This is the first chapter of a series covering everything a personal trainer should know about the career and the industry.

To get the ball rolling, I will take you through the important aspects to consider when choosing your certification.

Choosing your personal trainer certification

I will also discuss course navigation and how to access all of the important downloadable documents (very important!).

Let’s get started!

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    Introduction to the running start course

    Before watching the course intro video below, realize that I filmed this at the time where I was charging money for the course. Here are the main differences between the free course and the paid course I used to have:

    • Don’t worry, all the info is the exact same
    • You can no longer download the chapters
    • There is no more study portal/log-in
    • The document downloads are at the bottom of each chapter instead of in a separate module
    • The quizzes are at the bottom of each chapter instead of in a separate module
    • It is all 100% free. No more $299 price tag 🙂

    Document downloads and quizzes

    At the bottom of each chapter, you will have access to the document downloads, as well as the quizzes (quizzes) for each chapter.

    These are extremely important for getting the most out of this course.

    The downloadable documents will greatly help you prepare for your career as a personal trainer.

    I wish I had all of these when I was starting out.

    Running Start Chapter 1 | Getting it right first time: How to choose your personal trainer certification 1

    In order to download the documents, just click on the blue link under the downloads section. This will bring up a download option allowing you to save them to your computer or phone/tablet.

    Intro to chapter 1

    Personal trainer certifications