Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software Review - (%current year%)

This review will give you a detailed insight into Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software.

Having garnered 10+ years experience in the fitness industry, I can tell you right off the bat that this is one app you sure want to know about. We’ll consider:

Its workings
Likes and dislikes

Let’s get started right away.

Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software Review


This detailed review will tell you everything you need to know about Train Heroic online strength and conditioning software.

Discover if Train Heroic is right for your business.

Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software Review [year] 16

Train Heroic differentiates itself with its focus on ‘coaches’ and ‘athletes’ vs. ‘trainers’ and ‘clients’. 

Welcome to our complete Train Heroic review! 

Once you’ve read this article, you’ll know the #1 feature that draws fitness professionals to Train Heroic, the software’s biggest drawback, and whether you should implement it for your business or not.

Let’s jump into the specs. 

What is Train Heroic?

Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software Review [year] 17

In this section, you’ll have a thorough understanding of how it can be beneficial to a personal trainer.

Train Heroic’s ‘Master Calendar’ feature makes it easy to manage blocks of programming for multiple categories of athletes – this is the first PT software I’ve seen with this unique option. 

Created for coaches by coaches, Train Heroic occupies an interesting niche in the online personal training software industry – it positions itself as a ‘strength and conditioning software’, targeting fitness professionals who coach athletic teams – as well as Crossfit, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting coaches.

Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software Review [year] 18

While other software programs use the standard language of ‘client’, ‘trainer’, and ‘business’, Train Heroic swaps in ‘athlete’, ‘coach’, and ‘organization’ instead. 

This program would work well for basketball, football, lacrosse, and other sports teams, but the marketing indicates that it’s also designed for people who want to train like athletes, regardless of whether they play on an actual team or not.

Once you sign up as a coach through the software, you can invite athletes and assistant coaches to join, build programs for individuals or teams and apply them to calendars, enter stats and create leaderboards, and so much more. 

This software is relatively simple but it functions through a targeted lens that I think will appeal to many trainers and their clients. 

TH is clearly working to stand out from its competition. 

As it turns out, using their software could help you stand out from your competition too! 

How Much Does Train Heroic Cost?

How much does train Heroic cost

Below, you’ll get a sneak-peak into the cost of Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software.

Train Heroic’s nine different pricing tiers (prior to any additional add-ons). 

Compared to other options on the market, Train Heroic is moderately priced. 

Where it begins to get expensive is when you add assistant coaches (another $9.99 per month per coach) and opt into their subscription programming or team memberships through their Marketplace feature. 

Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software Review [year] 19

If I and one other coach were managing a CrossFit gym with 50 members, and we added one monthly team membership from Marketplace, our monthly fee would total $105. 

Not too bad, but pushing past the mid-range in terms of price. 

If you work as a coach for an organization, I don’t think it would be hard to make a compelling case for including a TH membership in your team budget. 

Most organizations are looking for ways to streamline their functioning and update their approaches in the digital age. 

What I Liked

What I liked about Train Heroic

Join me below to check out the aspects of Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software that I find effective and efficient over the years.

By now, you’re probably curious about the specific features Train Heroic offers. 

Let’s break down my favorite things about this software and what makes them so special: 

Intuitive Software Design

Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software Review [year] 20

A glimpse inside an athlete’s assigned workout from within the iOS app. 

Good news – I found that I was able to navigate and utilize this software quickly and easily. 

It can be hard to define what specifically makes software design feel intuitive, and the definition varies from person to person. 

But overall I found that Train Heroic makes sense in terms of organization and layout. 

The software is designed in a straightforward, logical manner that makes usage – whether as a coach or an athlete, from the website or the app – a breeze. 

This is great, since getting your whole team on board with a new tracking and programming approach can be a daunting task. 

The website and apps seem to be fairly reliable as well, avoiding the glitches and crashes that make some otherwise excellent software essentially unusable. 

Easy to Build Your Own Programs and ‘Sessions’ (AKA Workouts)

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Super easy to add your own new exercises with links to related YouTube or Vimeo videos – a feature that seems like it should be standard for PT software but isn’t always. 

Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software Review [year] 21

While Train Heroic includes seven free copy-and-paste programs with a variety of focuses (including at-home and bodyweight options), the program guides users towards two main programming options:

  1. Building your own programs from within their dense library tab;
  2. Purchasing specialized programs from the HUGE selection for sale through their Marketplace. 

Let’s talk about these two options and who they’re best for.

Custom Programs 

If you work primarily one-on-one with clients, or if you coach a team of beginner-level athletes or weekend warriors, it makes the most sense for you to craft simple custom workouts for your crew.

As it turns out, Train Heroic makes this easy and fun. 

They have a great exercise library with a lot of modifications included.

Simply plug the exercises you like into a workout and your athletes will be able to access how-to videos, customized coaching cues, and more. 

If you want to include an exercise that isn’t a part of TH’s library, you can link to how-to videos from YouTube or Vimeo very simply. 

This feature saves a lot of headaches and hassle, I’ve learned from personal experience. 

I love how you can easily build your own library of programs to draw from and revisit over time. 

Marketplace Programs

Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software Review [year] 22

A couple examples of the variety of programs for sale through TH’s Marketplace tab.

Focuses include back pain, mass-building for athletes, and everything in between. 

TH actually started as an online programming marketplace, and morphed into a training software over time.

This explains its remarkable selection programs for every application. 

Purchasing a Marketplace program might make sense for you if you’re…

  • In need of inspiration in your training
  • Working with advanced athletes who need increased structure and specificity
  • Trying to help a client with an issue like knee pain 
  • A new trainer who doesn’t feel confident creating programs from scratch yet

Honestly, of all the personal training software I’ve reviewed, Train Heroic has the best selection of actual professional-grade prewritten programs.

This is largely because they allow guest trainers and professionals to write and sell their programs through TH’s Marketplace.

I think this is a stroke of genius and one that other companies ought to emulate. 

Fun, Badass Branding

The software’s gritty, modern color scheme and font choices strikes a good balance between simple and memorable. 

I’m going to keep it real with you – the branding with personal training software is typically either completely nonexistent, or trendy and pandering.

Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software Review [year] 23

I like the athletic look that Train Heroic has clearly put a lot of effort into creating.

It’s memorable without being distracting, and will definitely appeal to their target market. 

This is a small ‘feature’ in the big scheme of things, but I think the way software looks plays a bigger role than many of us realize in both our own and our clients’ likelihood of using it. 

The ‘Train Heroic’ title is appealing, inspiring, and memorable as well. 

Unique Market Niche Done Well

Train Heroic is definitely targeting the CrossFit market, evident throughout its Marketplace page, where coaches and athletes can join virtual teams offered by popular CrossFit boxes. 

I’ve noticed that many personal training software programs seem to struggle with identifying who exactly they’re serving. 

Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software Review [year] 24

They end up trying to do it all – and failing egregiously. 

The resulting software is bloated, difficult-to-navigate, and not really suited for anyone in particular. 

Train Heroic has done an excellent job of identifying a specific market niche and filling it well. 

This software isn’t for everyone, but the people it’s designed to serve are sure to love it. 

Features like block programming, customizable digital whiteboards, and a team app for use within a gym setting, will make the work coaches need to do easier to organize and execute. 

As the world of personal training software expands, I would love to see more companies working to occupy market niches effectively by emulating TH’s approach. 

Which leads me to…

Train Heroic’s #1 Feature!

Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software Review [year] 25

A few of the teams you can join remotely for a monthly subscription fee. 

The feature that stood out the most to me – and many of the other users who have commented online on the software – is how much this software emphasizes community, teams, and inclusivity.

In fact, their tagline, “Community, collaboration, competition!” says it all. 

People join and stay with gyms and programs due to the relationships they build and the sense of belonging they find. 

This is also a big reason that team sports are as impactful as they are. 

When an athlete starts a workout in TH, they’re asked questions regarding their mindset and readiness, which creates reports that allow you as a coach to monitor attitudes and training approaches – such an important part of effective training and team spirit. 

Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software Review [year] 26

The gym tools page helps you manage a CrossFit style gym or team training session with ease. 

