The 2018 Golden Glutes Awards – Finally, What we have all been waiting for!

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the very first Golden Glutes Awards! We have a wild and crazy show for you all lying ahead so make sure to grab the biggest box of popcorn that you can find.

I know, I know, some of you are going to give me crap for calling these awards the Golden Glutes. People will say “But Tyler, gold is one of the softest metals! It should be called the steel glutes awards!”. Yes, I’m fully aware that gold is a soft metal.

But you know what, it is still a lot denser than any glute that has ever existed. Plus, the Golden Glutes Awards sounds so much cooler and gives me the ability to hand out cool golden butt trophies ๐Ÿ˜‰

The 2018 Golden Glutes Awards

Let’s talk a little bit the criteria for making this list and earning a Golden glutes award. Overall there is a panel of three board members that have chosen the winners of the Golden glutes based on stringent criteria. The board members are me, myself and I.

And the criteria that we have chosen range from: contributions to exercise science and related to the gluteus maximus, people that have won awards due to their shapely bottom, people with incredibly strong buns, people that have helped others achieve a better backside and people that have cute butts.

I know what you’re thinking, this is a very scientific breakdown.

If you reached this article merely hoping to see a list of pictures of people with really nice butts, you might be a little disappointed. But don’t worry, there are thousands of those already published online!

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But to keep your interest, I will include just a few of my favorite butts as well. Okay, let’s stop wasting time and get right into the 2018 Golden Glutes Awards!

1: Bret Contreras

Bret Contreras is the first winner of the Golden glutes awards. And to be honest, if there were only to be one winner of this award, he would get the trophy.

His real nickname is the glute guy and has done countless research on developing a super strong and shapely backside.

He even has a patent for his specific hip thrust machine called the “hip thruster,” which is becoming more and more popular.

Most of his videos and images on social media are straight out of his glute lab dungeon where he and his clients work on a wide variety of butt exercises.

If you have ever done any research on glute training by searching Google, I am sure you will come across him on the first page of the results.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you search the letter “G,” instead of showing up as the first result, Glute training by Bret Contreras would.

He has done so much for the butt community that he apparently makes it to the top of this list. I suggest that you head over to his website for some fantastic articles on how to train your peaches.

2: Nia Shanks

Nia Shanks is the second up on the list for the golden glutes awards! She is the one accepting the trophy in the caricature drawing above with Bret Contreras.

Overall Nia Shanks as a very well-rounded approach to health and fitness with weightlifting at the core.

She is all about becoming (and having your clients become) the best versions of themselves. This includes weight training as a way to reduce stress, sculpt the body and overall makes life more enjoyable.

She is written some articles on specific glue training and has helped thousands of men and women get a shapely backside.

One of her most recent articles is about how we are probably squatting wrong, and how to do so correctly to target the glutes more. I recommend checking it out is an excellent read if you want to receive peaches of steel (or gold!).

3: Eric Cressey

Eric Cressey is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a Masters in kinesiology and president and co-founder of Cressey sports performance. He has worked with a wide variety of individuals and help them achieve all kinds of athletic performance.

One primary factor in sports performance is how strong your glutes are! One of the reasons he is super successful is because he is a master at training them. That is why he is our next winner for the Golden glutes awards.

He has not only tons of information on this website but also a very in-depth YouTube channel. One of my favorite articles this is an article on TRX in-depth squat prying.

Because to be able to do the big glute building lifts, you need to have sufficient mobility! Thank you, Eric, for all you have contributed to rear end training.

4: Dean Somerset

Dean is another trainer who I would consider a mobility expert. His website has mountains of great content, and he has a very sarcastic sense of humor to go with it which I love.

He is the master at post-rehab training including postsurgical joint replacement rehabilitation, spinal cord injuries and injury rehabilitation for athletes.

He gets the golden glutes award this year for the extensive work he has done on the butt wink ๐Ÿ˜‰ This series talks about the anatomical differences people have at the hip and how it affects their squat. Check it the first part of the series here!

