After you complete the full ACE practice test above, you’ll have a better grasp of which domains you are stronger and weaker in. Use your domain quizzes below to hone-in on the questions from your weakest knowledge areas.

ACE practice test - ACE textbook laid out on table with scantron sheet for the ACE exam.

Free ACE Practice Quizzes

Domain 1: Interviews and Assessments

Welcome to your ACE CPT Practice Quizzes.

Domain 1: Professional development and responsibility. (38 questions)

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Domain 2: Program Design and Implementation

Welcome to your ACE CPT Practice Quizzes.

Domain 2: Program design and implementation. (38 questions)

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Domain 3: Program Modification and Progression

Welcome to your ACE CPT Practice Quizzes.

Domain 3: Program modification and progression. (38 questions)

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Domain 4: Professional Conduct, Safety, and Risk Management

Welcome to your ACE CPT Practice Quizzes.

Domain 4: Professional conduct, safety and risk management. (38 questions)

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Afterward, note the ACE certification exam practice questions you struggled with most and go to the associated chapters offered here on PTPioneer and the ACE textbook for reference.

These practice questions all resemble what you are going to see on the ACE exam. I developed them based on my extensive experience with the material and helping my students pass the exam.

My Experience Teaching Students to Pass the ACE Exam

I’ve been a personal trainer for over 10 years and have the ACE CPT certification. I have also helped thousands of trainers select the right certification for their careers and study and pass each personal training certification exam.

Virtually all of my students pass their ACE exam on the first try after following my study materials.

I’ve also used their experience to improve this practice test and the rest of our exam prep offered here on PT Pioneer.

What is the ACE CPT exam

The ACE CPT exam is the final hurdle you need to overcome before calling yourself an ACE-certified personal trainer.

As an NCCA-accredited personal training certification exam, the curriculum and question difficulty have been vetted by subject matter experts and determined to meet the requirements for ensuring anyone who passes has the requisite knowledge for a successful personal training career.

Understanding the ACE CPT Exam

ACE Exam Info Table

Table breaking down the ACE Exam Information

ACE Exam Registration

You can register for your ACE exam through the ACE study portal on their website. If you purchased study materials from ACE, then you should have an option within your portal to set your exam date.

You can also schedule your exam directly without purchasing materials if you are simply looking to take the test.

Online vs In-Person ACE Exam

Table breaking down the ACE Online vs In-Person ACE Exam

You have the choice between an online or in-person ACE exam.

If you do take the online exam, be aware that you will need a webcam that shows your entire work area and there will be a Proctor monitoring you the whole time.

They do not allow you to have any papers or notes visible so it really is not the same as self-paced home exams that other online certifications might offer.

This remote proctor system ensures the candidates do not cheat. Many candidates find the remote proctoring somewhat intrusive so they opt for the in-person exam, which takes place at a testing center.

You can usually find testing centers in your area that can administer your ACE exam, and you can select them from your ACE exam registration portal.

ACE Exam Career Impact

The ACE exam will have a substantial impact on your career. With the fitness industry projected to grow substantially, there will be no shortage of opportunities for personal trainers and fitness professionals to have successful and lucrative careers.

As an industry leader, the American Council of Exercise is a great organization to get your certification from. No matter what your long-term goals and fitness are, you can be sure that the ACE CPT will put you on the path to success.

ACE Exam Breakdown

The ACE Exam covers 4 Domains across 150 questions, of which 25 are scored and 25 are experimental.

You have three hours to complete all questions and you will not know which questions are scored and which are not.

This time limit means you can’t afford to lose a lot of time on a question you don’t know, so be sure to answer every question and then go back and check answers if you have extra time.

Knowledge and Skills on the ACE Exam

The knowledge and skills on the ACE exam are broken down into the following four domains and allocations:

  1. Domain 1 – Client Onboarding and Assessments – 23%
  2. Domain 2 – Program Design and Implementation – 31%
  3. Domain 3 – Program Modification and Progression – 27%
  4. Domain 4 – Risk Management, Professional Conduct, and Ethical Business Practices – 19%

ACE Exam Domain Percentages

The ACE exam breakdown is as follows:

Pie chart detailing the ACE exam domain percentages

Effective ACE Study Strategies

  1. Practice Tests: Regularly take practice tests to identify weak areas and get familiar with the exam format.
  2. Key Concepts and Vocabulary: Focus on ACE-specific topics like the IFT Model, behavior change principles, and program design.
  3. ACE IFT Model: Gain a thorough understanding of the ACE Integrated Fitness Training Model and its practical applications.
  4. ACE-Specific Resources: Utilize official ACE study guides, webinars, and additional online resources.
  5. Third-Party Study Materials: Supplement your studies with reputable third-party materials tailored for the ACE CPT exam.
  6. Consistent Scoring on Practice Exams: Aim to consistently score above 80% on practice exams and analyze your mistakes.
  7. Client-Trainer Relationship: Learn about effective communication, motivation techniques, and ethics in client-trainer interactions.
  8. Practical Application: Engage in case studies and role-playing to apply ACE principles in real-world scenarios.
  9. Time Management: Allocate specific study times for different topics and practice completing exams within the time limit.
  10. Self-Care and Stress Management: Maintain your physical and mental health, and use stress-management techniques during your study period.

Common Pitfalls When Studying for ACE

Avoid the following pitfalls when studying for your ACE exam.

