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    This is the most comprehensive NASM CES certification review online. It covers:

    Cost Vs Value
    Study Materials
    Income prospect and much more

    Strap-on and let my 10+ years wealth of experience as a certified NASM CES trainer guide you.

    Let’s dive into the NASM CES certification review.


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      Introduction to the CES

      The NASM corrective exercise specialist is one of the most popular advanced certifications (my best general certifications article) that you can get.

      But the certification is not for everyone. Depends on the type of clients you train and would like to train going forward as a personal trainer.

      By the end, you will have a solid idea of whether or not you should start studying for the CES certification.

      If you decide to go with the CES, check out NASM here for more details.

      You may also like my article on the best corrective exercise certifications or my article on the best advanced NASM certifications.

      If in the end, you think the CES is right for you, check out the epic CES study materials for exam prep over at Trainer Academy that will cut your study time in half.

      I also have my own free NASM CES study guide and practice test to help with your CES exam right here on PTPioneer.

      Also, I highly recommend that you Take the quiz to get an estimate on which corrective exercise specialization is the best fit for you overall.

      The menu at the top of this page will answer any question related to any online personal trainer course that you have.

      If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment here (I’ll respond within 24 hours).

      Also, visit the home page for the most recent and popular articles.

      In place of reading my CES review, you also have the option to watch it on YouTube.

      Here is the video review that I made approximately 3 years ago.

      The information is more or less the same although I keep my article more up-to-date with some of the more recent changes to the certification.

      Let me start with what is CES? You need to understand the meaning of this acronym in the fitness industry before you decide if you need it or not.

      CES stands for Corrective Exercise Specialist. The NASM CES certification is highly recognized in the health and fitness industry.

      It is probably the only other specialist certifications that are as highly recognized alongside the CSCS by NSCA and NAMS’s PES certification.

      Out of all of the advanced NASM certifications, I think it is the most useful sports medicine certification for any personal trainer to receive.

      This is due to the fact that almost every single client has some form of muscular imbalance that needs to be corrected.

      Correcting these imbalances is essential for safety and injury prevention.

      One of the biggest hits your business can get is having clients get injured.

      If you currently have clients that suffer from muscular imbalances or are planning on working with post-rehab clients, it is a no-brainer to try to obtain the NASM CES.

      As the baby boomer generation starts to get old, we will (and are) seeing an influx of musculoskeletal problems of elderly clients.

      Approximately 80% of reported adults have some lower back pain.

      Not far behind the lower back, we have ankle, shoulder, cervical spine problems, knee problems, and all of these affect their movement patterns.

      As personal trainers, we need to make sure we address these problems as soon as possible.

      I recommend this certification for fitness professionals because it enhances your knowledge about the human body.

      It increases your chances of earning higher wages since an exercise specialist salary is high, and also your clients will benefit more from your services.

      The NASM CES teaches the complete corrective exercise strategies which are in four phases commonly known as corrective exercise continuum.

      These four phases are; Inhibit, Lengthen, Activate, and lastly Integrate.

      These four steps are strategies designed by experts for the complete correction of the muscles in the body using corrective exercise training.

      On top of all of the benefits that you and your clients can receive from this certification, you can also make more money as a trainer.

      As a trainer, anytime that you specialize in your skillset, you can usually charge more for the specific knowledge that you hold.

      This will open new career opportunities for your personal training business.

      Although the CES is my personal favorite corrective exercise certification, there are also other legitimate certifications on the market.

      Check out my article on the best corrective exercise certifications.

      Another legitimate certification that is similar to this one is the ACE orthopaedic certification.

      Let’s get right into my NASM CES review so that you can find out what it is all about.

      Check the NASM website for up-to-date information and prices on the CES!

      Everything you will learn by obtaining the CES

      Everything you will learn

      Here, we’ll review the key concepts you’ll be introduced to on the NASM CES certification journey.

      1. The CES will increase your knowledge of biomechanics and kinesiology overall.
      2. You will become an expert on helping movement impaired clients reach goals.
      3. You’ll learn about different types of fitness assessments specific for individuals that have muscular imbalances.
      4. You’ll gain a perfect understanding of agonist and antagonist muscular relationships and how they work with human movement.
      5. By the end, you will be able to create and apply progressive yet safe exercise routines for your clients.

      NASM CES Cost and study materials

      NASM CES cost

      This section is an overview of what it will cost you to obtain the certification.

      Presently NASM CES costs $899. There is no exam only option, you have to make the payment to get study materials and the exam.

