How to get a personal training internship at a gym (2021)

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    I’m going to show you how to get a personal training internship at a gym, thanks to my 10+ years of experience in the industry.

    You’ll learn:

    How to make contact with personal trainers or gym owners
    How to ensure the internship sessions is successful

    Strap-on and let’s go for a ride!

    GYM Internship

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      I would like to start this article off by mentioning to you that this is not a requirement to become a personal trainer.

      However, it can be beneficial if you want to learn from professional trainers.

      If you are currently not yet a trainer, take the quiz to see which CPT certification is best for your training style.

      The menu at the top of this page will answer any question related to personal training that you have.

      If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment here (I’ll respond within 24 hours).

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      Now that you know that, I would like to mention that it is incredibly beneficial to participate in a personal trainer internship if you are getting started out as a trainer.

      You can learn lots of excellent tips from people that have lots of experience in the industry and can even get some hands-on practice before you work with your first client.

      Gym internships afford you the privilege to see and experience first-hand personal trainer duties, personal trainer roles, and personal trainer responsibilities.

      You will learn all about the job before even you start training which is very cool.

      Shadowing a personal trainer can teach you so many things that a textbook can’t especially if you’re a visual or kinesthetic learner!

      Undergoing personal training internships should be part of personal trainer goals and objectives for professional development.

      A lot of personal training opportunities can pop up during the personal trainer internships.

      Let me explain some of the better ways that you can go about getting a personal training internship at your local gymnasium.

      In my opinion, this is the best way to avoid beginner mistakes when you’re starting out in the industry.

      You can even do this without having a personal training certification!

      Contact all the gyms that are close to you 

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      Contact close gyms

      In this segment, I’m going to show you how to establish contact with gyms around you.

      The first step in your process towards getting personal trainer internships of your choice is to locate all of the gymnasiums in your area, contact them, and directly ask them if they have internship training programs.

      You need to express your desire to do some personal trainer shadowing.

      By showing a lot of passion for the industry, you will increase your chances of getting hired after you finish the internship.

      You need to show interest and passion before getting a suitable gym for your personal training internship.

      If you currently have a membership at a gym, you can walk up to some of the personal trainers and politely ask if you can shadow them for a couple of sessions.

      A lot of areas do not have health and fitness internships, but you can still ask some of the personal trainers one-on-one.

      Most personal trainers are similar to contractors because they do not necessarily work for a company or even the gym itself.

      In my experience, most personal trainers are very open and friendly to people asking them questions or that show interest in their profession.

      Don’t get discouraged if you get rejected by a personal trainer when asking to shadow them.

      Just move on and ask the next one. If anything the client might feel uncomfortable, and that is why you will not be able to shadow them.

      In most cases, the personal trainer will say yes if you ask nicely.

      What type of personal training would you like to do?

      What type of personal training

      Before you proceed, you need to have a clear purpose for internship.

      Read on to find out more.

      As I have talked about a lot on PTPioneer before you get started as a personal trainer, you need to understand what type of training you want to do.

      Having obtain a professional certificate with a certification body, you should know what to look for in an internship as relating to a personal trainer description.

      You should have personal goals for internship which should be performance based.

      Do you want to work with individuals with muscular imbalances, or do you want to work with athletes?

      You should have an internship or shadow a trainer that works with the type of clients that you would like to work in the future.

      Most personal trainers specialize in one area or another so it is essential to ask them that question before you ask them if you can shadow them.

      Be quiet during the sessions but take plenty of notes

      Be quite

      In this section, I will show you how to maximize each shadowing session.

      Clients of personal trainers pay a lot of money for their time and expertise (which is why you can make a good salary).

      If you get the opportunity to shadow a personal trainer make sure to keep quiet during the personal training session.

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      You can ask as many questions as you want but after the personal training session has been completed.

      Make sure to bring either your tablet (on silent) or a pad of paper with a pencil or pen to take detailed notes on the session.

      Try to be specific with your questions after the training session to avoid delaying the personal trainer and getting late to the next session with a client.

      If this is your first training session shadowing, you will probably have 1 million questions afterward.

      Make sure to sit close enough to the personal trainer and client so that you can hear but not too close that you make the client uncomfortable.

      Try to get as specific with the questions as you can when asking the trainer after the session.

      If the personal trainer is not in a rush to get to another client after the session, I’m sure he or she will be more than willing to answer any questions that you have.

      Getting your questions answered is the best part about having an internship.

      Conclusion on Getting a Personal Training Internship

      Conclusion on getting a personal training internship

      These are all the tips you need to clinch a much needed internship at your favorite gym.

      If you want more info, kindly drop a message in the comment box and I’ll respond ASAP.

      I hope you enjoyed my article. It will be more comfortable if the gym already has a personal training internship program in place.

      If not, it is not that difficult to walk up to a personal trainer and directly ask if you can shadow them to properly understand the job roles done in the real world.

      Let me know if you have any experience with shadowing a personal trainer or being part of any internships for health and wellness.

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      Getting your questions answered

      Having continuing education units through online courses with certified certification bodies and authorized partner program will help you on your career road-map.

      With the right training resources gotten through the use of information technology, the certification process is more simplified for student membership or entry-level

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