Indoor Cycling Certification? – Two good options!

Are you a fanatic of group exercise workouts?

If so, picking up a group cycling certification could be a fantastic way for you to earn some extra money while doing something that you love! Let’s talk about the two most popular cycling certifications on the market.

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Group exercise training is one of the most energetic and fun workouts you can have! Whether you are teaching are taking a class, the energy that everybody feeds off of is incredible!

One of my top three favorite group classes to take is indoor cycling! Because of this, I decided to get certified as a cycling instructor so I could lead my classes with my music.

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If you already hold a group exercise instructor certification (my favorite one) that is a great start, but if you want to be a fantastic cycling instructor you should get the specialized certification instead of your general certification!

In the industry, there are currently two top cycling certifications. One is put out by NETA (indoor group cycling specialty certification), and one is put out by AFPA (cycling instructor certification). These were the only two that I could find online. Let’s get right into my indoor cycling certification article!

The indoor cycling certification by AFPA

This cycling certification is targeted for group instructors with no foundation for classroom instruction. This certification talks about all the different types of bikes that are currently being sold today, as well as all the different ordinary cycling routines.

A quick glance of the materials you can see that they talk a lot about how to create safe routines, techniques, and practices for endurance riders, techniques and methods for speed and strength riders, how to correctly set up your studio space and how to create great choreography for the classes.

A large section is how to correctly set up the bike for new riders depending on body type and shape. Is extremely important to set up the bike correctly for each of your class members, to put them through a safe workout.

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You’ll learn all about proper cooldown and warm-up techniques for spinning. You’ll learn all about teaching the classroom both on and off your bike. You will learn about common biking injuries, how to prevent them and how to recognize if somebody has a higher potential to get injured.

There are no prerequisites regarding certifications to take the cycling certification. You only need to be a high school graduate and be at least 18 years old.

At the time of writing this, the AFPA certification currently costs $420. Check out the website here to learn more I highly suggest getting the certification if you are considering teachings spin!

indoor cycling class

The cycling certification by NETA

To be completely honest with you, both certifications are very similar. You’ll learn all about the basics of working with people in your spinning class. Compared to the AFPA certification there is a significant section on terminology that is commonly used in class.

It also has an excellent chapter that talks about dealing with a wide variety of experienced spinners and beginners all in one class. In my personal experience, it is challenging to instruct experienced spinners while at the same time teaching beginners.

You will learn a great deal about regressions and progressions for different riders. Besides what I just mentioned above, both certifications are very close with the material that they provide.

The most significant difference is probably the price between the two. NETA’s certification at the time of me writing this is only $169 compared to the $420 that AFPA is asking. Both certifications offer continuing education credits, but I believe NETA might provide more.

Conclusion on Indoor Cycling Certifications

If you have been doing group exercise training and wanted to transition into group exercise spinning classes, then I would highly suggest getting either one of these two certifications.

If you are coming from one-on-one personal training, I would also suggest that you check out a group exercise certification so that you learn about choreography, music and other group exercise tactics in general.

If you want to be the best spin instructor that you can, you need to have specific training for it to be the best that you can be. Let me know if you have any experience with either one of these two certifications.

Also if you have heard of any other spinning certifications let me know because I could not find any others. I hope you all liked my indoor cycling certification article.

If you are looking for additional advanced certifications, I suggest that you check out my articles on my water aerobics certification as well as my golf certification reviews. Please like this on social media if it was helpful or sure some friends! Happy personal training!

  • Heather Oglesby says:


    I have been spinning for over two years and was certified by Schwinn last year as a spin instructor. I am not group certified but have been team teaching at my gym. I’m still looking for a mentor and would like more training as I want to be an exceptional instructor. Can you advise on both? What would be the next certification I should go after and where can I find a good mentor. There is one person that I’ve reached out to but I believe he is too busy. Thank you in advance!

    • Tyler Read says:

      I would start out with the AFPA cycling certification out of the two options. If you are not group exercise certified, I highly recommend checking out my article on the top group certifications. Overall the ACE group exercise certification is my top choice. In terms of finding a mentor, I would search around the various gyms in your area seeing if you can get some one-on-one experience with some of the veteran instructors. People are usually pretty open to men touring in the personal training environment.

  • Rebecca D-D says:

    I certified through Madd Dog, which owns the rights to the term “Spinning”. Using the terms “spin”, “spinning”, “spinner” without their registered trademark is problematic, although most people do not know that. For example, I cannot call the indoor cycle studio a “Spinning Studio” because not all instructors are Spinning (registered trademark), nor are all the bikes Spinners (registered trademark). Here is the link to their online certification: Hope this helps!

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