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Hello visitors of PT Pioneer!

If you have reached this page I am guessing that you would like to learn a little bit about who I am and why I started this website! My name is Tyler Read and I am a 29-year-old man (don’t remind me that I’m almost 30) living in my Hometown Santa Cruz California. No matter how far I move away I always end up coming back to this beautiful, sunny beach town. A literally live one block away from the beach! Even in early March it is still sunny on most days!

Ever since I was a little kid I was always interested in sports and fitness. I literally played every single sport growing up. I started lifting weights in high school because I wanted to get bigger and stronger for lacrosse. I was amazed at how hard work, knowledge and dedication can change the entire way you look and feel. Before I started college I knew that I wanted to get into exercise science so that I can help other people look and feel the way that I do from exercising.

I have been working as a personal trainer for the last eight years since I graduated from Sonoma State University. I graduated with a kinesiology degree with an emphasis on pre-physical therapy. After graduating, I started checking out the different personal training certifications that were on the market. I knew that I wanted to work as a personal trainer and thought it was a good idea to get certified in addition to my degree. I quickly became confused on which certification to choose from because there are so many available. I started going around to different gyms and asking the employers what the best certification was. I found that there was no particular certification that dominated the market. There are multiple different certifications that are legitimate. I started doing research and all of them. One of the most common questions I get asked from random people in the gym is, how do you get started as a personal trainer?

I decided to make a website that educates people about personal training! That is why I started PT Pioneer. On this website I will talk about everything you need to know about personal training. I will talk about training tips, different certifications, continuing education, working with clients, different exercises and how to advance yourself within the industry. I do reviews of most of the certifications that are on the market today. I have together this information by either going through the certification myself, doing in-depth online research or talking with friends/acquaintances that are certified. I believe that this website will serve as a launching point for a lot of people getting into personal training. I always love feedback so make sure you leave a comment on any article that you find interesting or if you just want to add to the conversation.

I hope this helps a lot of people! If you ever need to contact me you can use the contact page that connects to my email! Enjoy PT Pioneer!


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