Hey there future nutrition coaches and welcome to my free study guides, practice test and flashcards for the ISSA nutritionist certification.

I will go over every single chapter in the 18 chapter textbook explaining the most important parts to learn. Before you forget it, make sure to star/bookmark this page. Trust me, you will regret it if you don’t!

I have created easy navigation that can be found on this home study page as well as on each of the chapters. Good luck with all the studying!

Introduction to the ISSA Nutritionist study materials

My Bitmoji counterpart will be walking you through the NASM study guide to make sure that you are on track for passing the NASM exam. Say hello to Tyler-Moji.
Your Guide for NASM

Here is the official textbook that you will be using for the nutritionist certification. Make sure you either have the physical textbook in hand or have access to the digital version through your online portal.

The textbook is called Fitness Nutrition and was created by the international sports Sciences Association. Okay, you have everything you need? Let’s get started!

FREE ISSA Nutritionist Study Guide + Practice Test + Flashcards 10

FREE ISSA Nutritionist Study Guide 2021

FREE ISSA Nutritionist Practice Test

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ISSA nutritionist flashcards

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ISSA Nutritionist Study Tips

ISSA Nutritionist Practice Tests

The ISSA Nutritionist practice test on this page only includes 30 questions and answers. If you want to get a full grasp of all of the possible questions that can be asked on the exam, I suggest picking up additional practice tests as well. These are incredibly important because they really let you know if you are fully prepared to take the real final exam.

The biggest reason that we see for failure is that they did not take enough practice exams in order to gauge if they were really prepared or not. I suggest the Trainer Academy practice tests as they let you know which chapters/domains you are doing good or bad in and they have a large base of questions for their exams.

ISSA Nutritionist Study of Mnemonics

Fun, interesting and memorable mnemonics are one of the other great ISSA Nutritionist study tips I have for my students. Memorizing difficult topics such as the various micronutrients we take in through the diet, can prove challenging.

Creating interesting and fun mnemonics is the best way to go about memorizing these challenging concepts. This can be helpful in the examples of the various specific nutrition terms and categories we need to know for the certification.

If you are going to create these mnemonics yourselves, try to make them as weird as you possibly can. The weirder the better!

ISSA Nutritionist Spaced Repetition Flashcards

The ISSA Nutritionist flashcards below contains 100 flashcards from all 18 chapters of the free ISSA Nutritionist study guide above. You can either study them right off the bat, or come back to them after you have finished all 18 chapters of the study guide.

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