ISSA Unit 26 – Exercise and arthritis

ISSA Unit 26 - Exercise and arthritis

1: What is “arthritis” and explains its impact in the US?

Inflammation of the joints which causes pain, stiffness, and limitation of motion. The Arthritis Foundation states that arthritis has a cost that goes beyond pain: medical care, lost wages, insurance, lost income taxes, homecare services, etc. Conservative estimates of the annual cost of arthritis place the total at approximately $15 billion per year and rising.

2: What are the six basic guidelines recommended by the Arthritis Foundation to effectively assist arthritic clients.

Consult with a physician to plan the ideal program.
Begin the exercise program at a moderate intensity level, with a gradual increase.
Get sufficient rest between exercises.
Rest adequately.
Exercise at least twice a day.
Develop a structured plan for exercising daily.
All other factors being equal, exercise during a time when the individual has the least amount of pain, stiffness, and fatigue.

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3: Explain the 3 fundamental varieties of activity that should be incorporated in arthritis patients’ workout program.

full ROM exercises, strength conditioning exercises, and aerobic training (cardio).


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