NETA Review 2021 - NETA Certification Cost vs Value Comparison

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    Welcome to the PTPioneer review for NETA and their personal training certification!

    Here we will go over:

    Basic information regarding this fitness certification
    How to become a personal trainer with NETA
    Study material, cost, and a star rating for the cert

    After this article is over, you will know if this is a high quality fitness coach certification or not.

    Let’s dive into the intro and find out more!

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      NETA review - neta Cost vs Value,  Is NETA worth it?

      The fitness industry is so vast and is predicted by the National Bureau of Statistics to grow by 24 percent by the year 2020.

      This recognition is a confirmation that people are becoming more body-conscious and trying to stay healthy; for, as they say: “health is wealth.”

      Surely, you will not find this important info in other NETA certification reviews. The future of the fitness industry is bright and you should latch on to it as it rises.

      I suggest that you take the quiz in order to find the personal training certification best suited to you.

      Make sure to check out my must-read article on the five most recommended certifications of 2021 as well as how to become a certified trainer; a step-by-step guide.

      The menu at the top of this page will answer any questions related to personal training that you may have.

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      NETA Pros and Cons

      Pros and Cons


      • NCCA accredited
      • Offers good hands-on experience with their workshop
      • It is a certification for fitness professionals
      • With your NETA group fitness certification, you are allowed to work as a professional for two years
      • The convenience during the test writing is of good report
      • You don’t need to have a college degree before sitting for NETA certification exams


      • Thin study materials and study options
      • I’ve heard that the test is ‘way too easy’
      • Several editions of the study materials that are not totally congruent with one another

      If you like to digest your study material in video format, here is the YouTube video I made on the NETA CPT about three years ago.

      In general, this article provides more information and is more up-to-date to give you information on becoming a certified personal trainer.

      NETA is a lesser-known certification when compared to the likes of ACSM, NASM or ACE (American Council on Exercise, and our top choice).

      Although it is not as well known, it is still widely accepted.

      NETA is accredited by the NCCA.

      I do not hold the NETA certification, but I know a few people that have obtained theirs.

      I sat down with them to talk about the study materials, test, and their overall experience with NETA.

      Some of these personal trainers are also certified through other certifying agencies such as NSCA or NASM.

      They were able to offer great insights into the differences between these certifications.

      If you are just getting started in the industry, I suggest you check out my article on the Premier certifications. 

      You should also look at my massive guide to starting your career as a personal trainer.

      Keep in mind that nearly all physical trainer certifications will have the personal training requirements of passing high school or the equivalent.

      Also, make sure you find out the certified personal trainer salary in this article on PTPioneer.

      Now, let’s get right into the NETA review so that you can see what it is all about.

      NETA Review: General Information

      NETA Review - NETA Cost vs Value, Is NETA worth it?

      NETA has a few different certifications that are popular within the fitness industry.

      They offer the General CPT certification (which this article looks at), Group Fitness Exercise Certification, and an Indoor Cycling Certification. These are good options for first time trainers.

      Quick hint: the NETA certified group exercise certification is a key certification exam that is crucial for wellness coaches because it is one of the most important specialty certifications in the industry.

      NETA is an acronym for the National Exercise Trainers Association.

      You have two options for certification through NETA. The first option is a two-day workshop.

      This consists of 14 hours of instruction and one-on-one practical experience with a trained NETA instructor.

      This workshop focuses on building leadership, gaining practical knowledge, and developing one-on-one relationships – all of which are extremely important once you have clients.

      The second option for getting certified through NETA is to take their test directly.

      This option provides zero study materials.

      It is not that they do not have study materials available. It’s just that they are not provided with payment for the text-only version.

      Consequently, you will have to purchase study materials separately. This does not make sense to me, but that’s the way it is. 

      If you are considering this option, I have free study materials for different certifications ranging from ACE study guide, NASM study materials, NSCA study guide. All of those study guides are available on my website.

      Of course, as with any other certifications, you will need to be at least 18 years of age and have a current CPR card.

      Like NCCPT and NASM (check out this comparison article), NETA also has an arrangement that requires you to take their test at a local PSI/Lasergrade facility.