5: Tony Gentilcore

Number four on the list is Tony Gentilcore. Tony is one of those guys that has been incredibly inspiring to me as well as all of his readers with his fantastic knowledge of weight training and his sarcastic humor.

Tony has been fascinated by weightlifting, sports, and personal training for nearly all of his life. He has known and worked with Eric Cressey for quite some time now.

Tony gets this award due to the wide variety of articles and videos he has published on apple-bottom training. Yes, that’s right, when was the last time you ever heard somebody say Applebottom!?

One of my favorite articles of his is where he explains why glutes are the new biceps. He is spot on there because I don’t know of anybody that has made a golden biceps awards. Anyways make sure to check out his site for some excellent glute tips.

6: Molly Galbraith

Molly owns a viral website called girls gone strong, and she is a certified strength and conditioning coach. Molly and the community around girls gone strong is why she is getting awarded the Golden glutes awards. She has been such a healthy inspiration for so many women around the world.

She is a strong advocate of training and has tons of informative articles on the working the rear-end.

One of the articles I recommend this for the article on “glutes gone stong” which demonstrates some fantastic glute builders that can be done at home.

7: Mark Rippetoe

Mark might be the biggest influencer when it comes to starting strength training and developing the glutes. In fact, his most famous book is called starting strength the basics of barbell training.

In this book, he goes over how to get started with some massive heinie training movements such as the squat and the deadlift. I don’t know of too many of the books that have inspired so much glute development.

This was one of my favorite books on the subject, and even today I like to refer back to it.

I recommend you check out his website starting strength for some other fantastic glue building tips and tricks. One of my favorite articles of his is “what your Dr. doesn’t know about squats.”

8: Mike Robertson

Mike has been in the fitness industry since the year 2000 and has worked with a wide variety of athletes over 26 different sports. He also holds a Masters degree in sports biomechanics.

As I have mentioned before, and I will mention again, glutes are the key to athletic prowess. So to be a successful athletic trainer, you probably know a thing or two about working those patty cakes.

Mike has an extremely extensive guide on glute specific training that includes tons of exercises and YouTube videos. I guarantee you’ll learn something new so make sure to you check that out if you would like a golden glute one day.

9: Jen Sinkler

Jen is a very well known fitness writer for a bunch of different national magazines. I found Jen through her site where she has a ton of information on nutrition, weight training, and fitness in general.

Jen holds various certifications for different styles of training including Olympic training and has tons of information on the basic compound movements.

Jen has had incredible influence on thousands of her readers regarding shaping the body and building ridiculously strong glutes. Thanks for all of the great content on your website Jen, keep up the great work.

If you would like to check out one of her glute articles I suggest checking out her triple deadlift variation article for buns of steel.

10: Mike Reinold

Mikes tagline on his site is “I help people feel better, move better, and perform better.” This is the perfect description of the content Mike produces on his website. I have read dozens of his articles that have helped me with muscular imbalances, corrective exercise, and overall flexibility/mobility.

A lot of people have trouble working there glutes due to muscular imbalances or postural problems. This is where Mike comes in to help set us straight so that we can develop the tail-feather that we deserve.

Mike is deserving of the 2018 golden glutes award due to the numerous people he has helped. Mikes makes performing large compound movements possible, even for people that don’t think they can perform them.

This is incredibly crucial for glute training and development. One of my favorites is this article on hip mobility drills that everyone should be performing.

11: Jeff Cavaliere

Jeff has been a massive name in the health and fitness industry for over a decade. Jeff has worked with professional level athletes such as the New York Mets.

Jeff has a fantastic approach to strength training with the ability to maximize results and minimize the chance of injury due to his background in physical therapy.

Jeff has tons of articles on his website as well as YouTube videos that focus on training the gluteus maximus. And for this reason, he is a golden glute winner!

I suggest checking out his YouTube video on the importance of strengthening your glute medius to enhance your big lifts and take your rear side training to the next level.

12: Anllela Sagra

Just like I promised some of you at the beginning, the next award goes to one of the best butts on the planet. Anllela is a Colombian fitness model from the city of Medellin (the best city ever).

