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Hey guys and gals and welcome to my Shakeology review! Shakeology is a weight loss shake that helps you reduce cravings for food, increases digestion and overall makes you feel healthy. It is made from the company beach body that produce a lot of at-home workout products such as the P90X series or the Insanity series. You have probably heard me talk about Shakeology if you have read some of my fitness articles related to the at-home workout programs that I use. In general, I like to recommend to my clients that are doing one of the popular program such as P90X to couple it with Shakeology for the best results.

Before I tried Shakeology I was pretty hesitant due to the fact that I was so used to my typical whey protein powders. Looking at the macronutrients, it does not differ too much. I finally took the leap because I was persuaded by one of my fellow beach body coaches to give it a shot. Let me show you what I have discovered over the course of supplementing with Shakeology so that you can find out if it is the right choice for you. In my Shakeology review I will tell you why and explain everything that you need to know about Shakeology. Let’s jump right into it! If this article ever get’s out of date you can find current info on the beachbody site here.

What is Shakeology?

Just to start things off, Shakeology is not a magic pill (or in this case shake) that will solve all of your health and fitness problems. It is meant to be coupled with a solid workout program. And if you are still looking for something like that, sorry to break it to you but there is nothing like that that will ever exist. So your best option is eating clean, supplement smart and work hard for the body that you deserve.

To me, Shakeology is a fantastic meal replacement option. Due to the fact that It is recommended to eat between five and six smaller meals a day in order to boost metabolism and burn body fat, a meal replacement shake is extremely convenient. It is tough to cook six times a day. Most people don’t have enough time for that! It has a similar ratio of macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fats) to other meal replacement shakes.

Besides the macronutrients standpoint, it also has a large amount of nutrients that help detox the body and improve digestion and absorption. I obviously cannot show you evidence of how Shakeology detoxes your body, but based off of personal experience I can tell you that I sleep better, have more energy, have healthier looking skin and hair, I can concentrate better at work and overall feel a better sense of well-being. I think the increased energy that I have been feeling is due to the increased absorption and digestion from using Shakeology. Not only does it help you absorb the nutrients provided by Shakeology, but also from the other food that you eat throughout the day such as your fruits and vegetables.

What is Shakeology made of? The ingredients of Shakeology

Shakeology contains isolated whey protein

Shakeology contains isolated whey protein which is the best source of protein for building and maintaining muscle mass. Whenever I am looking to purchase a whey protein powder, I always look for the highest percentage of isolated whey protein, if not completely 100% isolated whey protein. From a purely muscle building standpoint I believe this is the best supplement you can take hands-down. Another thing that happens is your blood sugar will be a lot more level overall while consuming isolated whey protein. Protein overall fills you up and will decrease your appetite. It makes you feel more full than you actually are. If you were to just get one supplement (even if not Shakeology) I would definitely get isolated whey protein.

Shakeology contains phytonutrients: polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins and catechins

Phytonutrients  helps the body get rid of free radicals due to their antioxidant properties. Free radicals are what speed up the aging process and do harm to your cells. These phytonutrients do a great job at helping take down free radicals and can dramatically boost the immune system.

Shakeology contains prebiotics

Shakeology contains prebiotic which are basically bacteria in your stomach lining that are considered “friendly bacteria”. They will help your body absorb all of the essential nutrients that it needs to run optimally. Because even if you are consuming plenty of healthy vitamins and minerals, if you are not digesting and absorbing them correctly, you will not get any of the benefits.

Shakeology contains digestive enzymes

Shakeology contains tons of enzymes that help you break down the food that you eat into its smaller components. Digestive enzymes in combination with the prebiotics that I mentioned above work perfectly hand-in-hand.

Shakeology contains 23 other vitamins and minerals

Shakeology also contains about 23 additional vitamins and minerals. Sometimes it is tough to get all of the required vitamins and minerals from the food that we eat. This combination of vitamins and minerals in Shakeology makes sure that you get the optimal amounts that your body needs to run as efficient as possible.

Even Gatita cannot get enough of shakeology!

How does Shakeology help with weight loss?

Overall Shakeology helps with weight loss because it reduces overall hunger and food cravings. Since your body is getting a ton of protein, nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the shake, it will feel like it does not need to use more. The end result is that you end up snacking a lot less on junk food.

But to be honest, for the first few days you will still be extremely hungry for the things you are normally used to eating. It is difficult at the beginning to replace some whole foods with liquid shakes. But by the end of the first week you will have readjusted and be used to consuming your calories and nutrients in the form of a drink.

Shakeology can be extremely beneficial for weight loss overall but only if combined with a smart approach towards health and fitness. Your other meals surrounding Shakeology need to be in check as well. Your overall calorie intake needs to be in a deficit in order to lose weight. If you also need to put effort into your workout regimen to see great results. This Shakeology shake is not a magic pill of any sort. It will curb your appetite and provide you a lot of essential vitamins and minerals that you would not ordinarily get from junk food. Because of this you’ll have much more energy to perform the workouts and push yourself further than your normally used to.

