ISSA Unit 31 – Basic first aid

ISSA Unit 31 - Basic first aid

1: What does “CPR” stand for?

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

2: Describe the significance of CPR training as a health and fitness instructor.

As the primary person of care, you must be able to take control of emergency situations as a part of your service charter as a health/fitness professional

3: Describe the ABCs of the primary examination.

(A) airway, (B) breathing, and (C) circulation 

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4: Define the Good Samaritan Law.

It exempts one from liability while one is helping another in an emergency situation.

5: Describe the actions required in the Heimlich Maneuver.

Position yourself behind the victim.
Wrap arms around the waist.
Make a fist with one hand and place on the victim’s stomach above the umbilicus and well below the lower tip of the breastbone.
Grasp your fist with the free hand and push into the victim’s stomach with rapid, upward thrusts. Repeat until object is observably cleared or the victim regains consciousness.

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