NASM FNS Chapter 7 – Alcohol

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Important definitions to memorize for chapter 7 of the NASM FNS

Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (ALDH) ~ The protein that catalyzes the conversion of acetaldehyde to acetate, which ultimately forms acetyl CoA

Alcohol ~ Common name for fermentation alcohol or ethyl group alcohol. As a general term, it refers to any organic chemical compound with one or an additional hydroxyl group (-OH) present

Binge ~ Consumption of a really large amount of food in an exceedingly short time (e.g., 2 hours) often accompanied by a loss of management over how much and what it consumed

Esophagitis ~ Inflammation of the esophagus

Esophagus ~ The food pipe that extends from the pharynx to the stomach, about twenty-five centimeters long

Ethanol ~ Chemical name for drinking alcohol. additionally referred to as ethyl alcohol

Fatty Liver ~ Accumulation of fat within the liver, an indication of increased fatty acid synthesis

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome ~ a collection of physical and mental abnormalities discovered in infants born to women who abuse alcohol throughout gestation. Affected infants exhibit poor growth, characteristic abnormal facial expression, restricted hand-eye coordination, and mental retardation

Gastritis ~ Inflammation of the human stomach

Methanol ~ A simple alcohol. additionally referred to as methanol and wood spirit

Wood Alcohol ~ Common name for methyl alcohol