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ISSA CPT Study Series

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ISSA CPT Practice Exam Part 1

Welcome to your ISSA Practice Exam (part 1)

This test is designed to prepare you mentally for the actual ISSA Exam with the same number of questions (200) and untimed as the actual exam.

NOTE: This Practice Exam has two parts with equally divided questions (100) for each part.

The ISSA Exam breakdown into Six (6) Parts, in this part of ISSA Practice Exam you will have 100 questions to complete.

Here are the Six (6) Domains of ISSA with the weightage and number of questions in this exam:

1. Applied Science (Anatomy, Kinesiology, Physiology) [25 Questions] - 25%

2. Nutrition [10 Questions] - 10%

3. Intake and Ongoing Evaluation [15 Questions] - 15%

4. Program Design and Implementation [25 Questions] - 25%

5. Exercise Selection, Technique, and Training Instruction [15 Questions] - 15%

6. Professional Practice and Responsibility [10 Questions] - 10%

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ISSA CPT Practice Exam Part 2