Train Heroic gives you the tools you need to connect your team – with you, each other, and their goals –  and help them excel. 

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Most personal training software focuses (and rightly-so) on one-on-one relationships. 

This program, on the other hand, allows you to orient your business around a group of people who train, compete, and connect together. 

This property is hard to identify specifically within the software, but it’s clearly an important tenet of what Train Heroic is striving to do. 

Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software Review [year] 27

Access codes make it easy to share programs, even with people who aren’t your clients.  

The apps are simple to implement and continue the emphasis on team building with both coach and team messaging options. 

Through program access codes, you can share programs with clients or athletes who don’t use the app or website, making it easy to get technologically-challenged individuals moving towards their goals as well. 

This is the first software I’ve seen to offer this option, probably because selling programming is such a big part of their business model. 

Imagine This

Your athletes show up for practice. 

You’re confident and calm, thanks to the clear picture you in your Train Heroic app of how their individual workouts have been going.

You have a clear sense of how to train them progressively towards your team goals, thanks to the specialized program you purchased through TH.

Your athletes feel proud of the progress they’ve made over time, in every area – 1 rep maxes, sprint speeds, body fat percentage, and more.

They’re able to track and visual this data over time and share the resulting sense of accomplishment with their teammates and you, their coach! 


Your gym members show up for a group workout. 

Throughout the week they’ve been executing custom workouts on their own, tracking their mindset, weight selection, warm-ups, and more through apps they can access on phones and laptops. 

The whiteboard workout you display on a TV screen from your app is accessible on their devices as well, and as the workout begins Train Heroic starts a leaderboard illustrating who’s outperforming who. 

Your gym members are confident in their weight selection based on their logs from previous sessions.

They’re able to track their workout consistency and progress over time, and monitor the performance of the people they work out with as well. 

What I Disliked

What I disliked about Heroic trainer

Based on my experience with Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software, there are some areas that do not appeal to me.

Come along, let me share some of them with you.

I don’t have much criticism for Train Heroic.

This is due to the fact that they have obviously worked on streamlining their software and keeping it as simple as possible. 

Often when developers mess up, it’s in this area of organization and simplicity. 

However, here’s a few things that may serve as deterrents to people interested in this program…

Confusing Terminology

Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software Review [year] 28

Sessions, prescriptions, athletes – oh my! 

The first – and really only – thing that I struggled with when navigating this software was the different terminology. 

This may simply be due to the fact that I don’t come from a strength and conditioning background. 

If your clients don’t consider themselves athletes, or part of a team, they may be confused as to why they’re being referred to as such. 

Calling workouts ‘sessions’, and assessments ‘prescriptions’, may require a mental adjustment as well.

This is a small challenge and one that will probably only be faced by users that are adjacent to TH’s target market rather than right in the middle of it. 

May Exclude People Who Do Not Self-Identify As Athletes 

Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software Review [year] 29

The analytics page reveals some of the limitations presented by the narrow “athlete” focus. 

This piggybacks on the previous point:

I really like the simplicity of this software and would like to use it with my personal training clients, but most of them don’t self-identify as athletes. 

It may even be an unappealing or intimidating term to them. 

While I wouldn’t want TH to change its focus (part of what makes the software so clean and effective) I am aware that they are limiting their reach. 

If you are a personal trainer with a strength and conditioning certification and young/athletic clients, this shouldn’t present an issue, even if your clients aren’t on actual sports teams. 

But if you work primarily with deconditioned or older clientele, TH might not work for you. 

There are other programs out there designed to suit your demographic better. 

Exercise Library = Limited

Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software Review [year] 30

A glimpse inside TH’s native exercise library. 

When I went into TH to write my own workout, I was surprised to see that a single-leg hip thrust isn’t included in their exercise library. 

Compared to some of the other personal training software programs I’ve reviewed, TH’s exercise library is a bit limited. 

This isn’t a big deal if you’re truly working in a strength and conditioning setting (where the exercises are less creative than other training styles ) or if you’re purchasing program upgrades.

But it’s worth considering if you’re someone who builds their training around cutting-edge exercises and unique approaches – you might end up spending a lot of time creating your own exercise entries. 