She is a great inspiration in the health and fitness industry with her fitness channel on YouTube, Instagram as well as her website where you can find workout programs.

She receives this award not only because she is motivation to thousands of people around the world, but she also loves to show off her golden glutes. Check out her Instagram here where she has just over 10 million followers.

13: Ross Enamait

Ross is a longtime trainer and boxing coach who is in the health and fitness industry for around 15 years. He has trained a wide variety of different athletes, and although each athlete has different needs, glutes training is always a priority.

One thing that I love about Rosse’s content is that his videos were filmed in his training dungeon where he has almost every single piece of workout equipment to make incredible gains.

He has tons of tutorials on how to make impressive workout equipment and cool exercises that can be done from your own home. Here’s one of his articles on how to make a homemade glute/ham raise contraption.

14: Yuri Elkaim

Yuri is a very inspiring writer who has gone through an exciting ride with his health and fitness journey. His silent sickness inspired his journey he was suffering from for the majority of his life. This search for health let him be a huge inspiration in the health and fitness community.

Yuri has tons of great information on glute training which is why he is receiving this golden glute today.

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And as a lifelong soccer player, he knows what he is talking about. Check out his article on ten great glutes activation exercises if you want a sneak peak.

15: Faya Nilsson

Faya is a half Swedish and half English personal trainer. She is the owner of a fitness website called fitness on toast that she started back in 2013. Her site is visually stunning with the photography, and she has made a significant impact in the fitness community with her innovative content and fitness advice.

Faya is the winner of the Golden glutes this year due to her impact on the community and helping men and women create a shapely booty through her helpful content. I suggest checking out her article WAKE UP YOUR GLUTES!

16: Nick Tumminello

Nick has a critical approach to fitness. It is called hustle and muscle, and he applies it to everything from business, training as well as intellectually. Nick is a very well respected personal trainer. Not only is he a great trainer but also helps other trainers be great!

He is receiving this golden glute not only for the people he has helped as a trainer but because he helps other trainers become better. Therefore leading to more glute development knowledge and better butts around the world.

This is a chain reaction of better backsides and nick is the match that ignites the whole process. Check out Nick’s glute destroying lunge variation. I guarantee you will include in your routine!

17: John Rusin

John is a very well known physical therapist, sports performance expert as well as writer. He has mountains of information and helpful articles on his website. Through his content, he has probably helped me avoid at least a few injuries during my time training.

He is the expert on pain-free performance that combines strength and conditioning with clinical movement based diagnostic medicine.

John is the winner of the Golden includes this year because he has kept thousands of trainees healthy while they develop their godlike glutes. Injury prevention is just as important as training.

If you end up getting injured, you won’t be able to train anymore; it’s as simple as that. Check out his article on how to build sexy glutes without wrecking your lower back. As John likes to say, the glutes are the cornerstone of functional sexiness!

18: Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan is the owner and creator of the personal trainer development center. His website is designed to improve the fitness industry’s reputation and to produce competent, successful personal trainers. If you have ever considered getting into the fitness industry, this website is a must!

Jonathan is the winner of the Golden glutes award this year because he has helped produce thousands of competent personal trainers.

He has helped people become great trainers which have in turn helped these trainers train their clients. His indirect involvement in the production of shapely behinds is challenging to calculate, but I would estimate around 1 million at least ๐Ÿ™‚ Make sure to check out here.

19: Layne Norton

Layne is a well-known pro bodybuilder and professional powerlifter. He also holds a BS in biochemistry and a Ph.D. in nutritional sciences. His website and YouTube channel are packed with information about diet and exercise.

Layne has written some extensive guides on squatting and deadlifting that I find incredibly helpful and recommend to anybody that wants to improve on these two compound lifts.

Layne has incredibly strong glutes and his contribution, as well as the strength, are what got him on this list for the Golden glutes awards. I recommend checking out his website for tons of great information!

20: John Romaniello

John is the owner and founder of Roman fitness systems. John started his site back in 2009, and over the last nine years, it has grown to be one of the primary sources for personal training and fitness on the Internet.