Common Pitfalls when Studying for ACE

ACE Study Resources

  1. Trainer Academy ACE MVP Prep Course
  2. ACE CPT Curriculum Materials
  3. ACE Exam Prep Home Page
  4. ACE Study Plan
  5. ACE Study Guide
  6. ACE Practice Exams
  7. ACE Flashcards
  8. ACE Cheat Sheet
  9. ACE Exam FAQ

ACE Exam Test Day Tips

Review the following exam test day tips for the best chance of passing your ACE exam.

  1. Schedule Your Exam: Setting a date for your ACE CPT exam is the first critical step. This creates a deadline and helps you structure your study plan accordingly.
  2. Utilize ACE Study Materials: Make the most of the study guides and resources provided by ACE. These materials are specifically designed to cover the content of the CPT exam and offer insights from experienced trainers.
  3. Understand Multi-Domain Questions: The ACE CPT exam may include questions that span multiple content areas. Ensure you have a comprehensive understanding across all domains to handle complex questions effectively.
  4. Learn Muscle Imbalances: Understanding muscle imbalances, including overactive and underactive muscles, is crucial for movement assessments and exercise programming, which is a key part of the ACE curriculum.
  5. Master Exercise Progressions and Regressions: Be adept at modifying exercises to suit different client abilities and needs. This is a vital skill for personal trainers and a common topic on the exam.
  6. Know Your Cues and Exercise Categories: Familiarize yourself with various exercise cues and categories. This knowledge is essential for effective training and is often tested.
  7. Grasp the ACE IFT Model: The ACE Integrated Fitness Training (IFT) Model is central to their philosophy. Understand this model thoroughly as it is a cornerstone of the ACE CPT exam.
  8. Trust Your Preparation: On the day of the exam, trust the preparation you’ve done. Avoid second-guessing yourself, as it can waste time and lead to errors.
  9. Answer Known Questions First: Tackle the questions you are sure about initially. This strategy ensures you secure these points and leaves more time to ponder over more challenging questions.
  10. Review Uncertain Answers at the End: If time permits, go back and review the questions you were uncertain about. Sometimes, answering other questions can trigger insights or recollections that can help with more difficult ones.

Secrets to Passing the ACE Exam

Secret #1:

Get your copy of the ACE CPT exam cheat sheet. It helps immensely in your ability to study for the ACE test. This PDF printable one-page sheet gives you a breakdown of the skills and knowledge candidates need to pass the exam.

Secret #2:

My PTP students report cutting their ACE study time and effort in half with Trainer Academy.

Benefit from the Exam Pass Guarantee and Retake Fee Guarantee. Plus, take advantage of my current discount code PTPMAY for 35% off the MVP Program (Ends May 30th, 2024). 

Try it out for free here to see if it’s right for you, or read my detailed review for further insights.

Secret #3:

The PT Pioneer practice questions will take numerous sessions to complete. I don’t expect you to knock it out in one shot. With that said be sure to bookmark this page to ensure you can find it for your next ACE Study Session.

Alright, let’s dive into the best ACE exam prep, the ACE CPT exam study guide!

ACE Exam Tips

Suppose you are already a group fitness instructor, nutritionist, weight loss specialist, or master trainer. You are taking this exam to earn your ACE CPT credential to satisfy your continuing education units (CEUs). In that case, you may be more confident in your studies.

Whether you are studying to pass your exam for the first time, a retest, or to complement other specializations, everyone can benefit from some advice beyond just a personal trainer practice test.

Especially if it comes from someone with experience in the fitness industry and different certifications, such as myself.

I recommend familiarizing yourself with as many of the ACE certification exam practice questions as possible and using the PTPioneer ACE flashcards in your studies to refresh your knowledge of the ACE exam practice questions you struggle with.

The flashcards cover the ACE certification exam practice questions in a hassle-free, convenient way.

Just visit the website to view the ACE CPT Exam Prep Hub, and from there, you can access the ACE study guide, ACE cheat sheet, and more!

The ACE CPT Exam

Qualified for the exam?

If you are at least 18, have a high school diploma (or the equivalent), and possess a current and valid CPR and AED certification, knock yourself out and enroll to take the exam!

The official NCCA-accredited ACE certification test is currently one of the tougher ones on the market, with a pass rate of 65%.

I will emphasize the need to study and take the ACE practice tests.

Know how to measure heart rate, interpret blood pressure readings, check for risk factors, and assess cardiorespiratory and muscular strength.

Stay within your scope of practice and design resistance training and exercise programs appropriate for your clientele.

A client at low-risk training for hypertrophy probably knows which muscle groups they want to target but may need your advice on cardio training.

You can never OD on ACE CPT exam practice, especially as it gets closer to your test date.

But that alone is not a pass guarantee.

Please prepare adequately.

Most test-takers pass their first attempt largely due to the loose restrictions on how they take the test.

The more knowledge you learn, you can apply.

And this alone is what gears you toward, for example, learning the most effective and safe ways to transition different clients through their unique fitness routines.

Please don’t neglect the chapter on physical activity for special populations and the program design section of either the 6th or the 5th edition textbook.

You may notice something in the textbook that may not have been on the PTPioneer ACE online practice exam or worded differently.

And use the ACE practice exam answers as a crutch if and when you get stuck.

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