ISSA Unit 11 – Body composition

ISSA Unit 11 - Body composition

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1: Name and describe the three somatotype classifications

Mesomorphic, or muscular, Ectornorphic, or slim and linear Endomorphic, or fat and round.

2: What is BMI” and explain its importance in estimating body composition

Body mass index (BMI) represents weight to height ratio in order to calculate healthy body composition and predict health risk factors.

3: Use the equation below to determine BMI for a male client who is 5’11” and 237lbs. include height

ISSA Unit 11 - Body composition 1

4: In what way would this client be classified according to BMI standards?

BMI = 33 this sits on the obesity spectrum and is, therefore, a major health concern

5: Describe the importance of waist circumference measurements for estimating body composition

Waist circumference provides a measure of abdominal fat which is a good indicator of the visceral fat prevalence

6: Describe the “waist circumference” cut-offs for both men and women?

Men>40 inches

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7: Describe the way body fat is deposited in the body

as subdermal adipose tissue or as visceral deposits

8: Record and explain some ways to ascertain body composition

Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA): one X-ray source is utilized to discover estimates of soft tissue, bone, mineral, and fat
Underwater weighing: contrasts the mass of the individual in the atmosphere to the mass of the individual underwater. Because fat has a lower density than water, an individual with a high-fat content will have a lower underwater weight than one of similar mass with lower fat content.
Potassium ion: Used to determine the presence of potassium. Potassium is the main ion in the cells of active tissue and organs. From the total potassium amount, it is possible to determine the lean mass.

9: Concisely describe how to use calipers

Pinch the skin and underlying fat and apply calipers to the fold. take the measurement as soon as subcutaneous water has drained away.

10: What are the 8 typical anatomical sites used for skinfold measurements.


11: Implementing Body Composition: Use the below client profile for each equation

Client Profile:
Imagine a female client who weighs 150 Ibs and has a body fat percentage of 34%. Her body fat percentage goal is 29%.

Calculate Current Body Fat in pounds:
Total Bodyweight x Body fat Percentage = number of pounds the client carries as fat.

Calculate the number of pounds due to LBM:
Total Bodyweight-pounds of fat = Lean Body Mass 99lbs

Calculate GoalWeight:
LBM / (1.OO – the body fat percentage goal) = goal weight.

12: In what way can the above calculations help you with client goal setting?

These calculations allow a trainer to gauge what sort of diet and exercise program to implement as well as what the realistic timeframe is for the intended outcome.

13: Fill in the chart below to ascertain body fat percentage

ISSA Unit 11 - Body composition 2

14: Fill in the chart below to ascertain body fat percentage

ISSA Unit 11 - Body composition 3

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ISSA Unit 11 - Body composition 4
ISSA Unit 11 - Body composition 5
ISSA Unit 11 - Body composition 6

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