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This section will cover any and everything related to personal training. I will be talking about how to become a personal trainer and what you can expect once you are a personal trainer. For people that are already certified with a legitimate personal training certification, I will be teaching you guys how to become successful trainers.

ISSA Unit 31 – Basic first aid

1: What does “CPR” stand for? Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation 2: Describe the significance of CPR training as a health and fitness instructor. As the primary person of care, you must be able to take control of emergency situations as a part of your service charter as a health/fitness professional 3: Describe the ABCs of the …

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ISSA Unit 30 – Sports medicine in the trenches

1: What is sports medicine? A field of medicine involved with the treatment of injuries occurring from athletic pursuits. 2: What are the intrinsic factors that result in sports injuries? The exercise should be consistent with age, somatotype, and abilities. Pre-participation screening is essential. Skills should be sufficient for exercise. Muscle tightness can result in …

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ISSA Unit 29 – Exercise and asthma

1: describe ‘asthma”. How many Americans are afflicted with it in some form? A respiratory ailment characterised by seizures of the bronchi of the lungs, impeding normal breathing due to an allergic reaction or hypersensitivity. 25 million-plus Americans suffer from some form of asthma, 2: describe what occurs during an asthma attack. bronchioles narrow because …

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ISSA Unit 28 – Exercise and pregnancy

1: Describe the way in which exercise can benefit pregnant women. reduce the prevalence of back pain, enhance prenatal weight managementimproves mental health. improves digestive healthenhance levels of energy for activities of daily living (ADLs)reduces postpartum belly. 2: What are the absolute contraindications of exercise for pregnant women. coronary heart diseaseruptured membranesincompetent cervixpremature labourmultiple gestationsvaginal …

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