Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review (2023)

This review will pull no stops in a bid to explain the intricacies behind the software.

I’ll also shed more light on the:

Functionalities & Features
Pros & Cons
… and much more!

Let me get you acquainted with it right away.

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 21

Hey Everybody, and welcome to my review of Exercise.com, a client management software application aimed at boosting productivity for trainers like you!

I took this bad boy for a spin so you could get a handle on how it works and if it works for you before diving in yourself.

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 22

I’ll be looking at its features, usability, and value for money as the main areas of focus through all the topics I discuss, so always keep those three things in mind.

And with that said, let’s jump right into it.

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Intro to PT software

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 23

Let’s get a quick overview of what PT software is in this section.

Since the dawn of fitness as a commercial industry, we’ve seen tremendous leaps in innovation, technology, and methodology.

Our understanding of the core principles that govern health and fitness have continuously evolved and in an exponential way as the technology used to test the science advances.

How we apply our knowledge and the type of knowledge of fitness principles isn’t the only thing that’s changed.

How fitness as an industry is run has also evolved with technology.

One of these advancements comes in the form of client management software.

One of the biggest gripes fitness professionals face is how to effectively manage their clients in order to keep organized and on the ball with the service they’ve been promised.

This is tantamount to delivering satisfying results that increase client retention and create a favorable reputation for your brand and business.

Client management by traditional means (logbooks and spreadsheets) is easy enough if you’re only dealing with a handful of people, but if your business is scaling up and you have upwards of 10 people whose lifestyles you’re tasked with improving, you’ll need extra help.

Enter client management software.

A digital platform that encapsulates all the essential tasks and data management you typically require to deliver good coaching to your average client.

PT software uses a combined approach of smart data collection, automation, and communication tools in order to enhance your productivity as both an online and in-person trainer.

Typical features you can expect to find in a PT client management app are:

  • Client database
  • Automation of tasks
  • Program templates
  • Accountability and adherence systems
  • Analytics data and infographic for progress and results tracking
  • Real-time communication tools (chat, call, video call, email integration)
  • Mobile optimization usually by way of a dedicated mobile app

Now it’s important to remember that not all PT software platforms are the same, and even with these bread and butter features, you will find a lot of wiggle room in how these features function and if they’re even present at all.

So what about Exercise.com?

What features does it boast and how will they work for you?

What is Exercise.com?

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 24

Below, I’ll be dissecting Exercise.com in its wholeness to give you a total understanding of its workings.

Exercise.com was founded in 2010 with the aim of being “the most advanced workout software in the world” according to their about page.

The initial objective is to help trainers effectively and efficiently log their client’s workouts, simply by creating a platform that made it easier to keep track of your work with clients.

But as the business of personal training advanced along with the types of technology available, the team at Exercise.com decided to up the ante so to speak.

Instead of just offering a digitized workout log, they went full steam ahead in developing a full spectrum fitness business platform that caters to a variety of different fitness professionals.

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 25

This is where Exercise.com stands out above the rest, their ability to offer a dynamic solution for different types of health and fitness pros such as physiotherapists, wellness providers, and even gyms and health clubs.

With that said, I will be focusing only on what Exercise.com can do for you, a personal trainer.

We will look at how it integrates with your current business, all the bells, and whistles that it sports and what those features could potentially mean for setting up and growing your fitness business.

How Much Does Exercise.com Cost?

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 26

In this section, I’ll take you through its pricing system to help you make a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Exercise.com’s website is a bit tricky to navigate and doesn’t present pricing information too clearly.

On one hand, you have a declaration on the landing page that you can start at only $125/month for access to the platform.

This fee allows you to manage a maximum of 50 clients.

This would be useful information except once you click on the relevant “subscribe” link, you’re greeted with a “page does not exist” notification.

This left me a bit confused until I found the “Pro” tab.

Pro membership costs $100 a year ($99.99 to be exact).

What this means is unlike many other options out there, Exercise.com only offers 1 plan to work with.

You have the option of doing a once-off payment of $100 for the year, or you can pay a monthly fee of $9.99.

Of course, the once-off payment is a better deal as it gives you two free months from a cost perspective.