John, as well as many other writers for his website, have tons of information on how to work your pancakes. Just check out his article on glue training here to get a taste of the type of information he has on his website.

21: Shannon Colavecchio

Shannon’s website is called Badassfitness as is genuinely badass indeed. Shannon is an ACE and AFAA certified personal trainer who is extremely passionate about health and fitness.

Majority of the workouts on the website are WOD (workout of the day) style workouts. She has some excellent booty blasting WODs that I suggest anybody try if they want to build a better backside.

Even if cross fit style training is not your jam, I challenge you to try these to see how your but feels the next day. One of my favorites is the Abradacabra, Abradacabra, Abraca-badass builder. Thanks, Shannon for helping the world with glute training, I award you a golden glute!

22: Steve and Bonnie Pfiester

Steve and Bonnie are certified personal trainers and are the owners of the popular fitness website They both had different strengths as personal trainers but combined they have one of the biggest knowledge bases of training online.

Both Steve and Bonnie receive the golden glutes awards due to their contribution to the industry and the excellent information on gluteus maximus training that they have on their site.

They have tons of exercise routines that I have followed and use with my clients with great success. I recommend checking out the blast the backside workout for an excellent hamstring and glute crusher!

23: Lee Hayward

Lee has been helping people online with his website since 1999. Best practically 20 years of having an online presence! Lee, like tons of others in the fitness industry, was first motivated by seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in the first Conan the Barbarian movie.

Ever since seeing that, he was determined to look like that one day. Lee had gone from being skinny to being fat to being a lean and muscular bodybuilder.

Lee wins the Golden glutes not only because he has buns of steel but also due to the overwhelming amount of training and bodybuilding articles he has on his website that have helped thousands if not millions! If you want to build a bigger butt check out his article on just this!

24: Kindal Boyle

Kindal is an incredibly knowledgeable woman from Charleston South Carolina. Growing up Kindal was always interested in sports such as gymnastics and cheerleading. As Kindal grew up, she got into other avenues such as weight lifting and figure competitions.

On Kindals website she has tons of information on diet and exercise programs. She gets the golden glutes award due to her fantastic information and motivation she provides to building a better backside for everyone.

If you want a taste of what you can find on her blog check out her article on how to get bootylicious!

25: Paul Carter

Pual is a very successful trainer, writer, and owner of a popular website called lift run bang. He has been featured on some major sites such as elitefts, T-nation and Flex.

Paul is a winner of the Golden glutes because he is incredibly strong and shares his tips and tricks on how to train. An article that personally helps me with my glute training is his article on the squat glute myth.

26: Ashley Kaltwasser

Ashley is the three-time winner of Miss Bikini Olympia. This is a competition that is hard to win twice let alone threepeat! Besides just competing Ashley also has a great blog where you can find tips and tricks on training and nutrition. She also has a fantastic YouTube channel with the same type of advice.

Ashley is a winner of the Golden glutes award not only from her fantastic content that because she has the best butt in the world. It would be impossible to win Ms. Bikini Olympia three times without the best butt. Check out her article on six glute training mistakes.

27: Rob King

Rob has been a lifelong student of health, fitness and muscle building. Rob is another trainer I was influenced by the early Arnold (Conan). Rob as both competed in powerlifting competitions as well as bodybuilding competitions and had a strong desire to help others achieve greatness as well!

Rob is receiving this golden glutes award today because he has helped transform so many people’s backsides from sloppy and weak to tight and firm. He is a big proponent of compound exercises and uses them frequently in this training. Check out Rob’s five best exercises for killer glutes.

28: Dana Linn Bailey

Dana has been an absolute motivation for all women around the world about what is capable with weightlifting and dedication. Dana is the winner of the very first women’s physique Olympia competition in 2013. She is the wife to another fantastic trainer Rob Bailey and incredible businesswomen as well.

Dana is the winner of this golden glutes award today because she has helped inspire so many men and women around the world get killer glutes.

Dana has fantastic information on her website as well as for YouTube channel where she explains grueling workouts generally with her husband, Rob. Check out her website here for more info.

