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    If you are coming to this article from my “how to become health coach” article, good for you, you are moving in the right direction!

    After finishing this article, you will be sure whether or not this is the right certification for you. This certification is not for everybody. After reading my review, if you decide to go with this certification, I recommend checking out the details from ACE.

    I also recommend taking a look at my article on the top health coach certifications as well as the best fitness nutrition certifications.

    If you considering becoming a personal trainer, take the quiz to see which certification is for you. The menu at the top of this page will answer any question related to training/health coaching that you have. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment here (I’ll respond within 24 hours). Also, visit the home page for the most recent and popular articles.

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      ACE Health Coach Review

      In my personal opinion, the ACE health coach certification is the best health coach certification that is on the market today. It is currently the only NCCA accredited health coach certification.

      In my official review, you will learn what this certification is all about and why becoming a health coach holds lots of value for anyone that is working in the fitness industry (such as a personal trainer).

      I will also discuss what materials are included with the certification as well as talk about the exam a little bit. Let’s dive in so you can learn more about the ACE health coach certification.

      Check out the ACE website for more information and current prices on the health coach certification if you decide it’s right for you.

      There is a new role in the fitness industry that health coaches fit right into!

      Health coaches approach health and wellness from a whole new perspective compared to the typical personal training certifications that I talk about on my website. They approach fitness from a holistic point of view compared to the standard diet and exercise.

      They try to help people by looking at the root of the problem, and lifestyle changes that need to be changed. If you are a personal trainer that is reading this you probably already know that the workout that you do with your clients is only a small part of their overall health.

      You have probably experienced clients that no matter how hard they “seem to try,” they never make too much progress. To make great strides in your health or fitness, you need to have self-motivation.

      You can have the greatest workouts in the world with your clients, but if they go home and eat junk food for the rest of the day, it won’t matter. There are hundreds of thousands of Americans that are obese or overweight.

      The majority of these individuals live extremely sedentary lives, use tobacco products, drink excessive amounts of alcohol and eat terribly. The goal of the health coach is to try to change these habits from their roots.

      Because no matter how much exercise you do in the gym with a personal trainer it won’t matter if you still have terrible habits at home. It is the job of the health coach to help the transition from these bad habits.

      Most Americans are looking for that magical quick-fix solution or pill that they can take to be healthy. This is why so many Americans are addicted to prescription medications.

      The real secret to health is changing its habits one of the time so that you can prevent terrible diseases and prescription medications!

      Bad food choices
      Stay away from processed garbage!

      The Study Materials

      There are two different study bundles that you could purchase through ACE (link to my general certification review). Each of these different bundles contains different study materials depending on the type of learner that you are.

      The first package that you can buy is called the standard bundle and will cost you $499 (check current price). The standard bundle includes the primary textbook (or health coach manual), access to take the exam and entrance into their “ACE Academy”.

      The more expensive of the two bundles is called their premium bundle and will cost you $599. It contains everything that the standard package does in addition to their booklet on mastering the manual and a retest voucher just in case end up failing the test on the first try.

      The manual that comes with the Certification

      This is the primary textbook for the health coach certification. It is mostly comprised of information on how to coach individuals through the lifestyle changes that I mentioned above.

      It also includes some information on exercise programs (although not as in-depth as in a personal trainer certification). It also has a chapter on the control and prevention of different diseases and the statistics on these epidemics.

      What is the “ACE Academy”?

      The “ACE Academy” is probably the most helpful part of studying for this certification. It gives you access to a three-month guided exercise series that helps you stay on track with your studying goals for the certification.

      This Academy gives you excellent guidance and gives you access to either call or e-mail one-on-one with an ACE health coach expert. These experts can help you work your way through the manual and answer any questions that you may have.

      Within the Academy, you have access to practice exams. I thought these exams were beneficial to get a reasonable estimate of how the real test will be. The premium package gives you two practice exams were the standard bundle only includes one.

      Also included in the premium bundle is what ACE calls custom progress tracking. This helps from an organizational point of view. It just allows you to mark off assignments as you do them such as videos or quizzes that you take. This kind of hard to explain.

