No matter what your fitness goals are, getting the necessary amount of sleep is critical achieving the desired result. Even putting aside one’s fitness goals, not obtaining sufficient sleep can greatly hinder your ability to live a happy, healthy, productive life.

People underestimate the impact sleep has on one’s fitness and general health and that is why sleep deprivation continues to be an epidemic in the United States and abroad. This infographic outlines how sufficient sleep or lack thereof can impact your physical and mental well-being as well as providing tips on how to get a better night’s sleep. All of the information is sourced from peer reviewed studies so you know you’re only getting the true facts.

Please enjoy and pass on the knowledge to friends, family, clients, etc.

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Tyler Read has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Tyler is also a certified personal trainer with NASM, ACE and CSCS. Tyler’s main goal is to help people get started in the personal training industry and to become successful personal trainers. Tyler is the owner of Personal Training Pioneer which helps people get started in the personal training industry and become successful.

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