FREE NASM CES Study Guide + Practice Test + Flashcards for 2021
FREE NASM CES Study Guide + Practice Test + Flashcards


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    FREE NASM CES practice Test

    NASM CES Practice Test

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    How much of the adult population is affected by low back pain?

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    What's the most common sports-related injury?

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    What is known as the study that uses principles of physics to quantitatively study how forces interact within the body?

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    Torque is a force that...

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    During an overhead squat, you notice an asymmetrical weight shift, which muscles could be underactive?

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    The LPHC has approximately how many muscles attached to it?

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    The bending of a joint, causing the angle of the joint to decrease is termed what?

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    A cellular structure that supplies energy for many biomechanical cellular processes by undergoing enzymatic hydrolysis is known as?

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    Which of the following sensory receptors can cause a muscle to relax when excited?

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    Which is a muscle that is prone to lengthening?

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    Which levers are the most common in the body and have pull between the fulcrum and resistance?

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    A new client reveals that she had knee replacement surgery two years ago and failed to comply with her rehabilitation program. During the assessment, she displayed limited range of motion in the affected knee. Which of the following is most likely to have caused this current lack of mobility?

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    During the overhead squat assessment, which view is ideal when observing the existence of an asymmetrical weight shift?

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    Which muscle isometrically stabilizes the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex (LPHC) and knee

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    Which subsystem consists of force-couple relationships that primarily control the pelvis, and femur in the frontal plane during single-leg functional movements such as gait, lunges, or stair climbing?

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    The vastus lateralis primarily stabilizes the:

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    What lower body movement should the coach be concerned with during the top pull of the snatch?

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    During the single-leg squat assessment, the compensation of "outward trunk rotation" is mostly attributed to under-activity of which muscles?

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    Most healthy adults should hold a static stretch for a minimum duration of:

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    Low back pain is a major form of degeneration affecting nearly how many people?

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    What hip muscle has been shown to become weaker after an ankle sprain?

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    ______________________ is a multiplanar, synchronized joint motion that occurs with eccentric muscle function.

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    The ______________________ bisects the body to create upper and lower halves, and primarily includes internal rotation and external rotation for the limbs, right and left rotation for the head and trunk, and radioulnar pronation and supination.

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    Research demonstrated that optimum stride length at maximum velocity is