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  • Why even the best blog posts FAIL to get traffic
  • The number one way to create traffic is – Write more!
  • Why focusing on blogging and avoiding social media can really pay off over time
  • How to create superfans, and why they are so important

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Introduction to the best fitness blogs and websites

The fitness blogs in this article are slightly different.

They are here to showcase successful fitness bloggers who make their money from advertising, affiliate marketing, and the selling of courses.

Sure, they may also offer personal training, in the same way, that the personal training websites we looked at earlier may earn some money from other revenue streams.

But the focus is blog content.

If you are considering turning your website into one of the best fitness blogs around, then you can learn a lot from the websites on this list.

Each is a top fitness blog, though there are several styles.

Successful fitness bloggers need to learn how to implement SEO into their writing, and they also need to stay up to date with the latest news and trends.

For a long time, top fitness blogs became successful by writing opinion pieces or by using their blog as a diary.

Today, that strategy does not work.

If people want to follow the day-to-day life of a personal trainer, then they will go on YouTube.

If they want opinion pieces, then they will listen to a podcast.

To become a top fitness blog, your articles must be on page one of Google for popular search terms.

That is your number one source of traffic.

You can then focus on building a social media presence to send traffic to your blog.

But increasingly, social media sites want people to STAY on their sites.

The five blogs on this list use a mixture of strategies to succeed.

Some are built on reputation, some are built on social media popularity, and some are built on clever SEO strategies.

It is not that reputation and social media cannot work; it is just that it is unlikely to work for you unless you are already a big name.

If you are, then you can learn a lot from some of the bigger players in the game.

Here are five of the most popular fitness blogs.

Five Health and Fitness Blogs That You Should Learn From

Let’s look at five of the most successful blogs in our niche and see what lessons we can learn from them.

Not all of the blogs on this list of the best fitness websites will be possible to emulate.

For example, a female-centric blog would be a struggle if you are male.

Remember, you are not looking to copy these websites; you are here to learn what makes them successful and try to apply this knowledge to your own website.

Top Fitness Blog #1 Breaking Muscle


Breaking Muscle is a big fitness website, that uses many contributors and has a proper staff.

This is not something that you can replicate on your own.

That does not mean that you cannot learn from it, though!

The first thing that you will notice is that they have a mixture of evergreen content and topical content.

There is a lot of articles on the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown that followed it.

This content is going to perform really well in the short-term, but unless there is another pandemic in a year or so, the content will be basically useless even six months from now.

That is okay for a bigger blog, as they can get short term increases in traffic from topical content while also writing content that will still be relevant in a decade’s time.

If you are on your own, then focusing on the latter will be a smarter strategy.

Think of it as investing in your future.

Of course, the occasional short-term article, video, or podcast can also be effective.

Clicking on an article will show you its strategy for increasing page views.

Each article is absolutely filled with links to other (relevant) articles on their website.

Have you ever gone down a Wikipedia rabbit hole? You start off looking up who starred in “Avatar,” and then you click on the link for the main actor, then you click on a link for his hometown.

Then you find out that his hometown is famous for a certain restaurant chain having their headquarters there, so you click on that link too.

Now you have seven tabs open on Chrome and just wasted two hours!

That is what Breaking Muscle is attempting to replicate, and you should be too.

It can take a lot of work to get someone onto your website.

So why would you want them to click off it?

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Hyperlinking to other articles on your website is a great way to keep people on your site, and it can also help to increase ad revenue.

As you can see, there are loads of links throughout each blog post.

You may not want to stuff each blog post with links like Breaking Muscle have, but you definitely need more than the recommended one or two!

Takeaway: Focus on long-term content with a few short-term articles thrown in strategically.

Build up enough articles and start to link between them as much as you can.

The Top Career-Shaping Fitness Blogs & Websites in [year] 3
The Top Career-Shaping Fitness Blogs & Websites in [year] 4

Top Fitness Blog #2 Dr. John Rusin


Dr. John Rusin is a big name in the fitness industry and is well respected.

His website is certainly growing.

But to be clear, it is nowhere near as well-established as Breaking Muscle.

But there are a few reasons why we have added his website to our list of the best health and fitness blogs.

His blog posts are beautifully crafted.

They have well thought out titles and custom made images that combine the title with an appropriate image.

This has Rusin’s name and logo on it and really stands out.

Then, the video is filled with self-filmed YouTube videos demonstrating each battle rope exercise.

This is a clever way to get people on your website to check out your YouTube channel (and vice versa), though, for some reason, Rusin has unlisted his videos from YouTube.

His articles are exceptionally long, which means that he can compete for multiple keywords, and can also link in lots of his articles without making the page look too cluttered (like Breaking Muscle).

He has taken a LOT of time on these blog posts, and it really shows.

Many of his articles are set up to be clicked on by followers of his large social media channels.

So, you should keep that in mind if your social media presence is small.

One of his articles is titled “Why Fitness is not essential in America.”

Now, that article is not going to show up on any Google search term.