      The benefit of this CES price package includes:

      • Lecture videos
      • You get chapter containing Self-Care and Recovery in the study material
      • Soft copy of study materials that can work with any device
      • Exclusively new exercise technique & cueing videos
      • Interactive learning modules & test questions
      • Full up-to-date exercise library with more than 200 exercise demos
      • Real-life client scenarios case study and sample programming
      • A new scientific approach to exercise science techniques.
      • Additional Training Programs
      • Online practice exam questions and answers
      • Online CES exam

      I also personally like to have a physical textbook because I love to highlight and add sticky notes to sections.

      Maybe it’s just the way I grew up, but it is the easiest way to study for me as opposed to reading off a screen.

      Although reading a pdf on your smartphone or tablet can be very convenient if you are constantly on the move.

      Make sure to check out the epic CES study materials over at Trainer Academy that will cut your study time in half.

      The team over there have put together the best study materials, much better than the standard study materials.

      Check out the current prices for the CES on the NASM website as the deals change from time to time.

      Check here for a complete list of what is currently included!

      If you are studying for the corrective exercise specialist, make sure to check out my free study materials here.

      The Test and Prerequisites for the NASM CES

      NASM CES test

      In this segment, you’ll get to understand the requirements to register for the certification.

      The general certification from NASM is regarded as a difficult test to take.

      The CES is harder than the general certification.

      It will take a long time and can be very difficult, but in the end, you will gain invaluable information that will be fantastic for your career as well as your clients.

      Unlike the general NASM CPT certification where you need to go into a laser grade facility in order to take the test, the CES is done completely online.

      This makes it a great certification to do outside the United States as an online training certification. Immediately upon the completion of taking the test, you will know whether you passed or failed.

      Save 30% on the NASM CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist) Certification
      See the NASM CES Sale Here
      Save 30% on the NASM PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist) Certification
      See the NASM PES Sale Here
      Save Big on the NASM CNC (Certified Nutrition Coach) Certification
      See the NASM FNS Sale Here

      The test is approximately 100 questions.

      All of the questions are multiple-choice and the required time to finish the test is 90minutes.

      You need a minimum score of 70% to pass and if you fail your first attempt, you have three more attempts.

      To sign up, the most significant prerequisite is to already have a “general” personal training certification from any one of the major certifying agencies such as NASM, ACE, or ACSM.

      The certification that you hold must be accredited by either the DETC, NCCA, or NBFE.

      The only way you can get around this prerequisite is if you have a four-year degree related to health and fitness, or if you have a massage therapy license.

      Some other minor prerequisites are that you need to have a current CPR/AED card as well as being over the age of 18.

      If you meet these prerequisites, you should have no trouble getting the NASM CES.

      Lastly, let me talk about the corrective exercise specialist salary.

      NASM certified personal trainer earns an average of $42,000 in the first year and your earnings increase by 20% as you choose a specialty and create a niche for yourself.

      This is why you should choose NASM CES certification to increase your earning power and your clients benefit more.

      Conclusion on the NASM CES Review

      Conclusion on NASM CES

      I hope the detailed review will guide and help you make the best decision.

      Drop me a note in the comment section.

      My overall rating:

      NASM CES Review [year] - NASM CES Cost vs Value Compared 4

      If you have not done so yet, Take the quiz to get a better overall idea of which corrective exercise certification is the best match for you.

      Check out my free CES study materials here.

      Well, this about sums up my NASM corrective exercise specialist review.

      Out of all the clients I have ever worked with as a personal trainer, I would say at least 25% to 30% of them either have muscular imbalances or have had one in the past.

      This is the most useful advanced cert from NASM alongside a helpful nutrition certification.

      Lucrative Niche

      The range of injuries or imbalances is enormous! I have had individuals with extremely tight hip’s, shoulders, knees, and lower backs.

      I think it is essential to fix these muscular imbalances either by strengthening or stretching before a resistance training program.

      This is extremely important to prevent injury or to reinjure one of your clients!

      There is no doubt that this is one of the most essential certifications that you can receive.

      The training experience will make you ten times better at your job, and your clients won’t be able to thank you enough for helping them reach their goals (pain-free).

      It is one of the hardest certifications I have ever taken, so you need to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to study the material before taking the exam.

      If you are looking for continuing education credits for renewing your training certification, don’t hesitate to choose NASM CEU. You can sign up for the CES now!

      You will be a much knowledgeable personal trainer and will receive more clients based on this knowledge that you possess.

      If you found this NASM CES review post helpful, please share it using one of the social media buttons or tell your friends and family about it!

      Thanks for stopping by everyone and happy personal training!


      How do I become an NASM specialist?

