NCCPT Review 2021 - NCCPT Certification Cost vs Value

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    Welcome to the latest review of the NCCPT certification where you’ll be introduced to the following:

    NCCPT Pros and Cons
    General Information
    Study Materials, Cost, and Final Exams

    I can tell you a lot about the credibility and popularity of NCCPT because of my 10+ years of obtaining the certification.

    Let’s swing into action right away!

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      Before we get started into my full NCCPT review, let’s do some quick pros and cons of this certification.

      Before then…

      I also strongly suggest that you take the quiz so that you can find out which PT certification is the best for you.

      I strongly suggest checking out my article on the top five fitness instructor certifications as well as my comparison article NCCPT vs NASM.

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      NCCPT Pros and Cons


      • The NCCPT cert is very affordable
      • It is NCCA accredited
      • Most study materials are digital
      • NCCPT has been in this business for over 20 years
      • If you fail the exam at your first attempt you will be able to take the test again at a testing center after 72 hours and that is enough time for you to go through the study guide again


      • The study guide may not necessarily give you a clear picture of the exam questions
      • The test is reported to be “too easy”
      • There are some commercial gyms that are yet to adopt this certification
      • Taking the exam again attracts a fee

      For individuals who like to digest their study materials in video format, here is the YouTube video I made for the NCCPT Certified CPT about three years ago.

      In general, this article offers more information and is more up-to-date.

      I hope that before you leave this article, you will have a good understanding of what type of trainers should pursue this certification.

      So, Is NCCPT worth it?

      Let’s find out!

      This NCCPT personal trainer certification has been growing in popularity lately, so I felt it was finally time to write a review of it.

      This became necessary to help folks like you understand when a fitness professional says he/she is NCCPT certified.

      Two of the newer hires at the gym I work at have recently completed the NCCPT exams and they have been certified after passing the exam.

      I had a chance to sit down with both of them and find out their likes and dislikes about this new certification.

      I also contacted some commercial gyms in my area such as IN-SHAPE and 24 Hour Fitness, as well as some smaller local gyms.

      I then discovered that even though NCCPT has been recognized by the larger commercial gyms, many of the employers at the smaller gyms still haven’t heard of it.

      Let’s check out some general information about the NCCPT certification, and then check out what my fellow personal trainers think of it.

      If you are just getting started in the personal training industry, let me point you in the right direction by suggesting you read my guide to becoming a personal trainer, information on fitness trainer salary and my preferred personal trainer certifications.

      Let’s get this NCCPT review started!

      NCCPT Review: General Information

      NCCPT Review: General Information

      This section explores the benefit of having this certification in your possession.

      NCCPT Review: General Information

      ***NCCPT has since partnered with ISSA and uses outside resources as opposed to their own study courses***

      The National Council for Certified Personal Trainers, NCCPT, is a certifying agency that was established in California in 1995.

      NCCPT board certifies various fitness professionals like Personal Trainer, Indoor Cycling Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Strength Training Specialist, Group Exercise Instructor.

      The NCCPT claims that the system used by their trainers was created from over 34 personal training certifications and years of experience.

      I was confused by the statement; did it mean that the owner had personally obtained 34 personal training certifications or was it merely a reference to the information used when coming up with the NCCPT program?

      Like most certifications in the industry, NCCPT references ACSM’s research as well as guidelines in the curriculum.

      Similar to ACSM and NASM, it looks like NCCPT focuses more on “corrective” movements.

      It seems to have a strong emphasis on muscular imbalances, proprioception, exercise physiology, cardiovascular, and stabilization.

      Just like other established certifications, the NCCPT is NCCA accredited.

      On top of being accredited by the NCCA, it has also been IDEA approved.

      Other well-known certifications such as NASM, ISSA, and AFAA have recognized NCCPT as being a valid form of continuing education for their certifications.

      This is an excellent opportunity for anyone working in the fitness industry.

      As usual, some standard prerequisites of eligibility need to be met to get certified.