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 27

But with all this, the information regarding pricing and packages is still a bit confusing.

One reason I’m pointing this out is how like many PT software platforms out there, it seems Exercise.com has the option for a free trial.

However, upon following the links to get to a free trial, you’re simply directed to the purchase page for the full Pro plan.

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The site also sports a “Demo” which I would assume allows you access to a trial of the software.

By clicking one of the numerous “Demo” buttons, you’ll be redirected to a questionnaire and prompted to fill it out.

This seems cool, however, upon completing and submitting the form, you are again redirected to a landing page that displays the $125/year package that seems to be nonexistent.

For this reason, the pricing information was very tricky to identify, but we’ll go for the $99.99/year fee.

What Else Should You Know About Exercise.com?

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 28

There are some unique aspects of Exercise.com that I’ll be unraveling here if you stick with me.

Exercise.com is a trainer driven platform.

The managerial and advisory body of Exercise.com has some real fitness industry heavyweights managing, directing, and endorsing the platforms.

Names such as:

  • Jonathan Goodman
  • Bill Day
  • Dr. Michael Roussell
  • Damon Goddard
  • Jeff Halevy

Exercise.com is also in partnership with several big-name fitness organizations, gyms, and institutions.

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 29

These include:

  • Thrivefit
  • Carr Elite
  • Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning
  • APEC
  • Madeline Moves
  • Fit Factory
  • AMPD Performance
  • D1
  • Athletes Warehouse
  • The YMCA

This speaks to Exercise.com’s dynamic approach as an all-round software solution for all aspects of the fitness business.

Functionality and Features

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 30

Join me to take a look at the amazing functionalities and features Exercise.com offers to personal trainers.

As for its functionality, Exercise.com is very feature dense. It boasts a lot of functionality which is necessary if you consider the scope in which it works.

Workouts and Programming

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 31

Right off the bat, we have a workout planner, a relic of the original manifestation of Exercise.com, now upgraded and updated to suit the times.

The workout planner is versatile in that it allows you to design anything from a single workout all the way to a long term periodized program.

And with access to 2943 exercises, your clients will have no shortage of useful things to do in order to bring the results they are paying you for.

Calendar and Scheduling

The scheduling feature is also quite nifty. It’s the crux of any good client management platform and seems not to disappoint when it comes to Exercise.com.

The calendar allows you to keep track of all your clients’ upcoming activities as well as their location with notifications of course.

Data Collection

When dealing with clients, especially new ones, it is important to get that data in and to get it correct.

In order to receive the necessary information as well as to begin building a working relationship with your client, you need an easy, standardized data collection system.

That’s why Exercise.com sports a handy questionnaire feature that allows you to design data collection forms and quizzes for on the fly capturing via the mobile apps.

Data Collection

As for those apps, there is, as you would expect, an Android version and an iOS version

The apps are fully customizable from a visual and branding perspective.

That means when your clients download the Exercise.com app, it will seem as though your business has its own in-house fitness app, which simply serves to boost your brand image, reputation and level of loyalty from clients.

Communication Tools

For a platform like Exercise.com, having real-time communication and messaging tools is essential.

The messaging feature Exercise.com brings allows you to live chat, set reminders, schedule messages, and send detailed instructions.

It’s a necessary way to keep motivation, accountability, and adherence going with your clients.

Client Tracking

One way a client management system needs to shine aside from just organizing your clients and their programs are to track the progress of each individual client and the changes that affect their journey.

Exercise.com has a flexible client tracking system that works through providing up-to-date data.

Data that you will have access to includes:

  • Biometrics
  • Health status
    • Heart rate
    • Blood pressure
    • Speed
    • Strength
    • Power
  • Workout habits and history.

The tracking feature also allows you to evaluate progress based on images that allow you to check for body composition and postural alignment amongst other things.

Payment Management

One feature that Exercise.com likes to tout as one of their big tools is the financial management system it comes with.

The eCommerce integration of Exercise.com allows you to handle many different payment types and offer different service packages, from once-off plans and programs, all the way to recurring membership structures.