Nobody is typing in “Fitness essential America,” so the article will not rank at all.

However, the title is interesting and has a great accompanying image.

People who saw this on Facebook or Twitter would likely click on that.

This is a mistake that many small-scale bloggers make.

Writing articles that they want to write rather than articles that will actually rank on Google.

If you have a large social media presence, then articles like the one above will get traffic when posted.

But what happens a week later? Or two weeks later?

Crickets …

Because the article is not addressing the answer that people are searching for!

The previous article on battle ropes is much more likely to be something that people would actually search.

Takeaway: Rusin’s website is great, and we are sure that he is doing well from it.

The blog posts are excellently written, and the images/videos are perfect. Definitely, be inspired by that.

However, avoid making the mistake of trying to replicate his second article.

It is not going to work. You would put in much work for an article that will not get read.

Turn that article into a YouTube video, and you will get views.

Top Fitness Blog #3 Ben Greenfield Fitness


If you are looking to become one of the best fitness bloggers and focus purely on creating content, then Ben Greenfield Fitness is the website you should be following.

The amount of content that is posted is truly staggering.

There are 14 different categories for a podcast! Paired with 14 categories for fitness articles.

He has also written a book, has his own supplement section (using that white label supplement strategy we talked about before), and a section named “Ben Recommends.”

Which clearly is an affiliate marketing section.

Much of what Ben says is pretty “out there,” and we are sure many of you would disagree with his opinions.

But that is not the point here.

We are looking at his website from a business point of view, and he is absolutely nailing it.

Getting lots of content with shareable titles, as well as SEO driven keywords, will combine to increase viewership of the blog.

It can also help build an audience, further increasing traffic.

The blog posts themselves could do with some work.

They are poorly set out, with hardly any images, and they are way too lengthy!

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One excellent feature though is at the bottom of each blog post, you get a call to action “Comment Below.”

Then you get an option to “Ask Ben a Podcast Question,” which is a really cool feature.

Finally, you can get an excerpt from his book “Boundless” sent straight to your email.

Sure, most people will ignore this stuff, but perhaps 1% will click on a link, put their email address in the bar, or ask a question for the podcast (which is like a free content idea).

If you are getting 1,000 clicks per month on an article, that’s an extra 10 people on your email list, per article.

That’s an extra 5-10 questions for your podcast or comments on your article.

You should also get people clicking onto other articles on your fit blogs, meaning more traffic and more revenue from ads.

Each article that you add in this style will increase your traffic further.

Ben Greenfield Fitness has given you the blueprint to success.

Takeaway: The more content you create, your site will get more traffic.

This is something that unites the best fitness bloggers out there.

Podcasting is also a way to build an audience.

Top Fitness Blog #4 Fit Bottomed Girls


In many ways, Fit Bottomed Girls is very similar to Ben Greenfield Fitness.

In that, it follows the high content output and the inter-connection of articles.

This is one of the biggest blogging sites within the fitness niche and is definitely one of the fitness blogs to follow if you want good ideas for how to structure your website.

We have talked before about how the fitness blogging niche of the early 2000s is dying a death.

Nobody wants to read blogs of a personal trainer’s gym diary or opinion pieces about the latest fitness gossip.

Fit Bottomed Girls is a website that has pivoted and thrived, while many similar top fitness websites eventually disappeared.

Started in 2008, the fitness blog world was vastly different.

Few sites from 2008 have managed to survive.

But Fit Bottomed Girls has evolved, while still pumping out content at a ridiculous rate.

There are four main blogging topics, plus a podcast.

Just looking at the fitness blog, that should represent around 25% of the content.

We found:

  • 1224 blog posts
  • 2160 motivation posts
  • 1404 reviews
  • 1020 body image
  • 1320 workouts
  • 2952 extras

10,880 pieces of content in 12 years. 840 posts per year. 2.3 posts per day.

That is just one of the four categories.

Now, we haven’t checked the others, but imagine if they are just as filled with content?

That would be 43,520 posts on their website.

Even if just 10% are seeing traffic (a very conservative estimate), then that is still 4,352 posts per month.

They must be killing it in advertising revenue.

But it is more than that!

Their reviews section could (and probably has been) monetized through affiliate links.

Making them money every single time somebody clicks a link and buys a product.

This would also help to position them as experts, making it easier for them to sell their coaching, or make commercial deals with big brands.

When you have a website like that, you can also massively increase any social media platform you start overnight.

Think about it.

In 2008 Instagram did not even exist; that wasn’t until 2010.

Fit Bottomed Girls is unlikely to have jumped on it immediately, either.

As of today, they have 21k followers! The most likely cause would be people who loved their website eagerly subscribing to their Instagram feed when it was announced.

Everyone is trying to use social media to boost their blog traffic, but this fitness blog managed to boost their social media from their blog traffic.

Once a certain number of subscribers would have joined, more will follow, which is almost certainly what is happening here.

Now, they can get traffic from social media to their blog post.

A complete circle, with Fit Bottomed Girls winning at each stage.

Takeaway: You can learn so much from this fitness blog.

