How to be a Successful Personal Trainer in no Time!

Just going off the title of this article you would think that it contains similar information to my article on “how to be a good personal trainer“.

In this article, you will learn the essential tips in becoming a financially successful trainer.

Part of becoming a successful trainer is having a great certification, Take the quiz to see which certification best fits your training style.

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While both of these articles are similar, this article focuses more on how to be a financially successful personal trainer so that you can make more money as a trainer.

The other article focuses more on how to be recognized as a great trainer by getting your clients the results that they desire.

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I will be talking about the three necessary steps that you need to make to grow your business in the personal training industry and become financially successful.

Let’s jump right in so you could find out how to be a successful personal trainer!

It is necessary to build your brand

If I could travel back in time to give myself this one tip, I would have been more successful in the personal training industry earlier on.

This should apply to you whether you work entirely for yourself, for a studio or a commercial gymnasium such as 24-hour fitness. In the instance that you work for a commercial gym, you will not be technically building your “brand name,” but you can still make a name for yourself within the industry!

In fact, lots of people that register a business name register their first and last name. You will be representing what your business stands for by the knowledge you hold and the people that you help.

One of the most helpful tips to build your brand is to purchase a bunch of business cards. The largest font on your card should be your first and last name. It should also let potential clients know what you specialize in regards to personal training.

If you are running your training studio it is critical that you have your studio or gyms name spread throughout your town.

In this case, your brand name will most likely be your studio or the place that you train. As I mentioned above, you should still definitely make business cards that you can hand out.

Instead of your name being the main attraction, it should be the name of your studio on the card. Underneath your studio’s title should be your name as well as the type of personal training that you specialize in.

You cannot afford to neglect some web presence for your business In This Modern Era. If you do not have the knowledge or know-how to build your own website, you should at least have a Facebook page, Google plus profile and Instagram profile.

All of these profiles should have your hours of operation, contact information as well as an about page that explains what type of training you do and what kind of atmosphere your gym has.

You should make sure to keep these web profiles up-to-date with events, promotions and general information.

This is by far the best way to get your name out there. If you have the time and money to hire someone to help you out with your own website, this is also a valuable investment.

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50% off NASM study materials or 50% off ACE study materials or 50% off CSCS study materials

It looks a lot more professional than a social profile! I run this site on a platform called WordPress! I highly suggest that you check it out because it is pretty easy to learn.

Building your personal training brand
Starting a website with WordPress is very easy. That is how this site is built!

Never be content with what knowledge you possess! Specialize!

The health and fitness industry is always changing! You need to roll with the times and keep up on your education! Multiple times every year, a new workout routine or style of training explodes and gets famous.

Exercise science is a quickly growing science and breakthroughs happen all the time. If the only certification is one that you obtained over a decade ago, you should consider giving yourself an upgrade.

It never hurts to get two or three additional certifications to the one that you already have. Not only will your employer love it, but your clients will thank you as well because you will better be able to help them reach their goals.

Most certifying agencies require you to get recertified approximately every two years. The best way to fulfill this requirement is to merely get certified through a different certifying agency or get an advanced certification.

If you would like to focus more on the corrective exercise training a good option would be to study for NASM’s CES(corrective exercise specialist) or the ACSM certification.

If you would like to start working with more athletes or have more knowledge for your existing athletic clients, you could consider getting the CSCS or NASM’s PES(performance enhancement specialist).

If you are trying to get into health coaching, ACE offers a fantastic health coach certification. No matter what direction you decide to specialize in, it will be a tremendous move for your career and personal training.

You’ll be a much more diverse personal trainer in your clients will see the results that they are striving for because of it!

And once our clients see excellent results, they’re walking advertisements for your business and brand. This will magnetize lots of new clients for you!

You can make more money by working for yourself!

If you have been working in the personal training industry for a while and are still working for a corporate gym like 24-hour fitness, you might consider making the transition into working entirely for yourself.

The amount of money that you make working for a gym like that is approximately 1/3 of what you can make if you become successful working for yourself.

You can do this by either renting or owning your training studio, working with clients in your own house, in their home or even outside!

Check out my article on how to build your own personal training studio to learn more information. Working for yourself can be a significant investment at first but will pay off in the long run.

It does take a lot of planning and hard work though so get ready for that! You should have an extensive network of clients or potential clients to make this transition.

Conclusion on how to be a successful personal trainer

I hope everyone who read this article got some valuable information out of it. These are the best tips that I can give you to be a successful personal trainer! Make sure to remember these tips and apply them to your own business.

I guarantee that if you apply all of these principles, you’ll have much better success and be financially more successful in the industry.

If you have any other tips, let me know in the comment section down below! Also if you have friends that want to become a personal trainer here is my ultimate guide to becoming one!

Let me know if you have any other recommendations for my article on how to be a successful personal trainer!

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