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I have searched for helpful fitness sites for personal use over the last 15 years. Here is a list of the most helpful websites regarding health, fitness, and overall well being. I will give a brief explanation of each.

This is the biggest staple site for fitness of all kinds. It started as a bodybuilding site when it first launched but has since become the internet’s largest diet and fitness resource. They have tons of articles on diet tips and programs to follow, depending on your goal. I highly suggest checking these sites out for well rounded approach to health and fitness. They also are the largest retailer of supplements online. I buy most of my supplements from them. forum for personal trainers

This is one of the most helpful sections of for personal trainers. Many qualified trainers on this forum are willing to help out a newcomer with answers. I highly suggest that you check it out.

Ideafit is a great resource for the business aspect of personal training. There are over a quarter million fitness professionals that are members with them. They have great ideas on how to scale your business.

Like my site, asking the trainer is a good resource for answering questions about personal training. They have a good list of exercises to incorporate into your routine.

exrx is probably the largest exercise library on the internet. It is a pretty old site but there are many helpful tips and exercises to choose from.

This blog is run by a lady named Pamela Hernandez. She has many helpful tips and tricks for weight loss. She has a great philosophy and tons of cool recipes that I have used myself.

Nerd fitness is a very unique website targeted toward people who might consider themselves “nerds.” Steve takes a unique approach to health and fitness. Steve really does help the average Joe level up their life!

Is a great resource website similar to this resource page? It will point you in the right direction for all of your personal training needs.

This a great website from a very qualified fitness instructor. She holds many personal training certifications as well as other health related credentials. She likes doing case studies that are very in depth and helpful.

This is a blog/coaching service by a man named Adam Bornstein. He is driven to transform the bodies of everyone he comes across. He is into simplifying the process of health and fitness. He says that there are millions of questions and even more answers. People get confused and he is here to make things easier for people.

This is a site geared towards women. The emphasis is getting women to start lifting weights. This can be a helpful resource for male and female trainers with female clients.

The slogan for this website is “eat, lift, and be happy.” I really like the simplicity of the website. Neghar’s goal is to have everyone live life to the fullest.

Roman fitness systems have two goals: to make people hot and to get people huge. They keep things very simple. A lot of people lift and exercise to attract the opposite sex. This might be the perfect site for these people. I enjoy the articles!

Tony is a big weight lifting advocate. I enjoy reading his articles; they are entertaining.

Nom Nom is a site that focuses on the paleo diet. The paleo diet is very popular right now. I tried it and it made me feel great but I was losing weight way too fast and I do not think it is sustainable. I like the recipes; they made eating paleo a lot easier.

Mark is in incredible shape for his age. The focus of his blog is primarily on diet rather than exercise. He has tons of helpful articles. I suggest you check him out.

Mind body green is a huge site that talks about overall well being. They focus on health’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

Zen habits are all about cleaning out the clutter in your life to live a simple and balanced life. He has tons of great tips!

Ted talks are some of the coolest and most innovative lectures that I have had a chance to listen to. They talk about a wide variety of topics, but some are health and fitness related.

This a blog that talks primarily about running. It is very focused on cardiovascular exercise. It is very helpful if you are a runner or are trying to get into running. Also, if you have clients that like to run for fun or sport, this would be a great resource to help them out.

Cool site if you want workout apparel, such as clothing and bags.

I hope this list is a good starting point for everyone interested in health and fitness. Let me know if you read any others that should be on here!

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