How does Shakeology taste? What types of flavors are there?

I won’t lie, for the first few weeks when I first tried Shakeology, I thought the taste was sort of off. I was trying the chocolate flavor and am used to pure chocolate whey protein powder. After a month of using Shakeology I began to really like it. It is not as sweet as my typical whey protein powder, but it began to grow on me. After a workout one day with a friend, we went back to his house and he made me a whey protein shake with the same type of powder that I used to use. I was astonished that I actually did not enjoy it as much as I used to. At this point I have preferred to have a Shakeology drink over the typical whey protein. I think my taste buds must have completely changed.

I suggest using a blender of some sort if you want the smoothest consistency for Shakeology. It definitely taste the best like this. A shaker works decently also but not as well as a blender. I personally use the Magic bullet blender.

The preparation of Shakeology is just as easy as any other way protein powder. You just take one scoop of Shakeology and add either one cup of water or 1 cup of milk. Obviously the cup of milk makes it taste a lot better, but since I am lactose intolerant I have to do only do water shakes.

At the time of me writing this there are currently five flavors of Shakeology. You can choose from either chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, Greenberry and café latte. They also have a vegan option for the chocolate as well as strawberry. I personally like chocolate the most but I am warming up to the café latte as well.

Does Shakeology work? Shakeology results!

“Does Shakeology work?” I get this question all the time from friends, family as well as my clients of personal training. And as I mentioned above, Shakeology is not a magic pill that you can just take to lose weight. It is a supplement or as I like to say “meal replacement”. This means that it is meant to “supplement” a healthy diet and good workout routine. If coupled with these two, Shakeology works wonders. Since I started taking it, I have seen a good reduction in body fat while at the same time retaining muscle mass.

Some of the Shakeology results that you can expect are to: lose weight, drop body fat percentage, increase energy (the most significant result), save time, increase your overall mood and get all of the essential vitamins and minerals that you need. Most people start Shakeology in order to lose weight. If this is your goal, this is one of the best supplements you can take in order to do so. I highly recommend Shakeology only if you couple it with an effective workout routine such as the 21 day fix, T25, P90X or insanity or one of the other popular routines from team beach body.

Is Shakeology worth it?

In my opinion, Shakeology is definitely worth it. If you want to have an easy go to meal throughout the day which can save you time and energy, then Shakeology is worth it. If you want to increase your energy so that you don’t feel sluggish all the time, Shakeology is worth it. If you want to finally lose weight that you’ve been trying to lose, Shakeology is worth it. For all that you’re getting in Shakeology, the price is not that much to pay.

I have lost over 30 pounds with shakeology and keep on getting leaner every week!

Shakeology review conclusion, and the Shakeology price

I hope you guys really enjoyed my Shakeology review. Have you guys tried this delicious meal replacement drink? That you guys have been using one of the popular at-home workout products such as insanity or P90X, this should be a no-brainer for you. Shakeology is meant to couple with these products for the most effective results. Both are meant to save you time and money by providing easy, affordable and effective health and work out solutions. You might also be interested in my article on how shakeology works! Check out the most current information and price from the site below.

Here are some tips to make sure you are are successful:

  1. Purchase it with a challenge pack. The clients of mine that go through a good program with shakeology see significantly better results than those who don’t.
  2. Make sure to sign up with me Tyler Read as your coach (and certified personal trainer) otherwise you will get assigned a random coach that is probably not as qualified, and might not even contact you. My coach ID is 1339221. I will help you on your reach your goals and provide great motivation!
  3. Get beach body on demand instead of DVD packages. If I had this when I first started using P90x it would’ve saved me so much money overall over the last 12 years. No more worrying about scratched DVDs or bringing DVDs with you. Also, most people don’t know which program to start out with (and frequently choose the wrong one),  You have access to all of them with beachbody on demand! You have to purchase the equipment for the program separately.

Like I tell all of my other clients of personal training, the hardest thing about exercise and diet is is simply getting started! Once you get going it is a lot easier build momentum and reach your goals! Your results will keep you motivated! The worst thing to do is freeze up and not choose a workout routine or diet. Get Started today so that you can start seeing the results that you desire tomorrow!

If you are not quite sure which program to choose, check out some of my comparison articles like: P90X vs Insanity21 day fix vs extreme, Insanity vs max 3021 day fix vs PiYo or Insanity max 30 vs p90x3! Enjoy!

Shoot me a comment down below and we can get a conversation started. Thanks for reading my Shakeology review and I’ll talk to you next time!

Tyler Read has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Tyler is also a certified personal trainer with NASM, ACE and CSCS. Tyler’s main goal is to help people get started in the personal training industry and to become successful personal trainers. Tyler is the owner of Personal Training Pioneer which helps people get started in the personal training industry and become successful.

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