Personal Training Software Programs that will make your life easier!

Personal training can require a lot of organizational skills that can be incredibly frustrating especially if you have back-to-back clients.

There are tons to think about, and you need to be on top of your game if you want to be a successful personal trainer that makes good money.

In this article, you will know whether or not personal training software is something you should incorporate into your business. I will talk a lot about the popular software programs as well.

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Personal Training Software Programs

Introduction to training software

You need to keep track of what times your sessions are at, and with whom. You need to remember to take measurements, keep track of your clients goals, remember previous workout sessions (check out my workout template) and much more.

It can get overwhelming at times. That is why I recommend to most personal trainers that they use some form of personal training software to help them keep track of everything.

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In a perfect world, every personal trainer would walk around while holding either in android or iPad tablet. This makes everything so much easier when information is digitalized.

Writing down your clients workout sessions on the piece of paper is an ancient way of doing things yet most personal trainers still do it this way. One of the biggest reasons why digital copies of workouts are better is because both you and your client can keep a copy.

After your workout it is done, simply e-mailing your client the workout for the day. If you are writing everything down on a piece of paper, you have to decide who gets to keep the one and only copy.

If you keep the copy, if your client does not have the exercises and repetitions to look back on if they wanted to do the workout on the road. On the other hand, if you let your clients have a copy, they may or may not forget it at their home.

In this case, it will be hard to remember what exercises they did and for how many repetitions. I know some personal trainers that write down two copies each session on the piece of paper. This is an extreme waste of time especially if you have back-to-back clients all day.

I wrote this article in order to introduce everyone to some great personal training software programs that can help make their lives a lot easier. Not only will this software help your personal training business, but it can also help you organize other areas of your life.

There are a few different pieces of software that you can choose from. I will start with the cheapest and most basic options which are Microsoft Excel and Microsoft word. Most people have access to one of these two programs either at home, at school or on a friends computer.

After that, I will talk about two programs that are specialized for personal training. These programs are called Mindbody and fitsw. Let’s jump in to learn about all these personal training software programs!

Microsoft Excel or Google drive spreadsheets

Let’s talk about one of the first basic options which is Microsoft Excel. I would bet money that you have at some point used Microsoft Excel, whether in school or for work at some point. This software is fantastic because they can very easily be used as a calendar to set up training sessions.

To do this, it is very easy just set the columns as days of the week and the rows at the top as different times of the day.  Microsoft Excel is also good for creating a basic exercise template to keep track of exercises and repetitions for your clients.

If you currently don’t own a copy of Microsoft Excel, I would suggest going to a local office store to buy it. If you can’t find anywhere in town, you can always order it off If you are wondering how to use the program, you can find literally thousands of video and written tutorials just by searching Google.

An alternate option for using Microsoft Excel is to use Google drive spreadsheets. They don’t have all the functionality, but it is getting better all the time and can definitely be used to build a simple template or calendar for keeping track of information.

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using google speadsheets is an option

Microsoft word for Google drive documents

In my opinion, I do not think Microsoft Word is as good for building a calendar or a workout template compared to Microsoft Excel. But I have built successful templates, it was just much more difficult.

This workout template that I built in the past on my website, just head over to my article here, and you can get a free copy by signing up to my e-mail list. If you still like writing everything by hand, this workout template will definitely help you keep everything organized.

You can also upload this template to your smart phone or tablet so that you can keep track of everything digitally.

FitSW software to help you with personal training

Both the paid and free version of the software are excellent. One of the coolest features is their graphical representation of your clients progress of their weight, measurements and other nutritional information.

This software is the first dedicated training software that I ever tried. I feel like the user interface is quite intuitive. I also like that a lot of the options are included in the free version of the software. In my honest opinion, I do not feel that the Pro version is worth the investment.

You get so many of the features for free, and the Pro version is really not that much better. In terms of dedicated training software that is free, this is probably your best bet. Check it out here!

MindBody software to help you with personal training

I have to tell you truthfully, this training software is absolutely phenomenal! This is especially true if you run and operate your own training business or if you work in a personal training studio as a contractor.

One of the coolest features is they offer syncing from one device to another in the cloud! Some of the other services that they offer are data protection, auto reminders for sessions, a detailed calendar, automatic billing and tons of relationship tools for you and your client.

After trying the software for over a month, I cannot imagine my life as a personal trainer without it. It is extremely convenient to be able to add information about my client and their workout directly on my tablet while we’re in the middle of the workout.

Probably the coolest feature is that MindBody keeps track and handles all of the transactions and billing from you and your client. Typically this service would cost a lot of money because it would be handled by a third-party vendor.

Your clients will have the ability to confirm payments from any one of your devices that you choose to use. MindBody will send all of your clients auto reminders for each session which greatly reduces the chance that they will miss one.

Overall software is amazing and they highly suggest that you give it a try!

Conclusion on Personal Training Software

As you can see, there are multiple different options when it comes to training software! If you already own Microsoft Office or Excel, I would definitely try using these platforms as a way to organize and keep track of your business.

Even these two options will make you a much more efficient personal trainer compared to writing everything down by hand. If you want to try a free dedicated personal training software, I would head over to FitSW’s website to check out what they have to offer.

If you want the best of the best, I would definitely sign up for MindBody. In my experience, the amount of money it cost to purchase MindBody was completely worth it due to how much time it saves me overall.

I hope you gain some value information from my blog post on personal training software!

Leave a comment down below if you know of other software or have any other questions! Some other articles that might interest you are my articles on personal training marketing and how to sell personal training!

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    Great Post – Thank you for sharing! You have a lot of valuable information here. I just went over to look at Mindbody and FitSW and they both seem great. I tried the free FitSW one and it really is nice to see that you can track anything. Mindbody looks polished too. I will try these out with my clients. Great find!

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