NASM (WLS) Weight Loss Specialist Certification Review - 2022

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    This review will be focusing entirely on the NASM Weight Loss Specialist Certification.

    You’ll learn about:

    The focus of the certification
    The cost of the packages
    Employment opportunities
    …and much more

    Having held this certification for over 10+ years, I feel competent enough to hold you in the hand and be your guide.

    Let’s talk about the NASM Weight Loss Specialist Certification.

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      Introduction to NASM WLS

      In this article, I’ll be explaining to you why the NASM WLS is one of the most valuable advanced certifications from NASM.

      Other certifications that I highly recommend checking out are our fitness nutrition certifications as well as corrective exercise certifications since overweight people can benefit greatly from this type of knowledge.

      By the end, you will know whether or not this weight loss specialist certification is correct for you.

      If you are not currently certified, Take the quiz to see which personal training certification is the best option for you.

      The menu at the top of this page will answer any question related to personal training that you have.

      If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment here (I’ll respond within 24 hours).

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      As I am sure you all know, obesity in this country is out of control.

      It has only been rising and rising with no sign of leveling off or decreasing anytime soon.

      Lack of exercise is the primary reason for people dying at a young age in the United States.

      According to a report in 2010, $160 billion is spent on medical costs due to obesity.

      This is a new generation where childhood obesity is even a problem.

      Obesity is starting at such a young age, and these individuals grow up their whole lives with this problem.

      Approximately 90% of obese adolescents will remain obese for their entire lives.

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      As a weight-loss consultant, we must try to address this epidemic and help these individuals get back to a healthy weight.

      Healthy eating habits in the long term promotes healthy weight and reduces high blood pressure, belly fat, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, etc.

      This is one of the reasons that I became a personal trainer, and it is a big part of my job.

      With the WLS weight loss certification, you will be able to do precisely this.

      It provides you with a very systematic approach to weight loss that you can apply to your current and future clients.

      So, what is WLS and how to become a weight loss coach?

      Let me tell you more about the WLS certification!

      Check out the NASM website here for more information on this certification after my review!

      Here is what you will gain from the NASM WLS certification

      What you will gain

      Here, you are informed about the importance of possessing this certification.

      1. You will learn how to teach habit formation to your clients which is one of the most important things that they will need to do.
      2. You’ll learn to use NASM’s OPT model in a way that is used for weight loss clients.
      3. The WLS will teach you the most up-to-date methodologies and guidelines for reducing body fat percentage.
      4. You’ll learn how to increase the number of clients and grow your personal training business with your new skills as a weight loss specialist.

      The bottom line is to encourage your clients to have good eating habits using portion control, engage in physical activity, and shun processed foods to be able to lose weight.

      Drug supplements or weight loss pills only helps with weight control on a short term basis.

      Losing weight is possible with a perfect diet plan and aerobic exercise.

      Here is everything that is included with the NASM WLS package

      NASM WLS Package

      Below is a complete breakdown of the financial implications and value you will be getting from the study packages.

      As of the time of writing this article, the NASM weight loss specialist certification will cost you $449.

      This package will include entrance to take the test, their primary textbook (downloadable only), access to video demonstrations online, “programming manual” access to an online library of exercises that are specifically designed by a weight loss expert for weight loss clients.

      Almost everything is available online.

      If you have a smartphone or tablet that you carry with you, you can upload the primary textbook there and study on the go.

      I enjoy reading on my android and using software to help my personal training business run smoother.

      Not only does this weight loss coach certification contain beneficial information, but it will also fulfill most CEC’s or CEU’s (check here for cheap CECs) for the majority of the certifying agencies out there such as NASM and ACE.

      You are not required to have a “general” CPT to get certified as a weight loss specialist.

      There are a couple of the prerequisites though.

      The first is that you need to have a high school diploma or the equivalent of one.

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      You also need to be 18 years or older.

      Conclusion on the NASM weight loss specialist certification

      Conclusion on the NASM weight loss specialist certification

      That is all the info you need to take a decisive action ASAP.

      Need more? Let me know in the comment section.

      If you can build a reputation around your local community as being a specialist in weight loss, I guarantee your clients will increase significantly.

      The two types of clients that purchase personal training the most are elderly individuals and overweight individuals.

      A lot of the times they are both.

      It is hugely satisfying working with these clients because if they follow your advice, they should very easily achieve excellent results and reach their goals.

      It is incredibly satisfying helping these individuals because being overweight can be an extreme burden on one’s self-esteem.

      It is a fantastic thing when my clients gain confidence and feel comfortable in their skin once again.

      I like how NASM lays out the curriculum for this weight management certification course.

      It is very structured and easy to study.

      I promise that at the least this certification will add some beneficial pointers to what you are currently doing with your clients.

      Specialist in Weight Loss

      Another certification that pairs great with the WLS certification is NASM’s fitness nutrition specialists and ACE’s health coach certification (how to become a health coach) because it is very good at teaching habit formation.

      Also, NASM’s CES helps individuals with muscular imbalances or that are post-rehab.

      The reason that pairs well is that overweight individuals tend to have multiple muscular imbalances as well.

      I hope you enjoyed my article on the NASM WLS, please like it on social media if it was helpful or tell your friends about it!

      Happy personal training!

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      2 thoughts on “NASM (WLS) Weight Loss Specialist Certification Review”

      1. Kimana NeilStrong

        NASM currently has the WLS and CNC. I already have the CPT, PES, CES, and M.S. in Exercise Science. Between the WLS and CNC, which would you recommend for me to help my weightloss clients while becoming an expert at nutrition?

        1. Hey Kimana,
          Overall I would probably recommend the certified nutrition coach by NASM as it is definitely the newest certification and has the most current and up-to-date information in regards to nutrition and weight loss.

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