29: Alan Thrall

Alan probably has one of the coolest taglines ever which is: “train untamed.” You have to hear him say it to understand how cool it is. Alan is a trainer and gym owner out of Sacramento California.

He has a top-rated YouTube channel where he helps people with mostly compound exercises such as the heavy deadlifts, bench press as well as the strongman.

Alan wins this Golden glutes award today because he has helped me as well as thousands of others correct their big lifts. This has helped me with my glue training enormously because Alan does a fantastic job of explaining small intricacies very very well. Check out Alans YouTube channel to see what I’m talking about.

30: Brian Shaw

Brian is an American strongman competitor and the winner of the World’s Strongest Man competition four times. Brian is an absolute beast standing 6’8″ tall and weighing 423 pounds.

Brian is indeed an inspiration because he is the strongest man to ever live in my opinion. To be the strongest man, he’s got to have the strongest glutes as well! Watching Brian squat and deadlifts insane amounts of weight is one of my favorite things to do.

Brian is a clear winner of the Golden glutes awards just because he has the most prominent and strongest buns on planet Earth. You can check out Brian’s website here which also has links to all of the social media platforms.

31: Mark Bell

Mark is next up on this list due to the incredible inspiration he has provided me as well as many others to get into the gym and grind out some heavyweights. Mark is an American powerlifter and personal trainer that has a fantastic YouTube channel filled with tips and tricks on getting stronger and building rock-solid butts.

I wish I had the opportunity to work out with Mark at his super training gym. Some of the biggest names in YouTube fitness walk in and out of the gym and it is just filled with knowledge.

Mark is the winner of the Golden glutes award this year because he has some seriously strong ones! Check out the super training YouTube channel here.

32: Omar Isuf

Omar is another YouTube sensation that has helped tons of people develop some pretty stellar hindquarters. Omar’s transformation from before he started training and dieting until now is pretty incredible.

Besides the excellent content that he produces, this sense of humor keeps me coming back to watch his videos. He is incredibly knowledgeable and fun to watch.

Congratulations Omar on winning the Golden glutes award this year! Keep up the great content and keep helping everybody reach to the MOOOON (pun intended). Check out Omar’s YouTube channel here.

33: Silent Mike

Silent Mike is another YouTube personal trainer that does tons of videos with Omar Isuf. Mike is very similar with a very sarcastic sense of humor but very knowledgeable at the same time.

Mike is another winner of this golden glutes award in 2018 because he has some buns of steel. She can deadlift up to 705 pounds, and I have heard that he is an actual real-life Power Ranger.

Yes, I’m talking about the show from the mid-90s. But silent Mike is a real power ranger… not an actor on TV. Check out silent Mikes YouTube channel here.

34: Ronnie Coleman

Yes, I am putting at least one bodybuilder on this list. Pretty much every single professional bodybuilder is eligible for the Golden glutes awards.

But if I had only to pick one bodybuilder for this list, Ronnie Coleman is the clear winner! This eight-time Mr. Olympia champion has by far the most impressive glutes that I have ever seen step on stage! I mean, the competition was not even close when they came to Ronnie’s backside.

Ronnie thank you for being an inspiration to all of us and showing us what is possible regarding training of those badonkadonks. You can check out Ronnie’s Instagram page here.

35: Ariana James

To finish this list, I have to end with one of my favorite fitness models of all time. Ariana James is a Colombian fitness model from the city of Bogotรก (are you seeing a relationship with Colombian women?). Ariana is an incredibly disciplined individual with her diet and exercise, and it shows for miles.

Ariana today I am awarding you this golden glutes award for the inspiration you have provided for all of us to keep on working hard. You are a motivation as to what type of buns we are capable of getting! I highly suggest you check out Ariana’s Instagram page here!


Well, there you have it\ ladies and gentlemen, the full list of 35 golden glutes award winners! All 35 of these have been incredible inspirations to me in my training, and I hope they will be for you as well. There are tons of people that could’ve been on this list, but for me, these are top of the top. Have a bunnalicioius day! ๐Ÿ‘

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