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The individuals the people that are buying personal training are people that have a strong desire to change their lifestyle and their level of health.

Usually, they have something specific in mind that they would like to change. During your sales pitch, you need to uncover precisely what their needs are and be able to cater specifically to them.

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Once you understand what they want you should have a detailed process and mind to how you can help them achieve that goal.

The most important thing for you is that you believe in the service that you provide and that you’re confident that you can help them.

If you do not believe you can help them solve their problem, neither will they. But no worries, If you have been doing personal training for a while and have helped dozens of people reach their goals.

So believing in what you’re selling is easy! Let’s get right down to it so you can learn how to sell personal training like a boss so you can increase how much money you make!

You have to believe in what you’re selling

This is the most critical point in my whole article. If you do not believe in what you’re selling, There is going to be no one that wants to buy!

Have you ever been in the situation where a sleazy salesman is trying to sell you something, but you both know that the product is lousy?

Some people are good at lying and pretending that the product is good but a lot of times it is comfortable to sense that even the salesman does not believe in the product. But how does this apply to personal training?

This is a service that helps change individuals lives in multiple areas. It makes them healthier, makes them look better, makes them more confident and even has various mental health benefits.

It also helps individuals strive for goals in other areas of their lives once they start to see progress from exercising. So looking at what you are offering as a service it is impossible to put a price on these benefits!

What you are selling is essentially priceless, and that is how you should see it as a salesperson. Just think about it this way, your potential clients might be spending hundreds of dollars each month on fast food, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Imagine how much better their lives would be if they use that money for personal training sessions instead!

This is the sales mindset that you need to go in with when speaking with new potential clients and I guarantee you will have great success as a trainer!

You have to satisfy what they want

This is a relatively easy thing to accomplish.  When you are sitting down with a potential client, ask questions about what they do for fun, for work and where they would like to be in the future.

More questions that you ask them more of a relationship you will build with them, and the more comfortable they will feel opening up to you. To not underestimate the importance of making a relationship first!

If they are not comfortable with so there’s no way they’re going to buy training! You need to be sensitive about difficult topics for them such as weight problems.

For example, they might reveal that they continue to put on weight no matter how much they try to lose weight.

A proper response would be “is it important to you to lose weight?”. The obvious answer to this question is yes. There is now an agreement between you and your client that cannot be denied.

This is what you call your “focus point.” At any point throughout the sale, if they feel that they do not want to buy training sessions, you need to bring up this focus point.

Selling personal training consultation

How to sell personal training when giving an introductory workout

Is always a great idea to get one free training session that goes along with a consultation. This should be done after the consultation, and you should continue to ask them questions so that you can find out more about their habits and overall lifestyle.

This is an excellent time to ask them what they typically spend their money on because they will be distracted by exercise and won’t take as personally.

For example, if you find out that they like to go out with friends one or two nights per week and spends $50 to $100 on drinks, you can use this to leverage the sale at the end.

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$100 spent on drinks does not bring them any closer to their health and fitness goals but $100 for personal training definitely would!

How to sell personal training: Learn to Notice buying signs!

One of the most significant skills of any salesperson is learning to notice buying signs even if they’re very subtle. For example, if the client is asking you questions about your knowledge of exercise science such as “how do I do this or how to do that?”, those are purchasing signs.

A more specific question would be if a potential client asked “how fast can I lose 5 pounds off my waist?”, You should not directly answer the question.

Instead, you should return a question like “How long have you been attempting to lose 5 pounds to your waist?”.

Follow-up once more with another question like “if I could show you how to lose the 5 pounds, would you be interested in knowing?”.

Again the obvious answer to your question will be yes. Just keep them saying yes, and you are on your way to the sale!

How to sell personal training: How to close!

After the consultation and free workout session, you should have a good connection with your client and a feeling of whether or not they would like to purchase training.

Even if the training session and consultation didn’t go so well, you should still go for the sale by asking.

There is entirely no reason you should not ask for the sale even if you know that you are 99% sure you will not get it. Also if the personal training session had a horrible flow do it, and you think that it went terribly, it might have been the most significant workout they have ever had!

The primary objective at this stage is to take away any objections that your client might have. You can do this by using the information that you gathered from the questions you asked.

The most common objections are “I do not have the money or the time for personal training”.

To get around the financial objection, you have to keep pointing out that they spend money on lots of other expensive and unhealthy habits and this expenditure has no long-term return.

To assure them that they will be able to fit personal training into their lives, you need to know their schedule.

You need to guarantee them that you can fit them in during their free times!

By this time you should have cleared up any objections that they have. You need to be enthusiastic and reassuring that this is the best choice that they can make (because it is!).

The truth is that this expenditure will be life-changing in so many ways!

Making the personal training sale

Conclusion on How to Sell Personal Training

I hope that you all learned something about how to sell personal training! One thing that is essential that you do it is to ask for the sale after your free training session.

It is crazy for me to think about how many sales I lost by just not asking. Make sure to have a closing question for your potential client.

For example: “Besides the cost of personal training, is there anything other question or concern you have for me?”.

It is essential that the last objection to overcome is the cost of personal training.

But overall if you have “focus points” to overcome their objections as well as believe in what you’re selling, you should have no trouble making lots of sales.

Now get out there and practice these new techniques and you will be selling personal training in no time!

If you have any other techniques that you like to use in your own sales pitch, leave me a comment down below and let me know about them!

If you want more information on how to sell personal training, the PTDC has a great article on it as well.

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Happy personal training!


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