NASM CNC Chapter 1: Introduction

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    Profile of NUTRITION COACH


    • You will attempt to form strong bonds with clients.
    • You should leverage the education you have on nutrition in order to increase your success as a coach, reduce the amount of client turnover that you have, and to maximize the adherence of your clients.


    • Engage in interactions with your clients that are successful.
    • Consult with and coach clients face to face or online.


    • Sperate the facts from the fiction for your clients.


    • Supply nutrition programs that are safe, comprehensive, and empowering for clients.
    • Stay in the scope of practice for nutrition coaches.


    • Host seminars and events.
    • Give recommendations that are helpful for navigating the challenges in the real world.


    • Evaluate the behaviors and patterns of your clients with tools and assessments.
    • Give educational information to clients.

    Nutrition Architect

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    • Make programs based on evidence and guide the clients in their use.
    • Give the proven methods for clients to reach their goals.

    Maximize Your Success

    Steps to success:

    1. Read the chapters and do the lessons inside every chapter.
    2. Interact with all of the course elements.
    3. Complete the knowledge checks as they come up.
    4. Do the quiz at the end of the chapters.
    5. Complete every chapter and then the practice exam.
    6. Take your final exam to receive the specializations certificate. 

    Program Learning Objectives

    • Define a nutrition coach’s scope of practice.
    • Research and then make use of credible information from reputable scholarly sources.
    • Develop programs that are customized and based on evidence for your clients.
    • Explain the science and the mechanisms that are behind the trending diets.
    • Instruct you clients on the navigation of the real world scenarios in order to maximize diets.
    • Conduct body composition testing and client assessments that are comprehensive.
    • Customize communication and the approach to coaching while aligning with the profile of the client.
    • Empathize with your clients and give a nurturing environment in order to maximize the adherence of your clients to your programs.
    • Explain the use of supplements.
    • Describe healthy diets.

    Earning Your Credential

    You have 365 days from the purchasing date of your NASM CNC package to take the test.

    The Final Exam Information:

    • The score needed to pass is 70%.
    • There are 100 questions, all of which are multiple choice.
    • You have 90 minutes to take the test.
    • You will have 3 tries for the test.
    • CEUs = NASM 1.9

    Recertification and Course Access:

    • You are required to recertify every two years after earning this NASM CNC certification. 
    NASM CNC Chapter 1: Introduction 1
    NASM CNC Chapter 1: Introduction 2

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