      Due to changing times, they have been updated to allow becoming a personal trainer through the use of an online personal trainer certification exam.

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      But, you can still set up a time and place at one of these local testing centers.

      Most of these centers are located in larger cities throughout the United States.

      Once you have found a location that is close to you, you need to set up a test date.

      I would recommend setting the test date a few months in advance to give you some extra time to prep for the exam.

      In case you do not pass the test on your first go-round, there is a $90 retest fee.

      You receive the results of your test immediately after completing it.

      What is NETA certification?      

      What is NETA certification?

      NETA is a professional certification organization that is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and that makes it credible.

      You can be rest assured that any certification that is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies has been ‘looked at under a microscope.’ NCCA is saddled with the duty of certifying fitness professionals in various specialties.

      In other words, the process is very rigorous and not easy to pass.

      Their certifications validate your training and studying, proving to clients and every other person that you are qualified to work in a gym or as a personal trainer.

      The certificate is an important piece of confirmation from a regulated body that separates you from other nonprofessionals in the field.

      How to get certified as a personal trainer through NETA:

      You enroll online on the NETA website where you can choose your specialty certification.

      They have courses for:

      • Group Instructor certification (for people who can motivate a large number of people at once)
      • Corrective Exercise Instructor certification
      • Wellness Coach certification
      • Personal Training certification
      • NETA Group Fitness certification

      NETA certification offers different packages.

      For instance, some come with study materials, and others are designed strictly for people who only want to take certification exams.

      NETA also recommends self-study and offers students a 350-pages fitness professionals study guide.

      Otherwise, you can choose to attend the NETA trainer certification review 14-hour workshop.  

      At the workshop, you get to meet NETA national exercise instructors that are well-grounded and are always happy to impart knowledge on prospective certification candidates.

      The workshop is a valuable way to learn how to become a certified personal trainer and to do your best in your career.

      Once done with the studies, and finished consuming the contents of the study materials, you can then prepare to write the exam at the center of your choice.

      NETA personal trainer certification cost and more…

      NETA certification cost

      NETA offers three different ways to pay for their certifications. The cheapest package is their “test only” option which costs $349.

      This is one of the cheapest options for test-only in the industry and would be the cheapest way to earn a personal trainer certificate.

      Well, there is a discounted rate package, among the NETA prices, called the “Early Bird.”

      This package is designed for those that register 30 days before a scheduled workshop.

      The standard fee for NETA workshops and certification exams is about $499.

      NETA exam certification fee alone is $349 (this is minus the workshop).

      It may not be the best certified personal trainer course online, but it is providing some solid personal trainer education at an ok price.

      As I mentioned above, this option does not come with any study materials.

      Note, however, that it is virtually impossible to pass the test without the textbook.

      The textbook will cost you $59 and is sold separately.

      They have an additional fitness professional’s study workbook that helps you better understand their primary textbook.

      This workbook will cost you approximately $29.

      Overall, the study material, the exam, and PSI/Lasergrade testing or online testing will cost approximately $499.

      I highly recommend the study materials offered through the company so that you can learn how to be a personal trainer effectively.

      Note also that the NETA certification is valid for two years.

      Once that time lapses, you will be required to show proof of continuing education to get recertified.

      Cost of specialty certification tests

      • Group exercise instructor certification test – $249
      • Personal trainer certification test – $349
      • Wellness coach certification test- $249

      NETA Exam

      NETA  Exam

      The NETA certification exam is quite easy (when compared to other fitness training certifications).

      After you have made all the necessary payments to NETA via credit card, cash, or check and also submit your signed application either by mail or fax, you will then receive a confirmation from NETA, declaring your eligibility to take the exam.

      The NETA exam contains three parts with 300 questions to be attempted in 3hrs.

      To retake a test for any reason best known to the candidate, it will attract an additional $129 registration fee for the Personal Trainer certification examinations.

      NETA exam rules and regulations, registration fees, and retake are similar to others like ACSM exam and ACE.

      Now that you have acquainted yourself with information about NETA, learn the cost of being a personal trainer and also choose software programs that will help your work and make you function better at an optimum level.

