Personal training marketing ideas – My top three!

Selling enough personal training to the point where you are working full-time is a difficult thing to do especially if you don’t have the sales team to back you.

That is why being able to market your skills is extremely important.

In this article, you will learn my top three marketing techniques to grow your business.

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Personal training marketing ideas

You need to be a good salesperson as well as have strong networking skills to be hugely successful in the personal training industry. In the past, I have written blog posts about ways in which you could increase your networking skills and sell more personal training packages.

This article will primarily be focused on how to market yourself as a personal trainer. Personal training is one of the fastest growing jobs in America at this moment.

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And even though there is a high demand for personal training, people are still on a budget due to rough economic times. You need to stand out from the crowd to build a strong client base.

Let’s jump right into my training marketing article so that you can learn some marketing strategies!

Competition drives sales and motivation!

Have you ever watched the television show the biggest loser? If you have seen it, you will understand how competition can be the best motivating factor for a lot of people.

People love competing with each other; it is something so innate that it cannot be helped. A goal of yours should be to spark this type of competition and motivation within your gym or studio.

A classic example of this is to set up an account to competition to see who can lose the most body fat in a month or two. Have each contestant enter $5 or $10 to enter the competition.

If you get, a prize pool is large enough you can have it so the top 3 people that place wins money or some other prize such as a paid vacation(if the prize pool is large enough). The larger the prize pool is, the more people will be motivated to join.

This is a great way to get your foot in the door with potential clients. While they are signing up for the competition offer them a free personal training consultation.

Since they are already signed up for the competition they will have even more motivation to get fit (a.k.a. purchase personal training). It will be much easier to sell personal training to individuals that are already motivated by the competition.

There are plenty of other competitions that you could start besides the body fat competition. For example, you can see who can increase their squat strength of the most in one month.

You could get extremely creative with the competition, so you create the sky’s the limit! Competition is a marketing Goldmine!

Give away Free Stuff!

It is a fact that people are in love with things that are free. Some of the most successful businesses today started by offering free items such as Facebook and Google!

Offering free things is a great way to get people into personal training consultations. For example is not uncommon for current clients to recommend personal training to one of their friends.

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The only problem is that their friend would like to try a session with me for free before they decide on purchasing sessions. In situations like this, I want to have their friend join the personal training session with the current client.

This makes them more comfortable because they are with a close friend and are much more likely to lead to a sale. And there’s no downside to this because you are already getting paid for training your current client.

A good way to incentivize a current client to purchase more personal training sessions is to offer a free session, only if they complete a certain amount of sessions. This is similar to those purchase nine, get one free card that you get at favorite places to eat such as Jamba Juice.

This not only encourages your client to purchase larger packages but also to complete those packages at a faster rate. This works exceptionally well if you set a time limit.

For example, they need to complete the nine sessions within the month order to get the 10th free. There are hundreds of other things you could offer for free such as free nutrition advice.

Once again get creative, and you will see the number of clients you have to increase rapidly. Giving away free stuff will get your personal training marketing campaign on the right track!

Give away free stuff to get more clients

Make sure to remind potential clients of offers and discounts!

People are much more likely to purchase personal training if they think they are getting a special offer or discount when they sign up. You can honestly make up discounts to make the sale with a potential client.

You should always have some discount going on. For example, the first of every month could be a discount day. I like to use pretty much every holiday of some special offer.

This will incentivize potential clients to purchase personal training. Let them know what the original price of personal training is compared to how much they can save if they sign up now. Another excellent way to promote signing up is to offer huge discounts for small-group personal training!

You can make a ton of money if you have a significant amount of small-group training sessions. Offer hour-long training sessions for $20 instead of $60. If you get a group of five people paying $20, you could be making $100 an hour instead of your average $60 that you get from a one-on-one client.

If you get ten people in your small-group training class, you could even be making $200 an hour! Everyone wins in this situation because you make a lot more money and your clients pay a lot less!

It is also helpful if you have a group exercise certification such a the ACE group exercise certification or a different one! When I am marketing, every day is a discount day!

Conclusion on Personal Training Marketing Ideas

I hope these three marketing ideas got your brain stirring about all the possibilities you could do to get more clients.

Obviously you need to be a salesman and have a secure network in addition to using these marketing techniques. Do a trial and error to see what methods work for you.

I guarantee that some of them will bring you some great long-term clients. One last tip that I strongly recommend every personal trainer does is to invest in some excellent business cards.

There are tons of websites online where you can quickly get 1000 cards for less than $15 (here is a good site). Make sure you build a cool looking logo and hand them out like hot cakes to everyone that you meet as well as current clients.

Here is an excellent place to get a logo design for as cheap as five dollars! I hope you liked my personal training marketing recommendations!

Let me know in the comment section any other marketing techniques that you guys like to use!

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