      Exclusive PTP Offers

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      You will need a government-issued ID card, and you will need to be CPR-certified at the time you take the test.

      You also need to be at least 18 years old.

      NCCPT Study Materials

      NCCPT Study Materials

      Here, you’ll be exposed to the different packages available, so as to choose the one that suits your learning style.

      NCCPT Study Materials

      There are many study materials for different certifications open to fitness professionals.

      Some of these are:

      • Certified Yoga Instructor flow manual – $44.99
      • NCCPT personal trainer manual -$144.99 (this one comes with exam quizzes)
      • Certified exercise group instructor manual -$44.99

      They have these and many more study guides to prepare you for the exam.

      The PT training programs have an ok amount of program design, wellness, weight loss, kinesiology, biomechanics, exercise science, and some mention of basic health care.

      For now, though, we’ll concentrate on the NCCPT Personal Trainer Certification

      The NCCPT certification cost and exam

      The NCCPT certification cost and exam

      This section will give you a breakdown of the study packages and cost implication for the exams.

      The NCCPT certification cost and exam

      Personal trainers, yoga instructors, and group exercise instructors are given the same number of 140 multiple-choice questions.

      You have exactly 120 minutes from start to finish.

      If you are sure you really don’t need the study guides – which might give you clues to the NCCPT exam answers, then the exam alone package is for you.

      The overall NCCPT cost is just $600.

      For you to take the exam alone, you are required to write the exam within six months but you do have the grace of six months extension.

      They have an unusual rating system, and you will need to score 655 points to pass the exam.

      This equates to approximately 73%.

      To guarantee you pass, it is a good idea to do some sample test/practice exams or flashcards to get an idea of the questioning.

      Just like NASM, you will be taking this test at a PSI/Lasergrade facility near you.

      These are located in most large cities in the United States.

      These facilities make sure no foul play or cheating is going on while you take the test.

      The cool thing about PSI/Lasergrade facilities is that you know whether or not you pass the test immediately after you take it.

      You receive your certification by mail approximately one month after you pass the test. The certification is valid for two years.

      If you want to retake the exam because you missed the exam or fail the first time, you have the grace of rewriting within 12months period.

      The fee for exam extension costs $75

      The exam is not an open book exam.

      How do you pass the test? Simply by choosing as many correct answers as you can and get your certification.

      You might have questions about other certifications exam like ACSM, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialization, NASM and so many more, you will find them on my website

      NCCPT Continuing Education Units

      NCCPT Continuing Education Units

      Here, we uncover how to obtain and maximize NCCPT continuing education units.

      Since new research is being carried out daily in commercial health clubs, NCCPT recommends that you should take continuing education units (CEU’S) courses within two years of obtaining the NCCPT certification.

      Continuing Education Units courses are NCCPT accredited short programs designed for fitness professionals to renew their NCCPT certifications.

      You are expected to take a short course from this body of knowledge experts within two years of obtaining your group instructor certification, personal trainer certification, yoga certification, or strength training specialist certification.

      With any of those certifications, all you now need is to pass the short courses of 2 credit units and submit for certification renewal.

      As a Certified Personal Trainer that is considering CEUs, you can take a course that can certify you to work with special populations.

      In other words, you will need to receive continuing education credits to get recertified, similar to other certifications.

      There are other CEUs that you can check out on my website.

      NCCPT continuing education credits

      This will help you to stay informed on issues in the industry and as well remain competitive.

      When submitting your documents for recertification, you are to also submit a current AED and CPR certification.

      Recertification costs $75 and late submission for recertification costs $100.

      If you fail to submit your completed document for the renewal of certification after the grace of 30 days, you will have to take the NCCPT CPT exam again.

      Why NCCPT?

      First, the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), an institute responsible for the accreditation of personal trainers, certifies NCCPT for abiding by the code of excellence.

      NCCA certifications ensure the top level of quality in the fitness industry and the NCCPT test is no different.

