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35% of ACE CPT test takers fail, don’t be one of them 

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Info on the ACE Premium Study Guide

Learn the formula you need to pass the exam

The ACE exam has a staggering 35% fail rate because the textbook is huge and really overwhelming. My study guide will show you exactly what to focus on as well as what to skim from the text.

Assignments for each chapter of the text

At the beginning of each chapter you will receive an assignment tcomplete. These assigments will highlight the most critical information that you need to memorize to pass the ACE test. 

ACE Cram Guide: AKA assignment answers

Have you waited until the last second to start studying for the ACE exam? Don’t worry one bit! The study guide shows the answers to the chapter assignments and work as a fantastic cram guide.

Info on the ACE Premium Practice Tests

Get used to how ACE will word their questions

My four full practice tests will help you understand the test structure and get you to use to how ACE words their questions. The wording on the final exam can completely throw people off, causing them to fail.

Locate your weak/strong areas of study

After finishing each practice exam, you will get a full breakdown of how you did in each section. This will allow you to refocus your studies in order to improve on your weaker areas on the test.

Real ACE CPT exam simulation environment

All of my tests are broken down with the same percentage of questions coming from each domain of study, just as the real test. All tests will have a countdown timer for three hours to finish 150 questions.

Info on the ACE Prime SRS Flashcard System

600+ ACE CPT Flashcards on handy application

My ACE flashcard deck currently contains 600+ flashcards. They are broken down by the four main domains so you can focus on one area at a time. Oh, and you can access them on the go with a handy app.

Spaced Repetition learning System

Spaced repetition learning (SRL) is a study system that learns which topics you know well and which ones you need practice with. It then sets different study intervals based on this individual information.

Concrete the information

The SRL system is fantastic not only for memorizing difficult topics, but also for keeping this info in your long term memory. This is very important for the longevity of your personal training career.

ACE Exam Pass Guarantee or Your Money Back

With the purchase of the ACE Ultimate study package (all three study materials), you receive my exam pass guarantee. It’s straightforward, if you somehow fail the test after going through the study guide, the practice tests and reaching mastery on my flashcard system, I will refund 100% of your money. Period.


Do you really boast a 99% pass rate?

Although these premium study materials have just now been released to the public, I have given over 100 people (friends, family and acquaintances) free access to my practice tests and my ACE flashcard system. Out of the 100+ people that have used my system, only one person has failed, and I’m pretty sure he was not taking the test very seriously.

Free study guide vs the prime study guide?

The free study guide on my website goes over all topics from each chapter of the huge ACE CPT textbook. The premium ACE CPT study guide directs your studying towards the most critical concepts to learn in order to have the highest success rate on the exam. It dramatically increases the chance that you will pass.

How did you create this study guide?

I have been running PTPioneer for five years now and have helped thousands of people get started in the personal training industry. Many of whom have gone through the process of studying for the ACE exam. From talking to them, I have learned a great deal about what people encounter on the test and have shaped my study guide around that. This will cut out a lot of what I call “study fluff”.

How many pages is the premium study guide?

The premium ACE study guide is a 62 page PDF.

How does the pass guarantee work?

With the purchase of the ACE CPT practice tests and SRS Flashcard system combination, you receive my pass guarantee. It’s pretty straightforward, if you somehow fail the exam after passing my practice tests and reaching mastery level on my ACE CPT flashcard system, I will refund 100% of your money. Period.

How did you create these practice tests?

The practice tests are updated for the new domain percentages that ACE is using on their exams. They recently changed these percentages last year. I’m sure that I’m the only person that has the updated test percentages. The questions were created from talking to hundreds of my students that have passed the exam and the types of questions that they saw.

How many total questions are there?

My practice tests contain four full tests that I have put together personally. There is also 750+ questions available that will allow you to randomly create new tests created from the 750 questions. At the end of each test you will learn which domains you are good at and which ones you need practice with. You can also take domain related quizzes that each have 30 questions.

How do I receive the study materials?

Immediately after your purchase, you can access all of the study materials that you have purchased.

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