      NETA Recertification

      I mentioned earlier a little bit about continuing education for NETA certification.

      As you may know, the fitness industry is constantly evolving because there are new discoveries that affect the human body.

      There are new innovations, techniques, and laws that are constantly developed, tested, and trusted by fitness professionals.

      These are consequently added to the body of knowledge.

      So, take for example, if you obtained your NETA national exercise trainers certification two years ago and there are new efficient ways of doing your job and you are yet to know, your clients will not be getting the best from you.

      As such, every personal trainer, group exercise instructor, wellness coach, and fitness professionals generally have to stay informed, and that is why NETA recommends that there should be recertification every two years.

      How does it work?

      Want to be a NETA fitness coach year after year? Pay attention to the following:

      You are to update your NETA certification by upgrading yourself, whether you are a personal trainer or a group instructor.

      The short continuing education courses created by NETA certified fitness professionals are designed to enrich your prior knowledge.

      In effect, you are expected to attend and complete two units of Continuing Education Courses within the two years in order to renew your certification.

      Then you resubmit your application and pay the necessary fees for recertification.

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      Note that the NETA personal training certification online is the same standard practice when compared with other fitness certification agencies.

      What happens if you don’t go for recertification?

      What happens if you don't go for recertification?

      It is quite simple: you lose your NETA certification!

      If you continue to further pose as a NETA-certified fitness professional after you have elapsed the grace for recertification, you would be disqualified from renewing your NETA certification or retake a NETA Certification Exam.

      Thus, it is in your own best interest that you go for recertification because it is a standard practice in the fitness professional industry.

      I have an article on other CEUs that are cheap and affordable for you for certification renewal.

      NETA recertification prices

      The fitness industry is also well regulated so that all personal trainers like exercise instructors, wellness coaches, group exercise instructors, strength and conditioning specialists, corrective exercise trainers, and many more, will have to be certified before they can be trusted that they can actually do the job.

      Hey, you don’t want to be in the OR or ER with a surgeon that knows nothing about a scalpel!

      The same applies to personal training, and that is why certification and recertification are so important – in fact, crucial.

      So, how much does this cost?

      • 30 days before the NETA certification expiration date: $65.00
      • Between 1 to 90 days past the NETA certification expiration date: $80.00
      • Beyond 91 to 180 days past the NETA certification expiration date: $95.00

      This applies to all the NETA certification holders. Whether you are a personal trainer, wellness coach or a group exercise instructor, you are to embark on recertification constantly and as scheduled.

      NETA Review Conclusion

      My overall rating for NETA is:

      NETA certification rating

      I would have to rate NETA as a middle-grade certification.

      The organization itself has been around for a decent amount of time, but they have not done a great job of establishing themselves as a top-notch certification in this industry.

      Quick hint: If you are still having trouble deciding the right PT certification for you, take the quiz so that you can figure it out. This way you get the best personal trainer certification for your own needs.

      The study packages that they offer are not complete and the study materials they provide could also be much better.  

      Be that as it may, the two-day workshop that they offer does offer great hands-on practical help, and their study material is severely lacking.

      When compared to the materials that NASM or ACE provide, NETA’s study package gets left in the dust.

      My friends that have taken the NETA examination mentioned that it was a relatively easy test to pass.

      I hope this review of NETA Personal Trainer Certification helps you decide which program is right for you. You may want to check out my reviews of NPTI and ISSA.

      Overall, I would have to say that ACE and NASM are my two certifications of choice due to the industry recognition and fantastic study materials they offer.

      Make sure to check out my comparison section, where you will find articles such as ACE vs NASM, NASM vs ACSM, ISSA vs NASM and NSCA vs NASM.

      If you want to learn more about NETA, you could visit their website here.

      The boom in the industry is an excellent opportunity for you; let that zeal to be a personal trainer earn you a good stream of income.

      As you work towards this awesome career path do not forget to be insured. There is great professional liability insurance available for you on my page.

      You can make an excellent salary as a personal trainer while helping people at the same time.

      It is indeed one of the best professions on the planet.

      Ask me any questions you might have in the comment box down below the FAQ section!

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