      You can become a NASM specialist by taking one of the specialty courses offered by the NASM fitness agency.

      What is the cost of NASM CES certification?

      Presently, the NASM-CES certification costs $899. With this current price, you stand to get the study materials, multiple exam attempts, lecture videos, and many more.

      What is NASM-CES

      NASM-CES means, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Corrective Exercise specialization certification.

      In other words, it simply means a personal trainer that possesses the corrective exercise specialization certification with NASM.

      How difficult is the NASM CES test?

      This certification exam is far more difficult than the general CPT test. You are required to study harder, which is why you are giving more than one attempt to pass this course.

      You have just 100 multiple-choice questions to be completed in 90minutes. The exam is strictly online so you can take in the comfort of your home.

      How much salary does a NASM CES earn?

      A NASM CES earns up to an average of $66,686 per anum.

      As a NASM general personal trainer, you stand to earn on average the minimum of $42,000 per anum while starting out afresh, as you develop yourself.

      What is the job of a Corrective Exercise Specialist?

      The job of a Corrective Exercise Specialist in a simple term is to identify the underperforming and the overstressed muscles of the clients and therefore design an exercise program to optimize the functions and balance of these muscles.

      What does CES mean?

      CES simply means Corrective Exercise Specialist.

      Are there study materials for NASM CES program?

      Yes. You can purchase textbooks and have access to other study materials after you make payment for the program.

      There is no exam only option, so when you pay you to get access to study materials.

      You can also check for CES study materials at the Trainer academy.

      How long does CES certification last?

      This certification does not expire so you are not required to recertify.

      What are the requirements for CES certification?

      For the CES certification, you are required to either have a degree in a related field or be a certified massage therapist, or better still, have a health and fitness certification accredited by one of these: NCCA/DETC/NBFE.

      What is the phone number/contact address of NASM?

      NASM is located at 355 E. Germann Rd. Suite 201, Gilbert, AZ 85297. For inquiries you can reach them through these phone numbers;800-460-6276 or 1-602-383-1200 (International). You can also send an email to programinfo@nasm.org

      What is NASM CES certification pass rate?

      This certification course is more difficult than the general CPT exams, this means that the pass rate might not be as high as that of the NASM CPT exam pass rate of 61%.

      Can I transfer NASM CES certification continuous education scores?

      This is a tricky area. It depends on the institution you are applying to. Please ensure to find out from the institution before enrolling.

      Is CES also a Medical Exercise Specialist?

      These certifications are similar but not the same. Where a Corrective Exercise specialist focuses strictly on physical fitness, a Medical Exercise Specialist merges the gap between healthcare and physical fitness.
      MES mostly works with a post-rehab and medical population.

      Where can a Corrective Exercise specialist work

      A corrective exercise specialist works especially at the sports performance centers and in all fitness facilities.

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      1. Hi Tyler,

        Such a great article! So glad I found it. Just a quick question for you- how long does it usually take to finish the NASM CES certification?

        1. Hey Ruth, The NASM CES usually takes between 4-6 months depending on your previous knowledge or college classes you may have taken. I would plan for 6 but if you end up breezing through it you can always set a test date for earlier also 🙂

        1. Hey AJ,
          I believe since the corrective exercise specialist certification is all online, you don’t actually need to set a date to take it. You can simply on your study portal say I want to take the test now and start taking the test once you are fully prepared for it. I don’t think there is any period of time you need to wait after setting a date for taking the exam.

      2. Isabel D Paredes

        Hi! Do I need to take the exam within a given time frame, say 6 months? will the course expire beyond then? Thanks!

        1. Hey Isabel,
          I believe that the national Academy of sports medicine provides six-month study time before you are required to take the exam. They may however have an option to extend it for another six months but you’ll have to ask them as they change these rules time to time.

      3. Hello Tyler,

        I have been doing research for years about cpt certifications and I’m just now seeing this information about the corrective exercise specialist certification. Which is very interesting to me. I already have my bachelors in exercise science (more like masters with all the credits I’ve taken as a pre-med student lol) and what I would like to know is, if one just takes the corrective exercise specialist exam are they still considered a personal trainer or do they have to take both the personal trainer exam and corrective specialist exam with NASM or any organization that offers the CES?

        1. Yes, in fact you actually need to have a general personal training certification to be eligible for the corrective exercise specialist certification if I’m not mistaken. There are a lot of similarities between the general personal training certification from the National Academy of sports medicine and their CES. It would definitely help if you had this first.

      4. im interested in taking your NASM CES course but i dont see it on the site? I only see the conventional NASM study guide. Seems silly but could you direct me to where i can find it.

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