      This makes NCCPT a preferred body of knowledge where you can kickstart your carrier as a training specialist, be it as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, exercise instructor, group fitness instructor, or strength training specialist.

      • You must be 18 years and above,
      • Have a valid ID
      • Have a CPR card and a
      • Possess a certificate or a four-year degree in health and fitness from an accredited institute.

      When you meet these requirements you can then have a six-month grace to prepare and take the exam.

      You are expected to pass the exam up to 73% before you can be certified with an NCCPT certificate.

      The NCCPT Certified Trainer course empowers men and women to become credible exercise instructors.

      It also gives credence to your training as an exercise physiologist – and even a Yoga instructor.

      The same NCCPT CPT certification will qualify you as a group exercise instructor.

      When you register, an NCCPT study guide will be provided to support you.

      During the NCCPT Personal Trainer Certification Program, the instructors focus more on exercise application, nutrition and rest as the basis for accomplishing health and fitness goals.

      Note, however, that the exams only package will cost you $239.99.

      The Deluxe package costs $599.99 and comes with the following benefits:

      • This package gives you a chance to write the exam once
      • If you fail to pass the test, you would have to take the exam again by paying another fee of $99
      • You would have access to online videos
      • PDF study guide
      • The Personal Trainer Manual consisting of questions and answers
      • An opportunity of a 2-day Live Workshop. The workshop is from 8 am to 6 pm on both days.

      If you ask me, that is a good deal.

      One of the personal trainers that I talked to said he found the NCCPT certification through the Groupon option.

      NCCPT Groupon certifications are very affordable and come with a good discount.

      Exclusive PTP Offers

      Gold Standard Cert
      Save 25%
      Most Popular Cert
      3 Certs for 1
      A Good Option
      50% off
      Best Study Materials
      See MVP discount
      Best online PT course
      $100 Off
      The Top PT Software
      Get Free Trial

      At the time he signed up, there was a great deal available; it only cost him $299 then for access to the online textbook as well as to take the exam.

      Note, however, that this package does not include the proctoring fee of $75.

      For thorough studies, you can check free ISSA materials, NASM materials, ACE study materials, and NSCA study guide on my website.


      NCCPT Review Conclusion

      The value dished out in this review is more than sufficient to set you on the path of success in your career.

      I am eager to hear from you in the comment section.

      My overall rating is:

      NCCPT certification rating

      This newer certification seems like a pretty good option for a trainer that is just starting out in the fitness industry.

      The price on offer through the Personal Training Certification Groupon deal definitely cannot be beaten by any certification out there.

      NCCPT Groupon Personal Trainer Certification costs $149 for the Premium package and $179 for the Deluxe package.

      There you have it!

      If you’re still having trouble picking the perfect PT certification, take the quiz to help point you in the right direction.

      Do remember that NCCPT is also NCCA accredited, which is a great thing.

      This certifying agency is gaining recognition quickly, especially considering how new an organization it is.

      It has a lot of potential for growth, and I am excited to see where it goes.

      Remember that there are some commercial gyms that are yet to know about this certification, so there still may be plenty of gyms that have never heard of it and do not accept it.

      Become an NCCPT certified personal trainer and be in the big leagues.

      The fitness industry is a booming industry that has come to stay.

      As a professional working with the body and the minds of your clients, you will not regret the decision of acquiring an NCCPT certificate.

      However, you should always check with your local workout facility to see if they accept NCCPT.

      As of right now, I would not put them at the same level as NASM or ACE.

      I think they need to work on their study materials.

      My friends told me that the primary textbook was pretty thin, in that the test was not very hard to pass in comparison.

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      There, you will find articles like NASM vs ACSM, ISSA vs NASM and NSCA vs NASM.

      Also, make sure to check out the NCCPT website if you’re interested in more information.

      Find more information below about other personal training

      Let me know what you think in the comment section down below right after the FAQ section.

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