Potentially Too Expensive for Smaller Teams 

If you coach a team with an extremely limited budget, or you’re just starting a CrossFit gym, Train Heroic may be an additional monthly expense that you can’t justify yet. 

It’s not crazy expensive, but it definitely costs more than notebooks and spreadsheets, and it only does one thing (as opposed to also offering business management and nutrition functionality). 

As it turns out though, I think a program like this can help smaller and newer organizations and businesses gain the credibility they need in order to grow, so this may be an investment that makes sense for you even if it’s a stretch. 

All of Train Heroic’s pricing tiers are month-to-month, so it’s easy to try out even if you’re not ready to commit to an entire year. 

This Program’s Biggest Drawback

The biggest complaint I noticed in regards to this software is that it doesn’t offer any sort of nutrition component. 

Most other PT software programs provide at least a cursory nutrition tracking option, but Train Heroic offers zilch when it comes to athlete diet tracking.

On one hand, I appreciate this focused approach. 

PT software that tries to cover nutritional tracking needs often does so poorly, leading to frustration and confusion for clients and coaches alike.

If Train Heroic figures out a way to integrate their software with another app like MyFitnessPal (or if you as a coach make nutrition recommendations utilizing specialized nutrition apps with your clients) this isn’t really too huge of a problem.

But it is worth noting that this is the biggest gap in Train Heroic’s program – especially for athletes whose performance is hugely dependent on good nutrition. 

If your athletes are technologically savvy and you’re able to organize your own approach to their nutrition goals, you’ll maximize the results they get from their Train Heroic usage hugely. 

Pros/Cons Short List

Appealing, modern branding and easy-to-use, intuitive softwareCould get expensive if you go crazy with the add-ons
Fills a specific market niche well – athletic programs, CrossFit gyms, etc. Not designed for businesses without a team-based model 
Great for team cohesionJargon may be confusing for some people
Huge library of professional programs for saleFocuses exclusively on training – no nutrition options to speak of 

Is Train Heroic Right For You?

Is Train Heroic right for you

I’m sure I have been able to broaden your knowledge and also pique your interest in Train Heroic Online Strength and Conditioning Software.

If you are interested in making use of the Train Heroic online Strength and Conditioning Software, I’ll love to hear from you.

If you are:

  • A strength and conditioning coach
  • An athletic coach of any kind
  • A CrossFit coach or gym owner
  • A powerlifting or Olympic lifting competitor/coach

The answer is a resounding YES! 

This program will make your job easier, simpler, and more effective. 

The support team at Train Heroic appears to be very open to suggestions and feedback, and they’ve adapted their software to suit the input of professionals from the list above.

Tracking and managing a handful of personal training clients is challenging enough. 

Extrapolate that same challenge out across multiple teams – or just a bigger group of individuals – and you better be prepared to manage a staggering amount of data, programming, and questions.

Train Heroic is here to help you succeed. 

Features – 5/5

Train Heroic has the right balance of the features you need and want – but no extra.

You can build out your software as needed by purchasing programs and joining teams, a unique and welcome option. 

Ease of Use – 5/5

After some initial adapting to potentially unusual terminology, TH is easy to navigate and implement with athletes, clients, and assistant coaches. 

Support – 5/5 

While I didn’t interact with the TH support team directly myself, the feedback I’ve read is overwhelmingly positive – especially when it comes to making changes based on user experience. 

Price – 4/5

Train Heroic isn’t cheap, but it isn’t expensive, either.

The price may present a challenge to smaller teams and gyms, but the level of professionalism and the increased potential for improvement is, I think, worth it. 

Overall – 5/5

Train Heroic serves its niche very well, which is the role of software in the digital age.

I’m excited to see how they continue to market and branch out in the coming years! 

Tyler Read

Tyler Read, BSc, CPT. Tyler holds a B.S. in Kinesiology from Sonoma State University and is a certified personal trainer (CPT) with NASM (National Academy of sports medicine), and has over 15 years of experience working as a personal trainer. He is a published author of running start, and a frequent contributing author on Healthline and Eat this, not that.

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