      Food scale health coach

      Mastering the manual booklet

      The mastering the manual booklet that comes with the premium package is helpful for studying. It does a great job of accompanying the textbook because it lays out great exercises chapter to chapter.

      I would recommend following along with this booklet as you go through the primary textbook. The quizzes at the end of each chapter are extremely helpful and do a great job of highlighting fundamental concepts.

      The mastering the manual booklet made it much easier for me to pass and obtain the healthcare certification!

      Conclusion on the ACE Health Coach Certification

      In conclusion, if you are looking to change up the way you approach health fitness and personal training, the ACE health coach certification might be an excellent option for you!

      It is a great way to supplement your knowledge as a personal trainer and even a better way to check off those pesky continuing education credits. This is a great way to combine your knowledge of exercise and what you do with your clients inside the gym with ways to change your client’s habits outside of the gym!

      If your clients do not have healthy lifestyles outside of the gym, it does not matter how hard they work at the gym with you. Both are critical factors for them to reach their goals and full potential.

      I hope you liked my review, leave a comment down below if you have any other questions. If this article is helpful, please like it on social media or share it with your friends! Also, make sure to check out my article on how to become a health coach.

      If you are not currently a personal trainer, you might want to check out my other articles such as how much you can make as a personal trainer as well as how to become one! Happy wellness training!

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      About The Author

      32 thoughts on “ACE Health Coach Review (2021) – Let’s Build Some Habits!”

      1. Hi! I stumbled upon your article and wanted to reach out to you re: the ACE Health Coach exam. My company purchased the bundle for me and Im very excited to get started. I am, however, quite intimidated by the amount of content to memorize and learn during the next several months prior to my exam. It seems in a normal “formal educational environment” we would study sections then be tested on it whereas with this, I am studying an entire manual to be tested 9 months later. Yikes! Any suggestions as to how I can master this? Im going into memory overload!

        1. Hey Jodie,
          Yes I could seem like this at the beginning. In fact every certification is like this. They give you a giant book and safe study the whole entire thing to get ready for the test. The biggest recommendation I can give you is to take it slow one day at the time. Plan out your study sessions to read maybe 20 pages a day and then do a quick overview at the end. I’m sure if you study a little bit every day it won’t seem as overwhelming.

          1. Hi
            I have a health coach certification from Institute for Integrative Nutrition, but I really love Ace’s curriculum— although I have a certification In fitness, my passion is only for health coaching. I’m nervous about the test—as I’m not a great test taker— the pass rate is 78%. I would hate to invest (it’s currently 750.00)
            And then not be able to pass. Any advice? Thanks

            1. Hey Rachael,
              The ACE health care certification is definitely a good one. You should feel fairly confident of passing the test as long as you do not set a test date that is too soon after you purchase the curriculum. I believe you have a full year in order to take the exam after purchasing it. Set a good study plan and stick to it. Set aside an hour a day or a couple days out of the week that you could dedicate to studying and you should be totally fine with passing the test. Good luck with all the studying and I hope this helped!

      2. I have completed my Ace Health Coaching certification and loved everything that I learned. There is a lot of help if you ask for it. Following the guidelines helps. I also found that once I took the practice tests I learned what I needed to work on and just focused on them. The test it self was a lot of real life application.

        I have also completed my “Youth Fitness Specialist”. I am hoping ACE will help me stand out.

        1. Hey Karen,
          I absolutely agree that ACE provides tons of help for people that ask for it. The practice tests are absolutely helpful for getting a good grasp on the material. Is great to see you going for multiple certifications. I’m sure you will stand out over the crowd with all of your different angles of expertise!

      3. Hello, I’m getting ready to take my health coach exam and was wondering what type of questions to expect. Is it all multiple choice, true false, essay? And how many questions are there?

      4. Hey there,
        Question: I am studying to become a certified Doula and I also want to be a pelvic floor and core coach.. which certification would be best for this? Definitely a specialized training and I’m not sure where to start?

        1. Hey Mallory,
          This is definitely a specialization. The first thing I would recommend you do is get a personal training certification if you don’t already have one. Are you already certified with a CPT? If this is not the case, I recommend going with NASM as they tend to have more specialized certifications then the other agencies out there.