One thing I look out for when dealing with software platforms aimed at boosting PT productivity is automation.

The main point of it all, besides clean organization, is to minimize manual tasks.

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Exercise.com has automated features which is essential.

Aside from the automation of membership renewals for recurring payments, Exercise.com’s automated functions also extend to delivering programs, sending reminders and instructions as well as alerts and updates.

What I Liked

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 32

Below, you’ll find the features that makes Exercise.com a perfect software for me.

Robust eCommerce

As I already mentioned, the eCommerce feature of Exercise.com is one to be praised.

It is more versatile than many out there, allowing you to escape the tedium of setting up your own webstore from scratch.

It’s integrated with Stripe and PayPal, two of the leading payment gateways for any sort of online payment.

The main benefit of this for me is the fact that you can establish recurring payments through monthly membership structures.

This is big because recurring payments are where you really want your main source of revenue to be coming in from, especially when running an online business model.

The eCommerce feature is secured through SSL and Privacy Shield Framework.

Features Galore

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 33

Including the eCommerce functionality, Exercise.com is generally a features haven.

It’s bursting at the seams with different, yet highly integrated productivity tools.

Here’s a rundown of what you’re getting with Exercise.com:

  • 1-1 Training
  • Assessments
  • Client / Class Scheduling
  • Client Automation
  • Custom Branded
  • Custom Exercises
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Zapier Support
  • Exercise Library
  • Group Training
  • Gym / Facility Management
  • iOS & Android Apps
  • Marketing Integrations
  • Nutrition
  • Offer Online Workout Memberships
  • Online Training
  • Payment Processing
  • Performance & Measurement Reports
  • Run Workout Challenges
  • Sell Products
  • Sell Workout Plans
  • TV Workouts
  • Websites
  • Workout Creator / Logger

With all these rich features, you’re able to run a tight operation, especially owing to the automation and integration options you’ll have.

Exercise.com features aim to minimize your workload while maximizing the work done.

Top Industry Recommendations

Exercise.com is backed and endorsed by some of the fitness world’s biggest brands and influential figures.

From gyms to high-performance centers, to sporting goods distributors and some of the leading trainers and entrepreneurs in the game, Exercise.com has a strong backing

This can only go to show that the system is tried and trusted and works as promoted.

In the fitness industry, reputation and recommendation mean everything, so the fact that Exercise.com comes with a seal of approval from the industry itself certainly means something.

Not only that, but the team behind the day-to-day operations of Exercise.com are also fitness professionals themselves, further indicating how the personal trainer software was made by trainers, for trainers.

This industry endorsement acts as a quality guarantee you can trust.

Multi-faceted Approach

Exercise.com is different from many other personal trainer client management applications in many ways, but one of the key elements of its differentiation is the versatile types of business models it caters to.

It allows gyms to manage memberships and client intake, it allows physiotherapists to administer corrective and rehabilitative exercise prescriptions, and it allows you as a personal trainer to grow your business.

Although this article is only focusing on the potential benefits fitness.com has for a PT, it’s fair to mention its versatility as a business tool.

The options you gain access to by having this level of dynamism allow you to work flexibly and under widely varying client-trainer scenarios.

That also means if you ever choose to scale your business up into running your own gym or branching into other fields as a fitness pro, you can do it all from the comfort of Exercise.com.

Customizable Apps

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 34

Exercise.com comes complete with customizable mobile apps.

These apps preserve all the crucial functions your clients will need in order to access the services you provide them.

Chat, alerts, schedules and notification functions all integrate with the plans and programs you have designed and delivered.

The customization aspect of the mobile apps comes in with the fact that you can brand the app according to the visual identity of your business.

Logos, trademarks, and color palettes can all be added to give your app the same look and feel your clients and followers have grown accustomed too.

Exercise.com wants you to curate an approach to the fitness business that represents you as much as possible, and it looks like they nailed it!

The white-label app still retains its stock standard features and functions, so you can bet it will run just as smoothly, no matter how you make it look.

Customizable Apps

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 35

I’ve gone in on how Exercise.com is a great platform from a trainer interface perspective, but the same can also be said about the clients’ experience.

