ISSA Unit 22 – Exercise and adaptive fitness

ISSA Unit 22 - Exercise and adaptive fitness

1: What is “adaptive physical fitness” and explain this approach.

The development and execution of specifically designed physical fitness plans for disabled individuals.

2: What are the benefits of an increase in physical activity physically limited.

Maintains optimal health, avoiding issues caused by the disuse syndrome.
improves strength and endurance.
improves flexibility.
improves cardiovascular health
Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Reduces obesity and glucose intolerance.
Lessens or eliminates depression.
improves sleep. improves confidence.
improves basic motor skills making daily activities easier.

3: Name the aspects of physical and motor fitness.

Body composition.
Cardiovascular endurance
Flexibility o Muscular endurance.
Muscular strength o Neuromuscularcoordination.

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4: Explain what is the difference between handicap, disability, and impairment.

handicap: A condition that makes adaptation or progress difficult.
disability: A physiological or mental condition that limits normal function.
impairment: the diminished function of a physiological system.

5: What is the importance of exercise for the disabled.

The role of exercise is to alleviate chronic conditions without exacerbating them.


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