In fact, of all the blogs on this list, Fit Bottom Girls have the most repeatable strategy.

Persistence pays off, keep on writing.

Keep promoting your work and create content that people can easily share.

Put all of your efforts into content creation on your fitness blog, and the rest will follow.

Do not get distracted with Tik Tok, Instagram, or Facebook.

They are not going to pay the bills! Advert revenue from large website traffic will do that.

Top Fitness Blog #5 Jessi Kneeland


This last fitness blog is a little different from the others.

For starters, it is not actually about building a better body but is aimed at improving body acceptance.

Something that many readers on this blog may not agree with.

But we are not here to look at the specific content, we are here to admire successful blogs that all fall under the health, wellness, and fitness niche.

Jessi Kneeland fits under this umbrella, whether you (or her) like it or not!

Her website does one thing perfectly; it speaks to her ideal client.

This is something that all of you should be aiming to do.

Who is your ideal client? What do they wear? What car do they drive? What income do they have? How do they feel about politics? What about hunting? Do they have a favorite sport?

You need to address each of these issues and use them to create your content.

Think about it, if you are a huge NRA member, and your favorite fitness writer writes an article about the need for tighter gun restrictions, will you continue to read their content? Or will it drive you away?

Don’t get us wrong; it is infinitely smarter to avoid having strong political opinions seep into your writing.

But consider who you are looking to attract.

Jessi Kneeland has done this.

Her articles are geared exclusively toward women, and it could be described as “Woke.”

She is not going to be attracting 50 year old Republican men, and nor should she try to.

She has a niche and is sticking to it.

Whether you agree with her politics or not, you must respect her business savvy.

This is very important when it comes to creating your fitness blog.

Because ultimately, you are selling YOU.

Your personality, your views, your experience, your humor. You.

Do not bother trying to appeal to everyone.

That is an impossible task.

Lean into the curve.

If your fitness blog is about building muscle through bodybuilding techniques, then your content should be centered around that.

What is that client base going to look like?

For the most part, it will be young men.

So gear your content towards that.

Jessi’s articles are, for the most part, specifically aimed at body positivity.

She will give good advice, and her articles have lots of helpful hints and tips.

This places her front and center in people’s minds as an expert.

It leads nicely towards her sales page.

Her client base is easy to target because they will all think like Jessi, and see her as someone who can help them.

You need to be doing this for your audience too.

This makes sales 100% easy.

If the person viewing your sales page already likes and trusts you, then they are almost sold before they even start reading!

The best copywriter in the world cannot do a better job than 50 blogposts over a 2-year period can, because your ideal customer has gotten to know you and see you as the expert in your field.

Takeaway: Create superfans by targeting your audience with your content.

Always have your ideal client in mind when you start an article.

While it is probably best to keep your political opinions to yourself, definitely keep in mind which type of person you are attracting before posting throw-away lines that could offend or irritate.

Final Thoughts

We have looked at several different fitness blogs and websites in this article. Each of them has brought something unique to the table.

  • Breaking Muscle showed us how to combine long and short-term content to ensure that your site has a steady stream of visitors. It also demonstrated the benefits of interlinking your articles.
  • Dr. John Rusin demonstrated how effective good image choices were, particularly when combined with a great Title and Sub-heading.
  • Ben Greenfield and Fit Bottomed Girls both showed how important it is that your content output is high. Hundreds and thousands of articles, reviews, podcast episodes, and videos. Persistence is key.
  • Jessi Kneeland showed us why you must create your perfect client avatar and market your content directly to them, even if it alienates others.

Not all these fit blogs follow the same paths to success, and you do not need a perfect website to succeed.

But you need to be better than average at doing at least one thing.

You also need a lot of content.

It may take a year or two before the time invested in your blog begins to pay dividends, but once that happens, you will be set up for life.

FAQ’s About Fitness Blogs and Websites

How to find reliable fitness blogs and websites?

To find reliable fitness blogs and websites, look for those authored by certified fitness professionals or experts with credentials in exercise science, nutrition, or related fields. Check for positive reviews, testimonials, and active engagement from readers. Additionally, ensure the content is well-researched, cites reputable sources, and is regularly updated.

Where can I find the best fitness blogs and websites?

You can find the best fitness blogs and websites by searching online directories, fitness forums, and social media platforms where fitness enthusiasts share recommendations. Websites like Feedspot and Bloglovin’ curate lists of top fitness blogs.

Are there fitness blogs that offer free workout videos or tutorials?

Yes, many fitness blogs offer free workout videos or tutorials to help readers follow along with exercises at home. Popular blogs like Fitness Blender, Blogilates, and Nerd Fitness provide a variety of free video content covering different workout styles and fitness levels.

How can I connect with the community or forums associated with a fitness blog?

To connect with the community or forums associated with a fitness blog, look for links to discussion boards, social media groups, or comment sections on the blog itself. Many fitness blogs have dedicated Facebook groups, Reddit communities, or Instagram pages where readers can interact, share experiences, and ask questions.

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