatives to NASM is ACE.

      ACE has a well-established Fitness Nutrition Specialist or FNS. Just like the exercise science component, they offer, ACE FNS offers a relatively generalized approach to nutrition.

      Compared to NASM CNC’s more focused approach, ACE FNS lays the fundamental groundwork and doesn’t go too in-depth. This influences a much lower cost of either $499 or $599, depending on what option you chose.

      I would say, this sets them as even value wise, since the amount you pay correlates with the level of learning you’re paying for.

      Other certs include ISSA, NESTA, and AFPA. All great in their own right, but if you ask me, NASM covers all the necessary bases.

      Either way, you’re looking at university-grade knowledge and resources at a tiny fraction of the cost.

      Consider how many tens of thousands of dollars you’d need to fork out for college tuition, and on top of it all, you have study material, housing, and living expenses. Let’s not even talk about the student debt waiting to greet you on your way out!

      Other factors such as the convenience and flexibility in the learning process make NASM CNC even more worth it.

      We now understand that learning ability sits on a spectrum, and the rigid structure of a college environment only caters to a certain group of people. If you’re one of those that fall outside that group, a distance learning program like NASM CNC won’t only cost you less money, but less effort overall.

      Final Thoughts on the NASM Certified Nutrition Coach.

      My final rating: 5/5. Take a look at NASM CNC here.

      Check out my free study guide here.

      NASM Nutrition Certification Review [year] - NASM CNC Review 13

      If you still haven’t done so, take the quiz to find out which nutrition certification is the best fit for you.

      Study and become nutrition certified while at home. Online certification sales:

      Right now you can save on the on the NASM CNC certification!
      Here is the link to the NASM CNC sale

      Get the ISSA CPT and get their Nutrition Cert FREE. The CPT and Nutrtition combo will greatly increase you earnings and marketability.
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      ACE nutrition certification sale

      With this nutrition certification, NASM finds the perfect match of quality and credibility, I will always go with NASM. Their programs are hands-down, the best I can recommend for most people in the fitness space.

      The CNC program takes nutrition up a notch by not only presenting evidence-based resources to equip you but by providing a rich and engaging learning experience.

      The digital study resources are full of amazing slides, videos, and infographics.

      The multimedia study material makes learning somewhat fun, and you’ll come away from the whole process feeling good about what you’ve learned, and how you’ve learned it.

      NASM is of great value when it comes to cost. It’s so competitively priced for what’s on offer.

      Although other certs in the same category might come out cheaper, $899 is a steal with how NASM encompasses the concepts of nutrition. Check the course page here as they do have regular sales and promos on offer.

      With a resource base and learning outcomes comparable to a college degree in the same field, it’s no wonder many are ditching years of university and insurmountable debt for this.

      A lot of nutrition certs only touch on the fundamentals of general nutrition. NASM CNC takes a focused approach, allowing you to apply its principles across a versatile array of tailored needs. From a granny to a grand champion, you will be able to help your clients nail their goals and develop the behavior required to do it.

      NASM CNC does require you to retake the course every two years. While this may seem like a nagging hind