ISSA Unit 28 – Exercise and pregnancy

ISSA Unit 28 - Exercise and pregnancy

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1: Describe the way in which exercise can benefit pregnant women

reduce the prevalence of back pain,
enhance prenatal weight management
improves mental health.
improves digestive health
enhance levels of energy for activities of daily living (ADLs)
reduces postpartum belly.

2: What are the absolute contraindications of exercise for pregnant women?

coronary heart disease
ruptured membranes
incompetent cervix
premature labor
multiple gestations
vaginal bleeding
placenta previa.

3: What are the relative contraindications to exercise for pregnant women?

high blood pressure anemia, or other blood disorders,
thyroid disorders,
palpitations, or irregular heart rhythms,
extreme weight fluctuations (high or low),
a history of precipitous labor, a history of intrauterine growth retardation,
a history of bleeding during the current pregnancy, and an extremely sedentary lifestyle.

4: What are the precautions necessary to minimize potential hazards and maximize benefits for pregnant women?

Precautions that take into account are the type, intensity, duration, and frequency of aerobic exercise which should be tailored according to the individual woman’s needs. these should generally be low impact exercises.

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