              1. I am a massage therapist and I can write “LMT” after my name to show my licensed credentials. Just like a doctor uses MD. I think the question is Can you show that you’ve taken the Health Coach certification by adding letters after your name?

              2. That is a good question and you can’t really add a title to your name like doctors do with MD. You can however simply add health coach which less people know that you are a certified couch.

      5. trying to find discounted price on Health Coach program for ACE but keep being referred to same $749 price. Might be interested in CPT also.

        1. Currently, I do not have a good discount code for the health coach program from the American Council on exercise. Hopefully they open up one in the next couple weeks or so so keep an eye out.

      6. Recommended for the UK? I’m already a PT, currently completing the NASM CNC. Is the ACE health coach cert all online, and is it recognised worldwide? Tried taking the quiz but the last page where I enter my details has no access to the submit button.

        1. Hey Jaxx,
          In terms of a certification being recognized worldwide, that is a very difficult question to ask. I would suggest going to the gymnasium you would like to apply for and see which certifications they accept. There are so many different rules, regulations in regards to fitness certifications in each country that is hard to say where each certification would be accepted.

      7. I just passed my ACE CPT exam and I did buy the review from you guys. I am about to take the ACE Health Coach coarse and was wondering what your review coarse for it cost and if I would get any discount for being a return customer. Thank you

        1. hey Samantha,
          Congratulations for passing the exam on the American Council on exercise certification. It’s definitely a difficult certification to pass. Currently we do not have any study materials for the health coach certification from the American Council on exercise. Thanks for the suggestion and I will see if I can put something together in the future.

      8. Do you have any study materials for the ACE health coach certification?? I have my MSRS and my ARRT RT(R)(T) certifications, as well and LVN, EMT and Tai Chi practice leader, but I’m going for the hc & then CPT on ACE in order to provide this Whole Health approach for my fellow Veterans, as it’s already helped me change my life!!

        1. Hey Nicole,
          at the moment I do not have any study materials for the health coach certification from the American Council on exercise. I’m glad to see that your life is changing. Fitness can do this.

      9. Hi Tyler
        i am a doctor ( gynecologist and fertility expert ) . i wanted to take training for pre natal and post natal exercise and nutrition . please guide me which courses will be the best one and certified ( valid across the world ) .i want to help my patient and fitness being my passion is inclining me towards this .please guide me .
        Dr Varsha

        1. To be honest there is no one course that will translate in every country in the world. That being said, the American Council on exercise is a very International certification compared to others.

      10. How’s it going? Back when I took the ACE CPT exam (Sept, 5 2019) I was told various times by other test takers to focus on chapter seven. I did this, and it helped out tremendously as most of the questions in my exam were chapter seven based. Because I followed their advice I was able to pass the ACE CPT exam on my first try.

        Now, I’m gearing up to take my ACE Health Coach exam and I was wondering was there a specific chapter you’d suggest to really focus your attention on within the ACE Health Coach Manual?

        1. Definitely, chapter 7 from the American Council on exercise textbook is absolutely crucial for passing the exam. When it comes to the health coach certification they don’t really have a chapter that has as many questions come from it as they did in Chapter 7. It’s more spread out.

      11. Hi Tyler. Thanks for the review on ACE Health Coach. It does provide enough insight to what’s going to come; it does not stray too much from ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist exam module, and, given when i took ACE CFNS the help was tremendous i assume the same. My question is more onto the behavior changes coaching side. i am currently ACE CPT, CFNS, and have been actively coaching clients for the past 2 years, I also held a master in medical science (tho my major is focused toward stem cell therapy/irrelevant). Definitely health coach certification does not allow me to do psychology counseling with my clients, however, may i know is there other further certification that can provide me with more credentials to proceed with? Say, during the behavioral coaching, is there a tool that i am allowed to evaluate my patient’s anxiety or etc where by i can confidently suggest my client for a professional psychology consult? The reason i am asking this is because in Malaysia, suggesting client for a psychology consult can mean a direct offensive suggestion to the client, despite well-intentions. Look forward to hear from you

        1. Hey there, very interesting question. I know that it varies depending on what country you are doing your training in. Most of the time, the best thing to do is recommend clients to a professional for this type of thing. No certification really gives you the credentials to be able to do what these professionals do.

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