Why Personal training is probably the best job on the planet!

I have about 1 billion reasons why personal training is the most magnificent job on the planet (check out the description)!

Keep reading to find out why 🙂

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If you are someone that is interested in the health and fitness industry and considering becoming a personal trainer, let me go over some of the main reasons why I love my job.

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For me, I have always had a passion for health, fitness, and sports. As a child, I literally participated in every sport that I could from basketball, baseball to the street hockey.

When I finally entered high school, I started learning more about the musculoskeletal system and how exercise can help me get better in the sports that I played.

I began lifting weights, stretching, working on quickness drills and doing plyometrics so that I could jump as high as I could during basketball and volleyball season.

Through all my research and hard work, I got significantly better at my sports. I also gained an aesthetic physique that I enjoyed.

Friends of mine would come to me for advice on working out, and I had extreme pleasure pointing them in the right direction and helping them achieve the same thing that I had.

I have good memories of building workout programs for my friends and the excitement in their eyes when they started getting better.

That was just the beginning of my journey as a personal trainer, and I have not lost any of enjoyment that I got as a high school student.

No matter what the goal was, it felt great to help people achieve it. Whether they wanted just to live healthier, get better at a particular sport or to look better, it was great seeing them progress and eventually reach their goal.

This feeling that I got was the primary driving force that led me to the health and fitness industry.

Besides getting enjoyment from helping clients, there are a lot of other benefits as well. Some of the benefits include great pay, setting your hours and virtually being your own boss. Let me go over some additional benefits!

Helping others will bring you extreme satisfaction!

As I mentioned a lot in the intro paragraph, there is no better feeling than helping clients achieve their goals. In a world where most people are self-centered and greedy, it is fantastic to help people.

A lot of the times I have clients that get unmotivated because they feel they are not getting close to their goals no matter how much hard work that they put in.

It is my job to bring them back into good spirits and show them that they have made a ton of progress without even realizing it.

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Since I keep track of all of their progress from body fat percentage, weights to strength gains, I can show them that they are making progress.

It is great to see the hope come back into their eyes and the motivation start to build.

The more significant milestones that they reach are more satisfying for them, but setting small goals are also essential to keeping them motivated.

It is great to see how they react to reach you week-long goals and month-long goals. There is no feeling like it.

Helping people with diet

I love the people and the environment that I work in

If I were working in a situation where everybody was grumpy and hated their job, I would feel the same way as well. Working at a gym or health club is fantastic because everybody there is trying to better themselves.

This creates a very positive outlook from the staff members as well as paying members. Because of this fantastic outlook, everybody has excellent positivity that radiates throughout the whole building.

I have worked at or experienced many different places were people are grumpy and do not like their job. This type of attitude is very contagious, and before long you’ll start feeling grumpy as well.

This is one of the greatest things about being a personal trainer. Living in this environment for the majority of your hours every day puts a positive spin on your outlook on life. Everybody is trying to help everyone else.

The pay is excellent and the hours are flexible

If you want a full understanding of how much you can make as a personal trainer you should check out my article on personal trainer salary. You can be hugely successful as a personal trainer depending on how many clients you have and how much you charge each client.

Most people start out by working at a commercial gym like 24-hour fitness. At these places, you can typically make about $20 per hour (which is way higher than most jobs).

If you branch out and work for yourself, you can make the full amount that your client pays for your time which is usually $50-$70 per hour. If you are thinking about working for yourself, check out my article here.

A way to make even more money is to get into small group personal training where you charge each client less money, but you can make between 100 and $200 per hour!

As you can see personal training is very lucrative and in demand. I am also able to set my own schedule. You could work as little of four hours a day if you are making $100 per hour or you could be working 12 hours a day and be exceptionally financially successful!

It is a great feeling to be your own boss and set your own schedule. Most people that work 9-5 could only dream of what this feels like.

Conclusion on why I like instructing fitness

I hope you liked my article on the reasons I enjoy educating fitness. As you can see, there are so many benefits is unbelievable.

If you are on edge about deciding whether or not you should become a personal trainer, I hope this article persuaded you in the right direction.

It is fantastic in helping other people achieve their goals. It is also an excellent environment to work in because the people are so friendly and everybody is trying to help one another.

It is a very lucrative job as well where you can set your own schedule. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below.

There are a lot more reasons that I can add to this article, but these are my favorites. Happy personal training!

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  1. Do you still get to workout being a personal trainer? I know the hours are long but do you still have time to fit in for yourself?

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