ISSA Unit 29 – Exercise and asthma

ISSA Unit 29 - Exercise and asthma

1: describe ‘asthma”. How many Americans are afflicted with it in some form?

A respiratory ailment characterised by seizures of the bronchi of the lungs, impeding normal breathing due to an allergic reaction or hypersensitivity. 25 million-plus Americans suffer from some form of asthma,

2: describe what occurs during an asthma attack.

bronchioles narrow because the muscles surrounding them spasm. In turn, this is referred to as“ bronchospasm restricts the level of airflow to the alveoli.

3: Other than drugs, what are the key steps to help improve asthma.

use of a peak flow meter
monitor and manage the quality of air and ventilation
stop smoking
adequate hydration
eliminate exposure to potential allergens

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4: What are the guidelines identified to minimize potential hazards and maximize the benefits of exercise for asthmatic individuals?

Select an exercise′ such as swimming′ that raises the heart rate′ increases respiratory rate′ and is relatively easy on the lungs. Avoid asthma triggers as much as possible.
Advise your client to wear a mask or a scarf if he or she must exercise is outside on a cold day.
Perform specific breathing exercises to strengthen the lungs.
Medicate prior to exercising.
Keep client’s inhaler close by during exercise.
perform adequate warm-up.
Avoid high-intensity exercises for extended periods.
Advise your client to breathe through the nose.


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