The UI and UX functions that your clients will have access to provide a hassle-free, no-nonsense experience.

They can keep track of their progress through the same alert analytics tools you use to do the same.

They can ask questions, send queries, and report on progress events via the two way live chat.

Clients can also set reminders, log workouts, and process payments through the client interface.

With this level of engagement riding on an easy to use framework, you will have an easier time retaining clients.

Relatively Cheap

Exercise.com is one of the cheapest client management platforms out there.

Although I have to reiterate how difficult it was to actually figure out the pricing options because of how poorly designed the information layout on the website is, we’ll get into that later.

Anyways, with enough prodding around, I learnt that the full package (there only is one) will cost you $99.99 a month.

There are other similar client management platforms out there which will cost you that as a monthly premium!

Speaking about monthly premiums, you can either pay the full once-off fee of $99.99, or you can pay $9.99/month, which ends up being more expensive.

If the price is one of your main guiding factors, then Exercise.com is definitely for you.

Great Support

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 36

Exercise.com’s help features come in 3 forms.

The first is by finding your issue through search generated queries. A handy search box in the Support tab will give you access to the most pertinent technical concerns.

The second help feature is a list of help forum discussions you can browse through and gather relevant information based on the experiences of other users.

Last but not least, Exercise.com has a live chat feature once you’re signed in. you can speak to one of the support team members in real-time who will help you find a solution to any technical problems or areas in which you are stuck.

What I Disliked

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 37

But then, I have issues with some areas. In this section, I’ll gladly share these concerns with you if you keep reading.

Website is Confusing and Misinformative

So one glaring problem I had with Exercise.com wasn’t even the actual functionality of the software itself.

In fact, that was pretty decent I must say, but when first making my way onto their site, it was a bit of a nightmare.

Missing pages, confusing and often misleading information, and a design language that made it all a drag to deal with.

For some reason, there is a pricing option of $125/year advertised on the site. 

Upon trying to follow the “Subscribe” link to see where it goes, the page simply does not exist.

Aside from this, the website for Exercise.com is just hard to navigate the jumbled mess.

A lot of room for improvement.

Feature Density Means Steep Learning Curve

Yes, I’ve gone on record to praise the plethora of features Exercise.com boasts.

But this is a two-edged sword. 

That’s because with a great volume of features comes a great learning curve.

The more there is to use, the more time you will need to learn how to use it, a very simple reality, unfortunately.

Pros/Cons Short List

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 38

No fuss; lets dive right into a summary of the pros and cons.

You are welcome


  • Great eCommerce and payment processing
  • Jam-packed with productivity features
  • Endorsed by the industry
  • Great customization options for mobile apps
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to use interface and user experience


  • Poorly designed website
  • Steep learning curve due to feature density
  • Not the best looking exercise library

Is Exercise.com Right For You?

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 39

I’m sure you have gotten value from the in-depth analysis of Exercise.com PT software.

If you are still undecided about using it, kindly drop a note in the comment box below for more clarification.

Exercise.com Personal Trainer Software Review [year] 40

Exercise.com is a robust, fully functional tool, but mainly for the seasoned and discerning trainer. If you’re just starting out, it might not be your best first choice, but at that price point, it’s not too much of a loss either.

Ease of Use – 3/5 Stars

Easy enough to use once you’ve mastered the millions of features it comes with, but this learning curve can be an entry barrier.

The website is also notoriously hard to navigate and has some notable flaws which bring the score down.

Support – 5/5 Stars

Help and support are available at the flick of a wrist and the click of a button.

Price -5/5 Stars

The price is definitely right with Exercise.com. Paying for a year’s worth of service what you would normally pay per month.

Overall – 5/5 Stars

Overall Exercise.com gets the job done and at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. 

However, be prepared to buckle up while you learn how to properly use it.

Tyler Read

Tyler Read, BSc, CPT. Tyler holds a B.S. in Kinesiology from Sonoma State University and is a certified personal trainer (CPT) with NASM (National Academy of sports medicine), and has over 15 years of experience working as a personal trainer. He is a published author of running start, and a frequent contributing author on Healthline and Eat this, not that.

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