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Introduction to the ISSA Nutritionist study materials

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Your Guide for NASM

Here is the official textbook you will use for the nutritionist certification. Make sure you either have the physical textbook in hand or have access to the digital version through your online portal.

The textbook, Fitness Nutrition, was created by the international sports Sciences Association. Okay, you have everything you need? Let’s get started!

Free ISSA Nutritionist Study Guide & Practice Exam 3

FREE ISSA Nutritionist Study Guide 2024

ISSA Nutritionist Practice tests answer key below ⬇️ (Don’t Peek Until After!) 🙄

Q1: What sense gives the first impression of food items?

A1: The eyes

Q2: Which of these organs are used for smelling?

A2: Olfactory system

Q3: Around what percent of a cell’s mass is water?

A3: 70 percent

Q4: Which of these is a pulpy, acidic fluid passing from the stomach to the small intestine, consisting of gastric juices and partially digested food?

A4: Chyme

Q5: Why does fructose produce a slow rise in blood sugar?

A5: It must be converted to glucose first.

Q6: What is the RDI of protein for clients wanting to build lean body mass?

A6: 1.4-2.0 g/kg/d

Q7: What food source gives the greatest amount of protein for every 100 grams?

A7: Almonds

Q8: Cholesterol is required for the synthesis of what vitamin?

A8: Vitamin D

Q9: Which one can increase the absorption of vitamin C?

A9: Bioflavonoids

Q10: Around what percent of body weight is minerals?

A10: 4 – 6 %

Q11: What category do sodium, chloride, and potassium represent?

A11: Electrolytes

Q12: The national academy of medicine recommends women intake how much water?

A12: 2.7 Liters

Q13: What percent of Americans are thought to make some attempt to lose weight this year?

A13: 80 percent

Q14: Which of these might a nutrition coach do while following the scope of practice?

A14: Discuss information about behavioral change strategies to reach goals

Q15: What is the ‘S’ in SMART goals?

A15: Specific

Q16: Which was enacted to protect the client’s privacy and confidentiality?

A16: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Q17: In which stage of change can a coach use incentives and penalties to maintain change?

A17: Action Stage

Q18: Which of these is the ideal duration for collecting a client’s data about what was eaten, when, and approximate quantities?

A18: 7 – 14 days

Q19: During the initial assessment of a client, what element of motivational interviewing applies?

A19: Pre-contemplation and contemplation

Q20: Which of these can be used for boosting motivation and celebrating achievements and milestones along the way?

A20: Photos

Q21: What percent of employees self-report exercise in companies with corporate wellness programs?

A21: 8 percent

Q22: What analysis type is useful during the planning phase of starting a new business, but may also be used to review an existing business, to make improvements periodically?

A22: SWOT analysis

Q23: The food and beverage types an individual eats are referred to as their:

A23: Eating pattern

Q24: What percent daily value per RACC should be in product claims of High, Rich in, or excellent source of?

A24: 20 percent or more

Q25: Which term describes nutritional deficiency for people who take in adequate calories but not micronutrients?

A25: Hidden hunger

Q26: Which botanical has the best potential for diarrhea to be a side effect?

A26: Saw palmetto

Q27: What is true regarding both trends and fads?

A27: Trends have staying power

Q28: The DASH diet involves having a sodium uptake of:

A28: 2,300 mg daily

Q29: Which of these diets has been shown to reduce cardiovascular disease risk by up to 30 percent and significantly reduce the risk of developing Type II diabetes?

A29: Mediterranean

Q30: Free radicals may cause this…

A30: Damage to cells

ISSA Nutritionist Flashcards

ISSA Nutritionist Study Tips

The materials on this page give a solid hand in helping with the final certification exam and covering a broad sense of the material.

It is important to know that there are some additional study tools I recommend to maximize your time and fully prepare you for the exam.

ISSA Nutritionist Practice Tests

The ISSA Nutritionist practice test on this page only includes 30 questions and answers (the full final exam is 100 questions).

If you want to get a full grasp of all of the possible questions that can be asked on the exam, I suggest picking up additional practice tests as well.

These are incredibly important because they let you know if you are fully prepared to take the final exam.

The biggest reason we see for failure is that they did not take enough practice exams to gauge whether they were prepared.

I suggest the Trainer Academy practice tests as they let you know which chapters/domains you are doing good or bad in and they have many questions for their exams.

ISSA Nutritionist Study of Mnemonics

Fun, interesting, and memorable mnemonics are among my other great ISSA Nutritionist study tips for my students. Memorizing difficult topics such as the various micronutrients we take in through the diet, can prove challenging.

Creating interesting and fun mnemonics is the best way to memorize these challenging concepts. This can be helpful in the examples of the various specific nutrition terms and categories we need to know for the certification.

If you will create these mnemonics yourselves, try to make them as weird as possible. The weirder the better!

Trainer academy also has around 30 accompanying their premium ISSA nutritionist study guide to enhance their study materials. These have been proven effective!

ISSA Nutritionist Spaced Repetition Flashcards

The ISSA Nutritionist flashcard set above contains 100 flashcards from all 18 chapters of the free ISSA Nutritionist study guide above. But, they are standard flashcard study.

An ever better form of study for flashcards would be spaced repetition. This means that the flashcards presented will be the ones you struggle with instead of presenting the ones you constantly get correct.

This style of study ensures that you are not wasting any time.

Trainer academy implements this form of study, and its effectiveness has always impressed me.

If you’d like to check out how Trainer Academy uses this in their premium study guide, make sure to check it out here.

ISSA Nutritionist Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet is one sheet of paper with the most important information. There are things like formulas and other tough concepts in it.

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