ISSA Unit 23 – Exercise and our youth

ISSA Unit 23 - Exercise and our youth

1: Name some reasons as to why children should not be trained as adults.

Underdeveloped skeletal system.
Underdeveloped endocryne system
Underdeveloped motor skills

2: What are the contraindications for 5-12-year-olds?

Training at too high of an intensity and duration. Training in hot, humid environments, since thermoregulatory mechanisms are not fully developed. Sports injuries to the long bones and muscle injuries.

3: What are the contraindications for12-17-year-olds?

Tendon damage, low initial fitness levels, excess body weight, and musculoskeletal conditions.

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4: Explain the guideline of training young people, as well as considerations and recommendations for these categories.

Category 1 (Ages S-12)
Learn skills and coordination first.

Category 2 (Ages 12-17)
Increase in training intensity.


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